Signs A Younger Man Likes An Older Woman (12 Definite Ways to Know)

by John Santana

It is obvious to wonder why at all a younger man will go crazy for an older woman when he has a lot of options of dating hot chicks of his age.

Are you being constantly eyed by a handsome hunk who is half your age yet you find him extremely hot?

Do you think he is way out of your league and it’s all just in your mind?

Then wait for a minute as you are going to be proven entirely wrong.

According to research, some men find older women more captivating and sexier than the women of his age.

As surprising as it may seem to you, there are an unexplained mystery and charisma in them those men just can’t get enough of.ṣ

So, if a younger man is being nicer than usual and flashing those seductive eyes at you, chances are he has already lost his heart and likes you.

It’s valid to ask yourself, “How can I be entirely sure about it?”

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How Will You Know if He Is Attracted to an Older Woman?

When a younger man is attracted to an older woman, there will be signs. It will be wise to read his actions even when his lips don’t say the word.

I have made the work easier for you by listing all the signs that a younger man shows when he likes an older woman –

1. That Young Boy Will Try to Act All Mature and Manly

Photo by Minervastudio from Pexels

Have you seen a younger man talking all the stupid stuff with his friends when he thinks you are not around?

And then he feels your presence, and suddenly his entire speech changes.

Suddenly, he is more mature and is talking like a true gentleman who seems to have plenty of first-hand experiences.

Not only his speech, his body movements, and attitude also change entirely and he seems like a wise man that looks younger but is an old soul.

If you have experienced this with a man who has a baby face and tough muscles, then your presence obviously affects this guy.

If this has happened to you or anyone you know, then the change in his personality is not because of no cause.

He may not believe it but he has fallen for an older woman.

When a younger man is attracted to a woman older than his age, he respects and adores her opinions and views of life.

It’s a sign that he is totally thrilled by the way this woman expresses herself, and the way she thinks has played a major part in the art of attraction.

He will listen carefully to everything that she says and ask for her opinions before he is going to do something important.

If such a thing has happened to you, along with a few or all of the other signs then the man is really inspired and captivated by the woman you are.

Mind you, when he asks you about your opinions, he will not do it just for the sake of it but will actually follow them.

If he doesn’t, he is just attracted to your body and is no more serious than wanting some fun in his life.

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3. Attempts Are Made to Introduce Families

As much as our relationships are important, our families also hold a special place too.

It’s common to make your mother and friends meet your beau when things start going serious between the two of you.

And when a younger guy tries to make his and the elder woman’s families closer, he is trying to bring himself closer to this woman.

If you like a younger guy and he has made plans to make you meet his family, then congratulations!

It may make you happy to know that when this younger guy is trying to build a connection between you and his family and is equally concerned to be likable to your family, he is serious.

He is no more playing around and is not using you just for sex. He genuinely likes you and hopes his family will love you too.

4. Always There for You

If it was possible, we could have stayed forever available for that special someone who we love.

It’s the same for this guy.

It is understandable that a guy always stays available for a hot girl of his age.

But when he stays always available for an older woman for which he is not forced nor has no obligations, then the matter is going to be dreamy.

By being always available, he is just reflecting on his caring and protective nature.

Are you the lucky one for the man of your dreams (although young) is just one call away?

Then you can be sure that it’s not just in your mind. The guy likes you a lot and that’s why he never misses a chance to be the “hero” of your life.

He is trying to make you feel that you need him in your life and whenever you are in distress, he will emerge as your prince in shining armor.

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5. Compliments are Real and Genuine

Photo by Jodie Louise from Pexels

“Hey there…! You’re looking hot Tina!” and a hard thud on the shoulder and there you’ve lost the lady.

The younger guy is aware of this mistake, and he doesn’t dare to mess around with an older woman like that.

But does that stop him from giving compliments and making her realize how much he likes her?


He will choose the safe and idealized path and start off with genuine compliments that he actually means and those that don’t sound artificial to the ears.

The compliments can revolve around anywhere from her looks to her work ethics.

I know it feels good when someone compliments you for the little things that matter and he will do that.

