Why Dating Your Friend’s Ex is a Terrible Idea?

by John Santana

Lots of people might say – “I would never date my friend’s ex”

But there are numerous other people, who would want to date their friend’s hot ex and would do anything. But dating experts would definitely advise against dating your friend’s EX and would say that it is a horrific idea.

But why is it a terrible idea to date your friend’s ex?

We mean what are the things that can go absolutely wrong and can change your life if you are doing it? Let’s check out.

Reasons why you shouldn’t date your friend’s ex-boyfriend


  • Your friend might be still not recovering from the breakup

When the relation breaks between two people who have been loving each other intensely, then it is a normal thing that it would take some time for the person to recover when the relationship is no longer working out. And it can be even more painful for the individual if he notices that his friend is dating his ex-girlfriend. It might even put into a post depression that he can never get out of.

  • You might lose your friend forever

Now that your friend broke up with his girlfriend or boyfriend he or she will not like to be in the same place as their spouse as they would need space. In that case, if you end up dating his or her ex then definitely it would be a bit off for you to keep the friendship. It would definitely be an option for you to either choose your friend or your girlfriend – and people mostly do the blunder of choosing the latter. In the process, you might even end up losing your friend.

  • Your friend might still have feelings for the person

In most of the breakup, it has been seen that there is also a chance of reconciliation. It has been seen that among quite a few couples they have realized that they did a big mistake by having the breakup and finally they end up being together. But if you start to date their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend then that chance is never going to come because by the time they realize their mistake you are already dating the other person.  It takes a lot of time for a person to move on so do not break the chances by dating your friend’s EX.

  • You might be unsure of your feelings

In most of the cases where one of the friends date their others ex, it has been seen that they are mostly sure about the feelings about their friend’s ex. It might be the fact that you have been alone for a long time and see your friends date made you Crave for a similar relationship. You might even not be ready for the relationship as yet but you are taking out the decision whimsically. If you are dating your friend’s EX and you are not even sure about the feelings, then it’s a terrible idea to do so.

  • Your best friends psychology might be at risk

Let us suppose that it is not any of your other friends but your best friend whose ex you are thinking of dating. Since you guys are super close, it is highly likely that you are spending most of the time with your best friend- and you will not be able to do that with their ex around as both of them would be super uncomfortable. To remove all sorts of awkwardness it’s a better option not to date their ex at all.

  • Gossip will spread quickly

Dating your friend’s ex will be no lesser than a scandal and if you are not very fond of those things when it is better not to date like that at all. This is because people like sensational gossip and they will not take time in spreading rumors about how you seduced and stole your friend’s ex, even though they might have broken up long ago. Therefore dating your friend’s ex is not only a terrible idea, but it also has the potential to spread a lot of rumors in the air.

  • No chances of comparison

Unlike any other girl or boy you would be dating, you will not be able to compare with the others that they have been dating, and say things like – ‘am I more good looking than your ex?’ and you would feel disappointed not being able to do so. That is another reason why you should probably be avoiding your friend’s EX.

Bottom line

Now all you have to understand is that if not keeping your friend’s secrets is a mistake, then it will be even more of a mistake to date your friend’s EX. Why complicate things when you have numerous dating options to choose from?

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John Santana

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