8 Best Asian Men Black Women (AMBW) Dating Sites of 2024

by John Santana

Interracial couples are so irresistibly charming. They compliment each other and elevate their relationship to the next level. AMBW (Asian Men, Black Women) in particular has been a hot topic.

Everyone is talking about it. You look fabulous standing together and immediately being the center of attention in any venue. People love admiring a look at interracial couples and learning from their success stories. Want to get into AMBW dating? It’s time to bookmark all the best dating sites for AMBW couples!

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From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

8 Best AMBW Dating Site and App Reviews (2024 Update)

1. eharmony


  • Free trial
  • Successful in finding long-term relationships
  • Strict rules against suspicious accounts and activities


  • Weak advanced search engine

According to eharmony, it has successfully matched half a million couples together. The statistics are as stunning as the features it offers. It’s not your regular meaningless hookup site. In eharmony, everyone has a sincere heart that wants love.

Commitment is what people seek. You don’t have to worry about waking up in some stranger’s home just to find out they aren’t interested in remembering your name. Upon signup, you will answer a long list of questions. This may deter some users but rest assured that every question contributes towards calculating your compatibility score with other members.

Everyone has to take the questionnaire. Its unique match-making system will analyze the answers you provide, thus understanding what type of lover you are. Then, your search results will be based on your set requirements plus your compatibility score combined.

Not sure if you are keen on it? Worry not. The most generous thing eharmony offers is a free trial. Most dating sites offer free features to free members but you will not find a lot of sites giving out the full experience as a free trial. You can sign up to see how it works out for you. The result speaks volumes on its own.

Keeping the community safe is important, and eharmony has been doing a bang-up job so far. Every suspicious activity will first lead to an investigation by the team. Once the complaint or report is verified to be true, said account will be removed forever and the person’s ID will be banned from the system so he or she will never be able to register on the site again.

Without a doubt, eharmony is successful in tying the knot for lovebirds. However, its search engine and user interface seem to be somewhat rigid as they are all based on the “compatibility system” eharmony is so proud of.

No matter what advanced search filters you put, the compatibility scale always takes over. The system refuses to show you matches that score below a certain point. It’s futile to fight the machine.

Frustration is a light way to describe it as sometimes you just want to find someone with a certain interest, even if the compatibility score may say you two were sworn enemies in the previous life.

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2. Ashley Madison


  • Secret chats
  • Can use an alias or be anonymous
  • Female-friendly


  • The site can be laggy at times

As everyone knows, Ashley Madison first rose to fame from its adultery nature. For years, it has been getting unjust name-calling and bullying because of the misconception flying around the site. The site is merely for those who believe in raw physical attraction.

Since the site does not get the credit it deserves, it’s understandable why users would want to remain anonymous and be careful while surfing through the site. Ashley Madison offers secret accounts to members, meaning once you have passed the ID check, you can choose to use an alias on the site.

Lucky for you, this trick works well for most members as they are here for a night of flames rather than love. Therefore, they care more about your physical attributes.

Extending to more than just being anonymous, its chats come with a self-destructive timer. Messages and search history can automatically be erased based on your setting. This is perfect for those who often forget to clear their digital traces. Now, your family and colleagues won’t be able to notice a tad wrong on your laptop.

The site caters well to the female audience so it has a higher female member ratio. Having more female members is a good sign for both men and women since it suggests the high safety level of the site. Complaints are handled seriously and no sexual harassment will be tolerated, as opposed to how the site is wrongly perceived by the general public.

Although Ashley Madison is somewhat a drop of candy from heaven, its site speed can drag your mood down at times. It doesn’t happen frequently, but occasionally the site is quite laggy. Some pages can’t load properly.

Usually, the site speed restores after a while but sometimes it can last the whole night. If you get online when all members are the most active, you should prepare yourself for a slightly slower connection.

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3. Adult FriendFinder


  • 90 million users
  • Can categorize matches by your own tags
  • Join the community forums to meet more people


  • Spammy newsletters and ads

Wherever you go or whoever you talk to for a list of dating site recommendations, Adult FriendFinder will always sit high on the list. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you do not need to question its ability in creating the best matches.

To date, there are over 90 million users. For a dating site, Adult FriendFinder has an interesting existence. It differs from other platforms in the sense that it is not focusing on the one-on-one connection. It is building a community for all.

Matches are like friends. You can categorize them in your list by adding various tags so it’s easy to find them. All tags can be customized. You can post updates on your feed, add photos, and invite friends for a group chat.

