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Top 7 German Dating Sites & Apps for 2024: Find Your Match

by John Santana

Germans have an irresistible aurora glowing around their presence. All the typical remarks about their angelic beauty and stern loyalty will only be confirmed if you date a German.

If you are moving to Germany, you do not want to miss out on this golden opportunity to mingle with some of the most virtuous people in the world. This article will contain all the tips and tricks for writing the most charming German love story.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

German Dating Sites

1. Adult FriendFinder


  • 90 million users from around the world
  • Available in the German language
  • Perfect for expat dating with its diverse international dating scene


  • Users need to manually set the search filters

Taking over the German dating landscape by storm, Adult FriendFinder is the perfect tool for expats to date. Its 90 million users contribute to making the community safe and fun. Users can join the various activities going on in the community every day.

Adult FriendFinder is a diverse online dating platform that attracts international members from around the world. There are many German users abroad for a bunch of expats in Germany looking for a hot date. So, regardless of your aim, you will be able to find a good match.

Whether German is your first language or not, Adult FriendFinder offers it in the language settings. It diversifies your search results a bit as the system will automatically bring up German profiles to match your preferences.

The only downfall of Adult FriendFinder is the lack of personalized search results. The automatic search results are not based on the user’s preferences. For the search results to match your taste, users will have to set the filters and tags and save them to the settings so the system learns. You pretty much need to know exactly what you are looking for before hopping on the site in order to find someone that speaks to your heart.

2. Ashley Madison


  • Casual dating for professionals
  • Secretive and low-profile
  • Members are genuine and active


  • Quite a lot of fake profiles

Professionals are often reluctant to list their profiles on online dating apps because they do not want to be recognized by the people they work with. Furthermore, most of them are not looking for a serious relationship as they devote their time to work.

If that describes your situation, you will love Ashley Madison. The entire app is dedicated to users that want a casual relationship without giving away too many details. Its sleek design caters to the needs of professionals.

Its low-profile chat room provides secret conversations that will be automatically deleted. The entire app is almost like a secret society that gives benefits to its members. Everyone is genuine and active on the site. Every day, there are thousands of members online in your area. You will never run out of matches.

Despite being a popular app, Ashley Madison is still struggling to eradicate the number of fake profiles on the platform. Sometimes, the system cannot detect suspicious accounts. The app relies heavily on members to keep the community safe by reporting fake profiles. However, the system itself does not have a strong screening system to automatically remove these profiles.

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3. Bang Locals


  • Perfect for casual sex
  • Popular worldwide
  • Easy to sign up


  • Lots of ads

Not every day that you wake up dreaming about meeting the right one. There are times when you just want to get laid. Putting it out there that you are just looking for casual sex will get you a lot of bad labels. But not on Bang Locals.

Designed to hook people up, you will meet some of the most open-minded folk here. They are funny, charismatic, and good-looking. What’s more important is their chill attitude toward casual sex.

Bang Locals is gaining popularity worldwide with millions of registered users across the globe. You will easily find a match in Germany or a German expat anywhere. Signing up on Bang Locals is fast and simple. All you need is a phone number or email address to verify. Alternatively, you can link it to your social media account to save time to set up a new profile.

The whole site minimizes the effort so users can get laid fast. However, when you go on Bang Locals, expect to see a lot of ads. To sustain its operation, the site is throwing a lot of ads to its users. You will need to upgrade your plan if you want to have an add-free version.

4. ElitePartner


  • Every profile is manually processed
  • Perfect for academic professionals
  • The gender ratio is even


  • Very expensive

As a trending online dating site in Germany, ElitePartner focuses on serving the elites of society. Serious relationships and commitment are the end goals of the site. Most professionals do not wish to waste time on sub-par dating sites that are filled with scams. ElitePartner understands this and therefore, every profile is manually checked and approved before appearing on the site.

Fake profiles are non-existent here. The community is safe. Academic professionals adore how clean the space is. On top of that, the gender ratio is evenly split at 50:50. Both genders will not struggle to find a match.

