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How to Spot Bots on Ashley Madison? [Ultimate Guide]

by John Santana

Despite being among the top competitors in the industry, Ashley Madison is still not free from bot invasion. So far, none of the apps can eradicate this problem. No matter how thorough the verification step is, some fake profiles still manage to slip through.

Thankfully, you are dealing with minimal bots on a top-quality app like Ashley Madison. There are only a handful of bots contaminating the app. However, to protect yourself from scammers and criminals, bookmark this guide so you learn to spot bots on Ashley Madison.

What Are Bots?

Bots, fake profiles, spammers, scammers…These are all synonyms for bad ideas. They target genuine users for sinister purposes, most likely they are trying to scam your money. Bots are created by an external system, usually created by hackers, to continuously bypass the manual registration system to sign up for new accounts. These fake profiles infiltrate the community and automatically match with real users.

Members will get messages from bots. The first few exchanges may seem normal. Either a computer is replying to you or a person takes over behind the screen once you respond. As the conversation goes deeper, these accounts will show their true color. You will be asked to do various illegal things for their gain. For example, they may ask you to buy cryptocurrency, transfer credits, or buy items from unknown sources for them.

It is visibly dangerous to interact with bots because they are up to no good. Criminals are manipulative and controlling. Once they get you on the hook, they will use all kinds of strategies to extort you emotionally and financially. When a match feels suspicious, you should block the profile immediately. You have nothing to lose by blocking a stranger but everything to lose if they are evil.

Bots are not exclusive to criminals, unfortunately, Some dating apps will enlist the help of bots to make them more appealing. Usually, they will create some female member profiles so people think they have a lot more hot chicks than there are.

Lucky for you, this is not something that calls for concern on Ashley Madison. The site has explicitly said there is not any official bot luring members in. They try their best to keep the space clean and healthy.

How To Spot Bots On Ashley Madison?

1. Look at their profile photos

Checking out their profile photos will always be in your interest. Avoid bulking matching a bunch of users at once without vetting them. Take a look at the photos they upload, if there are any at all. Users have the freedom to not upload any picture for privacy reasons. While this does not necessarily imply they are bots, choosing someone with photos allows you to verify their authenticity much easier.

See if their photos are genuine, aka not stock-looking. Having just one photo is also a warning sign. Even if the photos seem legit, always perform a reverse image search. If you can find the photos on someone’s social media under a different name or the details do not match, you have run into a fake profile.

2. Read through their description

Profile description is an instant attraction. Genuine users will put out a long description of what they are looking for, whereas a bot will have a generic, brainless description. Seeing several profiles with the same or slightly different profile descriptions is a major red flag. These profiles are likely run by the same person.

Match their caption with photos and see if you can spot any irregularities. For example, if the person claims to be outgoing and hit the sunny beach every weekend but the photos are of a skinny pale doll, they are not who they claim to be.

3. Analyze their first few texts

An easy tell-sign is their lack of human response. Bots are messaging hundred of members at once. Their replies will be generic. It will seem like they are having a conversation on their own without trying to communicate with you.

Bots are wired to identify keywords and give replies accordingly. Once they cannot recognize the question, they will reply with something completely irrelevant to throw you off. These weird responses should alert you that you are talking to a bot. Throw in some unique questions right at the start to see what replies you will get. Questions that require some effort to answer will trip over these robotic answers.

4. Ask them about their life stories

Bots have limited answers in their library. Once you ask them a few more questions about their life, their stories will not add up. Focus on what they have mentioned in their profile and grill them hard about the inconsistencies if something feels off.

5. Report to the system

Report the profile to Ashley Madison if you are suspecting it to be fake but lack the concrete evidence to nail it. The team will take proper investigation following your claim. You are doing the community a big favor by cleaning it.

Some bots are smart and may fool the system but never a manual check. Ashley Madison takes these complaints seriously and every report is handled by a team member personally. Your concern will be addressed promptly.

Will You Find Genuine Dates on Ashley Madison?

Dating apps

If you cannot find genuine dates on Ashley Madison, you will not find one anywhere. Indeed, this matchmaking app was intended for hookups and affairs. However, over the years, it has become a powerful online dating platform with a high success rate.

You probably know a few couples in your circle that met through this hot app. Members are seeking different relationships here. Some are strictly looking for an affair or the adrenaline kick to bang some sexy booty every night. But there are also plenty of people looking to find a serious relationship with Ashely Madison.

Each profile clearly states what the user is looking for. You are free to browse around if you are unsure about your intentions yet. People are open to exploring and trying things out. There is no commitment unless you declare one.

You will be rewarded with the loveliest dates and funniest nights if you will just be honest about your expectations. The last thing member enjoy is the guessing game. No one is a time-waster there. Members are accepting as well. Ashley Madison is the best place to unleash your inner sexual kinks and fantasies. People never judge you there. Instead, they want to join in and find out how exciting these role plays are. It is the place to be if you have too many locked-up secrets.

Ashley Madison is where dreams come true. Whether you are waiting to see what happens or dead serious about finding a life partner, your best platform has got it all sorted for you.


You will be impressed by how few bots are there on Ashley Madison. That being the case, you still need to equip your mind with the right crisis alert to leave bots with no chance of harming you. These tips will save you from a lot of trouble, a broken heart, and your savings!

John Santana

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