Besides, there is a community forum where members can start a thread on any topic. It has proven to be an even more effective way of meeting people. A lot of members connected and even began dating after commenting on the same thread.

The only drawback to this comprehensive site is its constant ads. Users may feel spammed with email newsletters and ads promoting Adult FriendFinder although they are already paying members.

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4. Match.com


  • Affordable packages
  • “Zen mode” to minimize spam messages from members
  • Easy to navigate


  • The site can use your profile for advertising

Known for “second chances”, Match.com is famous for being the loving space that gives broken hearts the nutrients to believe again. There are plenty of divorcees or people who lost their spouse on it. Most people probably didn’t think they could love again until the platform found them their second light in life.

Carefully built for those recovering from heartache, Match.com has a Zen Mode that prevents unwanted users from matching or messaging with you. You can set it to your preference.

For example, if you want only those above 40 to be able to match with you, then those who do not fall into the category will only be able to see your profiles but can’t send you a request or message. This thoughtful feature helps with a healing heart in the journey to find peace and love.

Match.com is easy to navigate. The site outlook is simple. Unlike many modern dating sites with gimmicky features that are impossible to surf around, Match.com keeps it to a minimum. Everything you need is listed clearly on the menu bar. Its chat box is clean and smooth. Even a tech dummy will be able to browse through the site without any problem.

Before you sign up on Match.com, be aware that once you sign up, the site owns your profile. The platform has the right to use your profile for advertisement even after you cancel your subscription. So once you are in, you are in for a lifetime. If you are big on privacy, you might want to think this one through.

5. Bumble


  • Female-friendly and hence a lot female member base
  • Smooth design
  • Generous free features


  • Only 24 hours to reply

Promoted as the ultimate dating app for women, Bumble does a lot in making the platform safe and friendly. Only women can initiate the conversation and add someone to their list. If you think that makes the platform a one-way street and has few members, think again.

Bumble is one of the most active dating apps trending. Women love the app as they feel in control and safe. Men love the app because of the high percentage of female members.

People are decent on the app as any inappropriate activity will result in a permanent ban from the platform. You can help report a user to keep the space clean.

The layout on Bumble is very similar to Tinder since it was built by a former employee. Tinder is known for having a smooth design that other dating sites want to follow. So you can imagine how smooth the user interface is.

Predominantly themed in yellow, Bumble gives out a warm and friendly vibe. There’s no excessive ad that blocks your screen, no spam in your chat, and only friendly users who want to get to know you better.

It is generous with its free features. As a free member, you get access to almost all the essential features. An upgrade is not that necessary unless you want the exclusive data analysis.

There’s no denying that Bumble is a very well-built dating app. However, if you are a busy person, you will find the app an absolute nightmare. You only have 24 hours to accept an invitation. After 24 hours, the message will disappear and you can no longer reply to start the conversation.

This makes the app not desirable for those who only use dating apps several times a week or only during the weekends.

6. Badoo


  • Multiple messaging channels
  • A strict ID verification process
  • Many professionals and elites


  • Lack of security

If you are looking for a brainy match, Badoo is your choice. Popular for casual dating among elites, Badoo has a cool grid that shows many member profiles at the same time. The clear format increases the efficiency in adding new matches and allows users to skim through profiles at a much faster rate without losing too much important information.

Badoo cares about how genuine users are. It has a strict ID verification process that requires each member to get checked out before their profile is displayed on the site. In this way, there are a lot fewer scammers wandering around. Members can feel safe knowing that whoever they match with is a real person with real photos.

On top of that, Badoo offers multiple messaging channels. Aside from the traditional texting and sending stickers, it also allows users to send virtual gifts and video calls. Having different communication methods on the same platform saves users’ time and makes sure they won’t take the messaging outside of the platform where they aren’t protected.

7. EliteSingles


  • A lot of elites with stable finances
  • Compatibility test
  • All accounts are manually verified


  • Only 3-7 matches per day

As the name suggests, EliteSingles is exclusively for elites. You will have to be a professional like an accountant, a lawyer, and any other high-achieving industry to be accepted as a member. Every profile is manually approved by team members to ensure authenticity and that you meet the requirements.

You will not find a better way to meet professionals. Stop spending your time in expensive ballroom parties. Just go online. When registering for a profile, EliteSingles asks you to take a personality test. Based on your personality test, the system will assign you several possible matches every day. It’s up to you whether you want to connect with those suggested profiles.