Unfortunately, ElitePartner is not here to serve you unless you have a gracious budget. For its minimum 6-month membership plan, users have to pay 70 euros per month. The cost is strikingly higher than most other quality sites. Whether the pricing justifies it is highly subjective, but for what it is worth, its million users are certainly happy to be with ElitePartner.

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5. LoveScout24


  • 6 million users
  • LGBT-friendly
  • Fair pricing


  • Only available in Germany in German

As another major online dating site in Germany, LoveScout24 has 6 million users. Its thriving world serves people with diverse backgrounds. The site is LGBT-friendly with thousands of gay people and those with other identities. Members are free to set their own preferences and gender identity. There is no limitation, which gives members the freedom to fully be who they are.

If you are exploring your sexual orientation, LoveScout24 is a highly encouraging place to do it. You will be greeted by warm-hearted members that welcome you. It is the second home for lots of people.

To ensure the matching process is of the highest quality, LoveScout24 does not offer automatic matching. It encourages users to set the filters and fully think about the qualities they want in their partner before preceding. This approach has achieved tremendous results as the site weds thousands of couples.

Its pricing is also fair and socially conscious. Its 6-month membership plan is 20 euros per month. It is affordable for most users and considerably cheaper for dating sites with similar features.

LoveScout24 is a magical site but only if you are in Germany and speak German. It does not operate outside of the region nor does it provide its services in other languages. Undoubtedly, it poses great limitations to its audience base.

It cannot serve international people studying or working in Germany that may not be fluent enough to navigate through the site. So, if you are an expat moving to German, it might be time to pick up some German if you want to excel in the dating field.

What Is It Like To Date In Germany?

Couple Dating

1. Show up on time

When Germans make a plan, they are going to be there no matter what. They take a promise or an appointment seriously. Casual chitchat about “meeting next Monday” is far from uncertain for them. In their mind, this is a done deal.

Do not tell them to meet unless you intend to show up. Flakey people are a major red flag in the German dating culture. It reflects badly on your reputation. Furthermore, you need to show up on time. German people find it extremely disrespectful to run late except for unforeseen incidents like traffic accidents.

Leave enough time for your journey. It is better to show up early than to show up late. Your German date is probably deducting 50 points from you for being 10 minutes late.

2. It takes a few hangouts to date

You might want to hold on advertising dating a hot German to your friends because the feeling is likely not mutual. Germans are notoriously known for their prudent definition of “dating”. If it has not been officially agreed upon, you are not dating.

Their careful approach comes from their serious attitude toward dating. They want to check how compatible you are and how good you will be together. Only time will tell how good a couple you will be. Putting a name on it too soon will only jeopardize the relationship.

It takes at least several hangouts for them to get to know you. During these meetings, they will ask more personal questions and begin to be more intimate with you each other. They will make it known that you are officially dating. Otherwise, it is just casual hangouts that they do not see will lead anywhere.

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3. Their sense of humor is a bit…unusual

Special does not engulf the full presentation of German humor. In a nutshell, German humor is famous for being straightforward and hard to understand. German people are serious people. They have an admirable attitude that pushes them to be honest and direct with others.

Cracking a joke in front of them will not get you a standing ovation. They probably cannot even comprehend the joke. While you think this is a huge downfall, you should know that once you get to bond with a German, they will make jokes funnier than ever. They are rather uptight with new friends but will open up and show you their German humor once you make it into their circle.

4. You are exclusive

The last thing that intrigues a German is an ambiguous relationship. Either you are together or you are not, there is no in-between. The vague attitude you put when you are unsure about the commitment will drive them away. They need an answer.

The getting to know each other part should be over after a few dates. After that, it is time to decide how you want to go about it. Germans do not appreciate being kept around without a definite answer. Lock them in as soon as you feel it is a match.

5. They can be brutally honest

One of the most common complaints about dating Germans is how blunt they are. In itself, it is a quality trait that people desire to have. However, couples are not wired to take honesty so directly. As you know, the truth hurts.

Your German partner is surely looking out for you, that is why they insist on letting you know what the problem is. If you have done something wrong, they will not sugarcoat it. They will point at you in the face and tell you about it.