He will compliment the way your bright smile lights up everyone’s face, the way you handle things and situations, your intelligence, and your work ethic.

He will also compliment you on the way you handle everything from work life to children with some hassle but utmost ease.

His compliments will tell you how much he adores you and is attracted to you.

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6. May I Have Your Contact Number?

Older women have experienced life much more than the younger man who is just starting the “adult” life.

So, when this young man gets her number out of the blue, she knows that there’s surely something going on in his mind.

Now don’t get the idea wrong and assume that the sexy young man is attracted to you just because he got your number as you guys are handling a project together or are contacting you for some work-related issues.

But if he moves further from that and starts replying to your stories or initiating chatbox conversations, then you can rejoice.

This man likes you and there is no doubt about it because otherwise younger men don’t care about a number they just saved of a grumpy old lady.

If he is taking the initiative to start conversations that are not at all related to work, this is the proof that you need.

7. There Is an Intense Desire to Know More About Your Life

The starting phases of attraction are exciting​ and thrilling. There is an immense desire to know everything about the person’s life we are interested in.

The same will go to this guy whether he is attracted to a woman of his age or to a woman much older than him.

But his attempts to know about the woman’s personal life will be more apparent in the case of an older woman because hardly a young man tries to know about a woman who is older than him, without any reason.

And the reason… obviously is an attraction.

If he shows immense interest in your life, the things you do, and the places you love, your hobbies and interests, then assuredly you have gained his attention.

He finds you mysterious and spectacular, so his budding attraction will cross every hurdle to knowing more about you so he can be more obsessed with your attraction.

In order to do that, he will share some of the personal stuff of his life so you respond to them by sharing yours.

He will be eager to know what you are doing on the weekends and if he can join you on one of them to know you better.

He will also follow you on social media sites so he gets a deeper insight into your life.

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8. The Look in His Eyes Tells the Tale

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Women are good at reading eyes… they can easily tell if a man respects her, disregards her, loves her, or lusts her by the look of his eyes.

When a younger man is interested in you, he will not be able to hide the interest peeking from his eyes.

He will look at you with intense passion and pleasure.

The eye contacts will be very intense and will give you the vibes of high sexual energy flowing out of his eyes and reaching you.

Sometimes, it is done unknowingly and is just the subconscious playing with you.

The man is not aware that he is telling you the things that he couldn’t dare to convey in his dreams.

And sometimes, the intense eye-contact and passionate look of eyes are totally intentional.

He wants you to know what he feels about you without actually telling it.

It’s also a trick that he uses to create deep feelings of sexual desire and tension in your heart and mind so you also feel the same sexual attraction towards him.

This way, he thinks his work will be easy and when he will approach you, he will not face rejection.

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9. Non-stop Flirting

Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay

Want to know if someone likes you or not?

Oh… do they flirt? Then there is certainly a bit of sexual energy which he feels or wants you to feel.

Of course, men flirt with the women they are interested in.

But often, they flirt with women they are not even interested in just for the fun that it gives and the boost of ego it provides to his self-worth.

While flirting, he can do it entirely for fun.

But if it includes some personal jokes that only both of you know, a bit of teasing and subtle touches on the body, he is really interested in you.

Teasing also means that he feels comfortable around you and is not afraid to turn to some healthy flirting.

Otherwise, it is a nightmare for younger men to tease older women and get a tight hard slap or a deadly punch in return.

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10. Efforts Are Made for Being in the Top Favorite List of Your Child (If Any)

Gaining an older woman’s interest and attention is hard… especially when she has kids and she is married.

Then the work is not just impressing the woman to the extent that she starts considering him as a choice better than her husband,

It’s also about impressing her children.

This younger guy is intelligent if he reserves his name in the good books of your children (if you have any) while sweeping you off of your feet.

Some little efforts include bringing those chocolates, giving them video games to some significant ones like taking them to the park or taking their care.

The guy who likes you will do all of these or more to make sure your children like him.

He knows they are an important aspect of your life and if your children love him, there is no way you can’t.

11. Your Feelings Are Important to Him

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

What is the one thing that a woman who has crossed her younger days feels the most pain for?

It’s the feeling that no one cares for her.

