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Our Honest Review of CharmDate: A Popular Eastern European Dating Site

by John Santana

CharmingDate, more commonly known as CharmDate, is specific for Eastern European dating. Allegedly, just about anyone can find the love of their life here, at least according to the site. If you have been wondering what CharmingDate is all about, this in-depth review will answer all questions you have.

CharmingDate At a Glance

First impression: 4/10
Signup: 3/10
Searching and matching: 3/10
Member quality: 3/10
Pricing: 2/10

Overall: 3/10

Final verdict: Your blond-haired, blue-eyed babe is not on CharmDate. Finding a real date here is like finding a needle in a haystack. You are either overly optimistic or reluctant to acknowledge the warning signs.

CharmDate is packaged as a “get-out-of-your-country” card for Eastern Europeans. It neglects all necessary elements to create a loving relationship. Instead, it boosts about how Russian and Ukrainian girls are finding wealthy husbands to marry. This approach will only attract golddiggers to the site and you would probably want to avoid that.

This is not the only Eastern European dating site. For example, Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison are two amazing choices for dating Russians. The friendly atmosphere is perfect for nurturing blooming love. Your contact is not restricted by location and purchasing power.

CharmingDate In-Depth Review

First Impression

As sad as it sounds, there are lots of unethical matchmaking service providers who use Russian dating as bait to lure rich men in. They get trapped by the skyrocketing membership fees and oftentimes are victims of blackmailing and harassment because of the photos and messages exchanged on these sites.

Understandably, people are naturally weary of these niche-specific dating sites. CharmDate has received its fair share of skepticism over the years. International dating is always tricky because it is hard to count liability. Online dating victims can’t chase their loss back.

If you dig a little into CharmDate, you will see that it has been running for years now. It may not be completely fake but the photos of Eastern European girls happily meeting their American dates can be daunting. At first glimpse, it feels like the site is for Russian women looking to marry internationally and settle elsewhere.

There could have been thousands of ways for CharmDate to word and place things better. Yet, it uses the least romantic way possible by practically objectifying Ukrainian and Russian women. The site cannot eradicate its scammy vibe. It is constantly glorifying helping international men marry a Russian.

First impression: 4/10


Once you make it to the signup page, it’s easy to see how the entire site is a joke. The site is so rigid as if it was built in the 2000s and has never been updated since. You need an email address to sign up but you don’t even have to verify your email. So, you can simply use other people’s emails as a prank.

The absence of a user-friendly clause to protect their privacy is appalling. Users are handing their personal data to the site for promotional purposes for free. When you sign up, the site can practically extort every detail you give for its own good. This is quite unethical, especially knowing how most users skip through the terms and conditions.

CharmDate’s heartless approach shows its ruthless take on online dating. It is a business for the company to make money. Users’ happiness is not taken into account. You should be careful about the details you give the site. A lot of members give fake details to safeguard their privacy, which in turn leads to the surge of fake profiles on the site. This vicious cycle can never be broken if the site does not take appropriate measures to rectify the situation.

Signup: 3/10

Searching And Matching

Searching and matching on CharmDate are simple and straightforward, allowing any newbies in the online dating world to catch on pretty quickly. The search filters give you precise options to scan for a particular location, age, ethnicity, and other criteria.

Seeing the magnificent range of search filters feels really promising until the search results start popping up. Then, it becomes clear how inaccurate the search engine is. For example, putting a location filter for a city can generate results for people on the other side of the country.

This is likely because the database does not have anyone residing in the city. Instead of informing users about it, CharmDate sneakily slips in a few irrelevant profiles to fool you.

Messaging attractive profiles is rather easy. Users only have to send a prompt to the account and wait for a reply. Premium members can speed up the process by sending an alert to the user immediately.

Other than that, CharmDate sticks to the traditional layout with texting, emailing, and calling options available. None of which is extraordinarily impressive. So, CharmDate is really sold out on this one. If they can’t retain users through a fun chat system, most users will just take things offline, which is dangerous for members and non-profitable for the site.

Searching and matching: 3/10

Member Quality

In the first section, we have mentioned the uneasy image of describing women as commodities. CharmDate seems to glorify Eastern European women finding a wealthy American or European husband. Hence, most women you will find there are not at all interested in developing fruitful relationships.