It can be a huge downer but you just have to understand that they are not trying to play the blame game or undermine your self-worth. They are dead honest about their opinions and expect their partner to be the same. At the end of the day, you can count on your German lover to not betray your love because lying is not in their genes.

6. Dress nicely

German people are not vain but appearance does matter. Dressing up for the occasion shows respect for the person. Do not show up in flip-flops and a t-shirt on your first date. Pick an elegant dress and some accessories to go with it.

Everyone puts an effort into keeping their appearance neat and presentable. Their high self-esteem prevents them from looking too shabby. This is a social manner that they strictly follow.

7. You split the bills

Gender equality is a big thing in Germany. Men and women believe in gender equality. Prepare to spilt the bills on every date. Men are not expected to pay more than women. Each person pays their share for each activity you do.

This is great news for everyone. Men are not bound by social norms to drain their wallets because they want a romantic relationship. Likewise, women are not seen as dependent on men that are unable to pay their bills.

Before the idea of splitting the bill spreads across the globe, Germany is one of the only countries for now where this practice is highly praised.

8. They are sensitive about injustice

Germans are rather “woke” by today’s standards. They will not tolerate any political incorrectness. Showing equal respect and giving everyone accessibility is their prime mission. Therefore, you need to be careful to not make offensive comments and sensor most dark jokes you talk about.

Their passion to fight injustice brings them to the streets annually during various protests. They strive to create a better place. Underneath the tough surface, German people are sensitive and compassionate about others.

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Are Germans Loyal?

Germans are self-disciplined. They are bound by social norms that keep them in line. Being unfaithful to their partner is insulting and highly frowned upon. Through their upbringing, they are reluctant to accept a cheater.

Loyalty is a virtue they hold dear. When they decide you are their lifelong partner, they will do anything to keep that promise alive. Cheating is the last thing on their mind nor they will ever consider this as a way to escape the problem you are facing.

In this beer-loving nation, cheating comes with serious consequences. To begin with, their family will give them a hard time about not behaving well and not honoring their vows. Then, their friends will be disgusted to hang out with a cheater.

Finally, although this is none of their boss’ business, gossip will still fly around accusing them of being a bad person and having an unprofessional attitude at work. German people value their reputation at work seriously. They will not tolerate any negative assumptions about them.

Your personal behaviors are indicators of your professional qualities in this central European country. A stain in your personal life translates to bad performance at work. Therefore, most people are self-conscious about the decisions they make.

This is not a secret that Germany is an orderly country. Now, it is very obvious why. Society enforces these moral rules so the people will honor the promise to their partners. People play by the rules and believe in the fairytale-like family lifestyle. They will do not anything stupid like cheating on their partner to risk sacrificing their happiness.

That being said, Germans will not put themselves through hell to stay in a painful relationship. Should the love is not going anywhere, they will not hesitate to end the misery for everyone so they are free to date others. They will not cheat but they will also not keep you waiting. That is the German honesty for you.

Will Your German Partner Want to Get Married?

Family is a main component in the German world. They fancy the life of coming home to their significant other, taking the children to the playground, and visiting the in-laws on Christmas. There is nothing that beats having a loving family and raising your kid to be a virtuous person for them.

So, not only will your German partner want to get married, they will probably want kids too. They love the idea of working hard and fighting for a better future with someone they love. The rewarding feeling of successfully living the life they envisioned as a child is priceless.

While this belief is still true, in recent years, more and more Germans are choosing to have one biological child only or none. They prefer adopting to make the world a better place for some unfortunate kids out there instead of giving birth.

This does not diminish their desire to start a family, only in a different form that is traditionally popular in most countries. This admirable act is another reason Germans are considered one of the best lovers.

The misconception about German lovers and how they are cold-hearted needs to end. They are one of the most loving people in the world. They devote everything to family and want to be the best family person ever. When you date a German, expect a lot of talks about building your future together. In their mind, the perfect world has been drawn. You are the missing key to making it all come true.


Are you excited to experience a whole new dating scene with your German partner? With this article, you are now ready to capture the heart of thousands of Germans in the online dating world. Don’t miss your chance, sign up for these awesome sites today!

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