It’s normal to think this way when you have passed your teenage and you are not as beautiful as you used to be one day and male suitors have stopped giving you attention.

In old age, even the love of a husband starts seeming to be not enough.

In this case, the younger guy stands out as he is all full of energy and enthusiasm.

This enthusiastic guy is ears to all your problems and readily joins in your times of happiness.

You will be surprised when he will be able to relate to your feelings.

Even if he can’t relate to them, he will understand that your feelings are valid and need attention.

Not every young guy takes time from his life to listen and understand your daily problems.

They have a lot to do – partying, video games, work, hitting on younger ladies.

If this guy takes the time to understand you, he is really interested and attracted to you.

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12. A Lot of Touching and Brushing Is Involved While Talking

When a younger guy starts liking an older woman, it’s not at all only about her kind and intelligent qualities.

Otherwise, he can relate you to her aunt, or a sister who is older than her.

There is obviously sexual energy and sexual attraction involved when he starts considering you romantically or wants to sleep with you.

As a result, he will give away out to his sexual attraction by touching and brushing you a lot.

If the guy knows his limits and knows how to respect women, he will not grope you or be over extra with his touches.

He will subtly and slowly touch you on your shoulders, hands, and palms while talking.

Sometimes, he can brush your hair from your forehead and that’s a very striking sign of his sexual attraction.

If he hugs you, then his hugs will be longer than usual and a lot more warm – if you just remembered one of those instances, then let me tell you it’s only time until he confesses his love for you.

What Does a Younger Man Like in an Older Woman?

There are a lot of factors that make a younger man like older women, including:

1. They Can’t Get Over the Charisma That Her Life Experience Radiates

An older woman has experienced life more than the younger man, and surely knows more about life and things than him.

Men are used to and tired of taking care of women who seem clueless about the world.

Women who try to appear as a sweet kid who is too innocent to live in the outer world do nothing but tire him. Yet he goes on with no other choice.

But when he sees an older woman who is so aware and experienced of her surroundings, he loses his mind and control.

In such cases, this older woman is a breath of fresh air. She knows things about the world and is proud of it.

Of course, she handles things with ease and elegance that attracts the man and he wants to explore her more

Not only that, her opinions and views also make him see a totally different world with an entirely new perspective and he can’t do anything but fall for her.

2. She Is Way Better in Bed Than the Younger Women

She-is-better in-bed
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Again, EXPERIENCE! But this time, it’s on the bed.

An older woman has done a lot of sex and probably more than the younger man who can do nothing but fantasize about her.

She is more skilled, more flexible, and kinkier on the bed – a vision that makes younger men crave for such a dream woman.

She is experimental in bed… and probably knows a bit of more sex positions than this man does.

Also, her body seems purely alluring to him.

That’s all! That’s where the deal has been sealed!

He imagines how amazing it would be to sleep with this woman, and this image makes her more attractive and more desiring to him than ever.

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3. Older Women Are Confident and Independent

There is nothing sexier than confidence…

A woman who is confident in herself without being arrogant is enough to attract a man even before she has uttered a single word.

To add to that, if the woman is self-dependent and has made a life of her own by making things work… she is sure to steal this guy’s heart.

This guy has dealt with women eager and desperate for attention and appreciation.

Whereas this goddess comes and she is so secure and relaxed in herself that she doesn’t need any appreciation from outside to make her feel worthy of having her self-worth.

Being “secured” and “relaxed” in oneself is a great quality that can attract a man, even more, when he already finds her body tempting and sexy.

4. Older Women Are Emotionally Mature

Photo by Владимир Васильев from Pexels

An older woman knows what she wants from life, and what she expects from her family and lover.

She is not confused and out of her mind when she is asked to make tough decisions. She has made a lot of them earlier.

She knows how to control things. She knows the right words that need to be spoken to a man when he is angry or when she is trying to drive him crazy and make him want her.

She knows all the tricks and tips and yet she is mature in handling her relationships and love life.

A younger man knows that older women have all the magic in theirṣ hands.

Thus, he becomes really desperate to experience this magic and learn some of it from her along the way.

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John Santana

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