Don’t let the experience deter you. Everyone should know how abnormal this is. CharmDate does not represent other niche-dating sites. You will find other online dating sites like Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison full of warm-hearted girls looking for romance with a charming foreigner. Your bank account balance is not on the table here.

CharmDate skews the focus from love to money. Members don’t get adored unless they are well-off. This atmosphere is hostile and unfriendly for genuine daters. Unfortunately, CharmDate seems to be a golddigger magnet, rather than a matchmaker.

Remember, there are also plenty of scammers here. Since CharmDate places its focus on international dating, its lack of security lets in many criminals. They will pretend to be loving Russian, asking you to wire them money so they can fly to you. Of course, they will only take your money and go. They most likely aren’t even Russians. By the time you realize something is off, they will be long gone.

Member quality: 3/10


CharmDate uses a credit-based system to monitor your activity. You pay for each premium feature so you are not locked in for a long-term commitment. Credits have to be purchased in bulk. The cheapest credits averages $4 per credit.

Chatting with members live costs 0.5 credits for every five minutes whereas a video call costs a staggering 0.6 credits per minute. It is no surprise for members to see their final bill each month reaches an astounding $200 or more.

No one should ever pay that much for an online dating site. Finding true love should never be so expensive. CharmDate’s pricing strategy is a total rip-off. Besides, its calculation method often comes under fire for being intransparent. Users are unaware of where the charges are coming from. Many previous users have felt they were being overcharged but could not do a full review of their payment breakdowns.

Pricing: 2/10

International Dating Tips

International dating should not be a trial-and-error process. There are mistakes you should avoid right from the start. The most important skill is to penetrate scammers’ eyes. You need to know whether the person you are talking to is genuine.

Exercise additional caution when they are supposedly overseas. A lot of online dating victims are unable to trace the perpetrators as they could be anywhere in the world. You need to protect yourself by rejecting all suspicious requests.

After verifying the other person’s authenticity, it’s time to set boundaries for this relationship. International dating is challenging because you can’t physically meet up. The butterfly in your stomach can’t be expressed enough. It’s time for you to think about where this relationship is going.

Ask your partner about their expectations. If you are planning to meet, will it happen in your country or theirs? How will support each other financially? Is this relationship realistically feasible?

Some of these questions may sound harsh for a new couple but they have to be asked. It’s better to find out now than later. Moreover, this is another chance for you to consider your match’s intention. If they wholeheartedly simply want to date you, they will not put focus on money. But a catfish will not hesitate to ask you to transfer their money.

Doing research on their cultural background is also essential. Dissecting someone’s upbringing gives you a better analysis of their personality and how they will fit you. Since you can’t go on physical dates with them, there are a lot of things for you to decide before meeting up. It feels like a much bigger commitment that should not be taken lightly.

When Is a Good Time To Meet Your Date?

How To Become a Swinger

Meeting an international date and meeting a local date are different stories. You can’t compare the stress of flying in to meet the potential love of your life to going downtown for a drink with a blind date.

Since the investment and commitment are way more serious, international daters often postpone meeting up for as long as possible. Concerns will rise as your date may not turn out to be fit or you might not be physically attracted. There are so many things that can go wrong.

So, you should think carefully before buying an expensive ticket to Europe to meet your blonde dynamite. In general, you should take at least three months before actually considering flying there. Indeed, it sounds like an eternity. But the truth is, you can’t guarantee your date is not involved in any human trafficking activities or is here to play with you.

Either way, you don’t want to end up in the wrong hands overseas. Give yourself at least half a year to see if this person is worth it.

Alternatively, if your date is flying to see you, it usually does not concern you as long as you are not paying for their tickets. You can still meet up even if they decide to fly to you after a week.

However, the intense stress of having someone flying thousands of miles to meet you can be frightening. You feel the pressure to sort out their accommodation as well. Therefore, you should still discuss it with your lover so they don’t come over too soon.


CharmDate is a horrible dating site for catfish and golddiggers to scam members. Why waste your time here when there are online dating sites like Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison? These sites have millions of active Eastern European members looking to find an exotic date to rock their world.

John Santana

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