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5 Best Couples Dating Sites & Apps For Some Extra Fun

by John Santana

Building a connection with that special someone is an indescribable joy. But, when you’ve lost that start-of-the relationship excitement, experimenting with someone new is hot.

Sometimes, it gets boring to constantly be just you and your partner. You want that third person to join the party to spice things up a little. This is very normal. Almost every couple has considered breaking up or leaving at one point because they wonder about being with someone better.

What if you could have your cake and eat it too? Couple dating is becoming a popular trend as people start to discover the joy of having an additional party. You can invite another couple or just a third person. There is so much to do and adds an exciting element to your existing, and possibly somewhat boring, relationship.

Couples who have been in a relationship for a long find this very nurturing. They get to rediscover things about their partner and more. Now, inviting someone new to your relationship isn’t exactly something you can just do walking down the street. You need to know where to look.

The best couples dating sites are waiting for you here.

Don’t have time to read the complete article? Checkout our favorite picks below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

AdultFriendFinder is the ultimate dating platform for finding your dream partner. Right from casual hookups to long-term relationships seekers, it is simply perfect for everyone.

Bang Locals is know among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Our Recommendations for The Best Couples Dating Sites

1. Adult FriendFinder



  • 90 million users
  • Lots of couples trying to find other couples there
  • Fun and intuitive design


  • Its messaging channels can be laggy at times

One online dating site that will never fail you is Adult FriendFinder. You will not be disappointed with the ample services it offers. Its recorded registered number of users is at 90 million, a striking number many other dating sites are trying to catch up with.

The whole community is welcoming. People are adventurous and ready to try new things. You will see in the discussion boards how many couples are looking to add something spicy to their lives. Sometimes, they want to exchange partners or experience something sexual altogether as a group.

The only limitation is your imagination. Think beyond the sky and see what other couples are up to if you are just getting started in the couple dating world. Join some interest groups to see how everyone else is doing.

The outlook for Adult FriendFinder is fun and intuitive. Its modern design makes it joyous to just browse around. The animation is seamless and professional. The outlook of a website adds credibility to the brand. And Adult FriendFinder has nailed it in that department.

That being said, its messaging channels are sometimes laggy and slow. The chatroom doesn’t get updated automatically and users will have to manually refresh the site to see new messages. This is not the biggest issue ever but it surely diminishes members’ desire to be very active on the site.

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2. Ashley Madison



  • Super tight security
  • Allows members to use an alias
  • Perfect for discreet relationships


  • You may encounter an angry spouse

Designed specifically for secret relationships, Ashley Madison tops it at the security level. Your personal information is tightly stored with a third-party system. The super-tight security system ensures your data is never leaked.

Understanding how couples can feel uneasy about looking for someone else online, Ashley Madison allows verified members to use an alias on the site. You don’t have to use your real name as long as you verify your ID with the site. This greatly benefits couples that wish to keep things low profile.

As mentioned, Ashley Madison is perfect for secret relationships because that’s why members sign up to begin with. You will not see other couples advertising on social media about their newfound love. Everyone is respectful of each other and would keep their romantic life a private matter.

Despite that, you still have a chance of being confronted by angry spouses. It’s the oldest tale on an adultery site like Ashley Madison. Sometimes, members would get messages from angry spouses that discovered the secret affair. That’s the downside of using an online dating site that’s made for discreet relationships.

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3. BiCupid


  • Made for fluid relationships
  • Members are engaging and active
  • Accurate advanced search engine


  • A lot of scammers
  • No ID verification

BiCupid is designed for fluid relationships. Members are fun and adventurous in the dating field. They are ready to connect fun-loving couples for a wild ride. Members are highly active and engaging. Every night, thousands of members come online to look for their next endeavor.

There are not a lot of inactive profiles. The site seems to only show active profiles in its search results, which is a big plus. Its advanced search engine is also accurate and precise. You can filter out various requirements like hobbies, body measurements, and more.

However, you are likely to encounter lots of scammers on BiCupid as there is no ID verification process. Everyone can sign up with an email. The site doesn’t tackle the problem of fake profiles. Its report feature does not help much either as the customer support takes ages to follow up.

There are quite a lot of redundant profiles with the same photos and names flooding the site. The system fails to automatically locate these profiles and keep the community safe. This suggests a security leak on the platform and may not be the best if you want to keep your personal information secure.

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4. eharmony


  • Lots of couples looking for new partners
  • Compatibility test
  • Has a large user pool in the US


  • Expensive
  • Long signup process

As one of the most popular couples dating sites in the US, eharmony takes the crown in bringing couples together. Its compatibility test analyzes your personality with other members. The intelligently designed system will then generate a list of matches with the highest compatibility scores.

