Taimi Review

The World’s Biggest LGBT+ Platform

by John Santana

There may be thousands of online dating sites out there, but when it comes to LGBT+ dating, the options are scarce. On Taimi’s official landing page, it labels itself to be the “world’s biggest LGBT+ platform.” This title appeals to everyone in the marginalized LGBT+ community.

To examine if Taimi is as good as advertised, this article breaks down the app into several aspects. By the end of it, you will know if it is the ideal choice for you and if you should invest your money in it.

About Taimi

Taimi is a US-based online dating app with the majority of its users located within the country. First launched in 2017 as an exclusive gay dating app, It has millions of LGBT+ members. As the largest LGBT+ platform, Taimi has a wide range of features to suit people’s needs.

Taimi At a Glance

First impression: 6/10
Signup and searching: 5/10
Profile quality and messaging: 7/10
Pricing: 4/10
Special features: 6/10

Overall: 5.6/10

Final verdict: Taimi is certainly passable as a quality online dating app for LGBT+ people. It has a place for everyone in the community, including trans singles and fluid people. You can change your preferred pronoun and sexual orientation anytime. Members are decent with occasional scammers trying to sneak in.

However, the app has several flaws that undermine the whole experience. The app appears to be outdated with frequent crashes. Users will experience dropouts during peak hours. There is no functioning support so all your complaints go unnoticed.

If you are looking for hot dates in the LGBT+ community, you should also take a look at other premium dating sites like Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals.

Taimi In-Depth Review

Taimi In-Depth Review

First Impression

When you first hop onto the Taimi page on Google Play and App Store, you will be blown away by the overwhelming high rating of almost 4.5 on both platforms from over 100,000 users. It boosts users’ confidence that Taimi is a legit dating app with lots to offer.

The dark purple theme signifies the neutral inclusiveness on the platform. Users are greeted with the basic features, including location search, discover, home page, and settings. It is noticeable simpler than other dating apps, which is an advantage for those that do not enjoy the complex features.

Everything is well-presented on the front page. The only issue is that the app sometimes crashes immediately without taking any action. This problem dates back to when it was first launched in 2017 and is still yet to be fixed.

First impression: 6/10

Signup And Searching

Taimi Signup And Searching

If you are a fan of a quick signup process, Taimi is right here. The signup procedure on Taimi is smooth. You can either connect the account to your Facebook or create one with a username and password.

You should be able to kickstart your account in under 3 minutes. Then, you are off to matching with thousands of LGBT profiles in the hub. The easiness of Taimi’s registration certainly draws a considerable amount of casual users. However, it has also drawn concerns about its security. It lacks a comprehensive identity verification method to vet each user.

There are plenty of fake accounts on Facebook. Hence, Taimi’s accounts that are connected to Facebook are not necessarily real. Despite some users’ protests on taking a firm measure against the fake profiles on the community, Taimi is yet to implement anything on it.

Signup and searching: 5/10

Profile Quality And Messaging

The good thing is, Taimi is exactly as advertised. Members are all from the LGBT+ community. It is easy to find a match. The environment fosters a loving atmosphere for members to find a long-term partner. Everyone has a chance to find their future spouse here.

If you are into something a little more casual, there is the option as well. Members are quite open about their stance on casual relationships. It doesn’t take long to find someone you vibe with.

Taimi feels like a safe place to meet people. Although its lack of security does pose a threat to the community, the real harm is yet to be observed. There are occasional scammers but nothing too serious to raise the alarm. Most of these scammers will try to send a link that contains viruses to you.

Thankfully, Taimi automatically blocks the transmission of suspicious links. Users should exercise caution when talking to a new date.

If you are thinking about becoming the community hero and reporting the fake members, you are in for a surprise. Customer service on Taimi is non-existent. Almost every complaint and inquiry goes unanswered. The only time Taimi will respond to you is when you show an interest in upgrading your membership plan.

The quality of the customer support team is unacceptable. As a platform with millions of users, Taimi owes it to its members to do much better than this.

The chatroom continues with the dark purple theme that is seen throughout the app. All your new matches and old chat history can be found here. You can also send memes, virtual gifts, and video call your date. Messaging on Taimi is passable but it is also quite standard. There is nothing that can leave an impression on new users.

Profile quality and messaging: 5/10


Taimi has a wild pricing scheme. To begin with, users can pay weekly at $15. A weekly membership scheme is quite unheard of in the online dating industry as it doesn’t benefit users much. Besides, the weekly fee is obscure high, which deters users’ willingness to join.

The only reason Taimi places its pricing scheme this way is to attract users to commit to a yearly membership plan. For the monthly plan, the rate is $42. However, the cost drastically plummets to $6 per month for the yearly plan.

The yearly membership plan Taimi offers is exceptional. It is way below the industry average. Still, having a major difference in its pricing might not be the best idea to retain users. First, it shows that the quality of Taimi is only valued at $6. Second, it poses limitations as most people do not want to be tied down to a yearly plan.

As for free features, free members on Taimi do get to enjoy a fairly extensive range of features. You can go on matching and messaging with some restrictions. The limitations are much more lenient than on other sites where a free member basically cannot do anything. If you want unlimited messaging, profile insights, advanced searches, swipe undo, etc., you will have to upgrade your plan.

For new members, the free version of Taimi is worth trying. You can take a peek at how the platform works without investing a huge sum in it. If you do decide to join, you are in a dilemma where one year is too long but one week is nothing for a premium online dating service.

Pricing: 6/10

Special Features

Taimi Special Features

In terms of special features, Taimi has delivered an outstanding performance. It serves as a social media platform that allows users to stay updated on each other without having to initiate a chat.

Similar to Snapchat and Instagram, you can upload stories that automatically disappear after a while. It boosts your visibility to stay active on the platform. If you are worried about having a bunch of strangers seeing your latest updates, you can hide your visibility in the settings.

Only paid members have access to this function. It allows you to freely choose the people that can see your updates, browse others’ profiles anonymously, and more.

Following social tactics like the trending TikTok, Taimi also has a live stream feature. Users can invite members to attend the scheduled live stream or simply go live anytime. During a live stream, users can interact with each other in the chat room or even tip the host.

The variety of special features adds a lot of extra points to Taimi, making it an exciting online dating app to try out. Unfortunately, all these features suffer from the common problem Taimi has been tackling.

They all crash unexpectedly. The internal serve is possibly overworked when too many users go online, causing the features to act weirdly. Users have been reporting getting bounced off a live chat and not being able to view other people’s stories.

Having an intelligent mind is not all. Execution is everything. If only Taimi could live up to its promises, it could possibly offer the most spectacular features on a dating app.

Special features: 6/10


To sum up, Taimi is 100% legit. It is a vibrant LGBT+ platform for those in the community. Its diverse features foster a fun environment for members. The only downside is the app seems to be poorly made with lots of glitches and lagging issues. Until Taimi can completely fix them, you can enjoy higher-quality dating services on Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals.

John Santana

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