One major disadvantage of EliteSingles is that you only get a few matches a day. The purpose of this is to push members to focus on existing matches so they can develop a deeper bonding. However, it also limits what you can get. The system does not know you as well as you know yourself. The test you took may not generate a great list of potential matches.

8. Luman


  • Caters well to mature dating
  • Great for long-term relationships
  • Detailed profile description


  • Search filters aren’t always accurate

Of all the sites for interracial dating, Luman is the only one that caters specifically to the mature audience. Welcoming mostly seniors over 50, the site simplifies its features for those who might find it hard to keep up with a complex layout.

Luman is for serious relationships only. That’s why your first message has to be at least 50 words long so your match can get to know you better instead of just a, “Let’s have sex.”

You get 72 hours to wait for a reply. If the person doesn’t reply to you by then, your message will be deleted to not clog up your mailbox. Every member is required to write a detailed profile description so others can see their qualities and not focus on their physical appearance.

Despite being the place for finding a stable partner, Luman doesn’t have the most accurate search filters, especially for its geographical search. The search radius is often incorrect and takes you to members on the other side of the country or even out of the country. Users will have to reset the filter by themselves for it to work again.

Luman is a wonderful choice if you are in your 50s or above since there aren’t a lot of options catering to senior dating, let alone interracial matches. But its weak search engine means you will have to complete the searching part by browsing through individual profiles because there’s no way around it.

What is it like to be in an AMBW relationship?

Opposites attract

Opposite attraction is real, that’s what makes interracial relationships sexy. You look totally different, yet, the bonding is real. Everything is so exciting and new if you are not used to being in a multicultural environment.

It takes work

Like all relationships, it takes work, particularly when you come from different backgrounds. Get to know each other’s history and customs. Which part of the world are they from? You two may be born in the same country, but cultural heritage matters a lot.

You’ll learn about new cultures

Find out all the interesting things about their backgrounds by asking questions. Through their answers, analyze to see if you will be a good match. As unfortunate as it may be, most interracial relationships fail because of the difference in values. It’s already hard to find someone sharing the same values in your own cultural group, finding one outside is even harder.

You’ll need respect and understanding

Communication is key. But at the same time, be lenient with yourself and your partner. Just as you may never understand some values of theirs, they may also never truly understand you. Not being able to understand is not a problem, having no respect is. Respect their culture and never challenge someone about it.

You’ll meet different types of people

Being in an AMBW relationship is gorgeous. You are invited to each other’s circle and you are not just limited to hanging out with the same group of people. The whole experience makes you diverse and more open-minded.

The sex can be surprising

Sex is important. You may think your sex life won’t change. But that’s not true. According to most people who have tried an AMBW relationship, sex can change drastically. Different ethnic groups have certain rituals or sexual preferences because of the exposure or porn categories they see. When two groups mix together, there can be an adjustment period.

Black women who dated plenty of Asian men have shared how they found Asian men to be gentle lovers. They are soft and passionate about love and bonding instead of physical lust. The important thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong. It’s just a different habit and environment.

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What to look out for when using dating sites?

1. Fake profiles

It’s rather obvious to look out for fake profiles. Normally, they only have less than 3 photos and the photos either look like they are from some stock image website or with low resolution. Do a reverse image search on the internet to see if you can link the photos to an actual social media user.

Also, fake profiles would not offer a lot of details because most catfish don’t even have the complete persona they have made up of. They want to give as few details as possible so it’s easier for them to lie about it in the future.

2. They ask for too many in-depth personal details

There’s a fine line between being interested and prying on your privacy. Asking about your childhood home and job show curiosity but asking for your salary and home mortgage details suggests something way more sinister.

You never know how a scammer will approach you. Some may pretend to be an investor and ask you to invest in some stocks while others may make up excuses about family emergencies that need your financial assistance.

Never give money to someone online that you’ve never met. Whatever has happened to them, it’s not your responsibility to solve someone’s situation.

3. They give inconsistent messages

There are a lot of bots out there sending generic messages. Their replies will be off and have nothing to do with your messages. Scammers do not personally reply to every message. Therefore, sometimes, the messages may be full of grammatical errors and sometimes very intimate.

Final thoughts

AMBW relationships are trending. It’s super cool and fun to date someone who has so much to give and learn from. All these dating sites and apps are perfect for you to get started in the AMBW realm. Sign up today and get the best interracial match!

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