This trending online dating site has millions of active members. There will surely be someone in your region looking for a new affair. Since the system will already select the best possible matches for you, most relationships are long-lasting.

If you want to try out this premium dating site, you will need to make sure you have enough money in your pocket. Its premium plan can reach $50 per month, which is way more expensive than the industry average. Eharmony’s high budget range deters potential clients.

The layout grid is easy and the design is spot on. Profiles are shown in an organized manner. Members can expand the profile to see the full description. There is much information available in the grid format. This highly encourages the connection of long-term relationships as eharmony promotes compatibility based on your personality rather than physical attributions.

But also since eharmony emphasizes its signature personality test, you should expect a long signup process of at least 30 minutes where you have to fill out the questionnaire. It is not suitable for someone looking for a dating site with a simple and fast registration process.

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5. CouplesDating


Live streaming feature for couples to engage in group activities
Specifically designed for couples dating
Minimal ads


  • Some features crash easily

CouplesDating is a growing couples dating site with over 2 million users. Designed specifically for couples dating, this online dating site encourages couples to freely exchange ideas and engage in joyous conversations.

You can start a live stream to invite other members to join. It is a fun community where members can freely engage in various sessions even if they are not a match. Search and add profiles to your friend list.

There are very few ads running through the site so you don’t have to worry about being spammed. CouplesDating also does not send out spammy promotional emails to users. It leaves members in peace so they can solely focus on matching and dating.

CouplesDating has all the good intentions to create a safe space for couples to mingle. However, it needs some major efforts in developing its software. Some features, including the famous live streaming feature, crash easily. Users will be logged off automatically when the site crashes. This is rather frustrating for premium members that frequent the site.

The problem worsens at night where most people are active. The site speed is also slower than other popular sites, which is not desirable for paying members.

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How to Keep the Relationship Stable While Dating Others?

It can be easy to lose yourself and your relationship if you don’t handle it with care when you date others. Couples that fail to get a grip of how things work always end up breaking up.

While it is fun and spicy to have someone new in your relationship, you still need to take care of your partner so no one gets hurt.

– Consider why you are doing it

Think about why you are bringing in someone new. If it’s because both of you are tired of constantly doing the same thing together, having a third person or another couple would feel exciting.

You should never neglect your partner’s feelings. The additional team should not split away from the attention you give to your partner. She still deserves the same love.

– Don’t make comparisons

A deadly mistake would be to compare the new person to your partner. If you find yourself in that situation, you should consider if this relationship is right for you.

Listen to your partner and talk it out about each other’s expectations. Does she want this to be a long-term thing or just a fling for you both to have fun?

– Set clear boundaries

It’s essential to set the expectations straight right from the start. The last thing you need is to argue halfway about whether to keep dating others. It would only damage your relationship.

Most couples choose to date other couples from time to time but not keep it permanent as they prefer to be committed to just one long-term partner. They don’t want the new dates to infiltrate their lives too deep that it would harm their relationship.

How to Introduce the New Pair to the Relationship?


Introducing someone new can be a long process, particularly if you are bringing in another couple. There’s a lot to get used to. As always, communication is important. Your habits can be majorly different than the other couple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get along.

– Start with a group activity

Start by doing something simple and easy. Organize a group activity like a picnic day at the national park, a pub crawl, a nice dinner downtown, etc. These activities are calm enough that you can observe the other pair well and at the same time, fun enough that you know if you will have a good time dating them.

– Don’t rush

Try not to rush into things even if everything is seemingly going smooth. Take the time to fully engage in the duo-coupling life. A big mistake would be having the other couples fully infiltrate your daily life too quickly just to realize you want out after a while.

Take the first few dates as a beta test. Go back and discuss with your partner what vibes you get from the new couple. Talk it out and see if both of you want the couple to be your new partners.

– Put your relationship first

If one side doesn’t agree on it, compromise and come up with a solution that both sides are satisfied with. Either you go back and find another couple or you choose to hang out with the new couple with a different style.

Remember, your relationship always comes first. The new partner should not pose any threat to your existing relationship. Take it at a pace where you are both comfortable. If one side does not feel good, care for your partner’s feelings and take a break. This should be a rewarding experience for both.


Couples finding other couples to date is not new.

There are loads of online dating sites claiming to cater to the needs of couples looking for new energy in their love life. Not all of those sites are of premium quality or can bring solid results.

It’s time to check out these fantastic sites guaranteed to work to find your new soulmates!

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