CharmDate Review

Our Honest Review of CharmDate: Is The Site Legit?

by John Santana

Eastern Europeans have always been a hot pick in the online dating world. Their mesmerizing blonde hair and blue eyes capture the hearts of all daters around the world. Finding a Russian or Ukrainian in your state is not as easy as finding one locally in Russia and Ukraine.

CharmDate is a specific dating site for Eastern European girls to look for international boyfriends, especially in the USA. In this honest review, we will go through the features this dating site offers.

CharmDate At a Glance

First impression: 5/10
Signup and searching: 4/10
Matching and messaging: 6/10
Profile quality: 3/10
Pricing: 2/10

Overall: 4/10

Final verdict: CharmDate is a money pit everyone should steer clear from. Its hundreds of hot profiles are proven to be bots from countless user reviews. Past clients have mostly been agonized by the high charges and scams.

Meeting a real Eastern European lover is hard. When you are paying hundreds of dollars per month, literally, you would expect better quality. Its poor search engine cannot deliver promising results. Albeit having a smart matching system, profiles can still be a hit or miss.

With less than 1,000 active members, it takes days to get a reply. Not even patience will help you fish a worthy pick here. Switch over to Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals, where millions of Eastern Europeans gather. Their high intellectual level makes them wonderful companions. The quality is exceptional.

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CharmDate in-depth Review

First Impression

CharmDate is a straightforward online dating site. There is not much to discover before you become a member. The front page does not give out much information other than how past members have successfully found their best international romance here.

Take it with a grain of salt with all the success stories online dating sites blast on their websites. They are fake users most of the time to boost their image. The important part is what the site can offer to real users.

Although there are no more than three pages to navigate for non-members, the sleeky site has enough to give you a glimpse of what to expect. Naturally, there is a pool of Russian women looking for American dates. Users can match with various girls in different regions.

It seems like a fun opportunity to mingle with hot babes overseas. There is a news section on its front page that regularly offers discounts to new clients. CharmDate is quite generous to members as there are frequent promotional activities.

A big downfall is the absence of a Q&A and security section. Members have no idea where their personal information is going and how it is handled.

The lack of a Q&A section also reveals how troublesome it will be if you ever get into monetary disputes with the site. As a quality dating site, basic questions should always be included so members do not have to email back and forth to find out.

CharmDate’s inability to do this may reflect its intention to scam users or at least protect its sketchy behaviors in case of a complaint. Various complaints have to been lodged against CharmDate, which we will go into detail later.

First Impression: 5/10

Signup And Searching

Your ethnicity is self-declared on CharmDate. As long as you claim to be an American man looking for a Russian/Ukrainian woman, the site welcomes you with open arms. They do not use geographical location to pinpoint your whereabouts, meaning anyone in any country can claim to be in Ukraine.

Security is null here. Since everyone can basically be here, ignoring the big element of Eastern European dating, users should be skeptical of the matches. Some of them can be pretending to be someone else.

The self-declaring process simplifies the whole registration. It takes users around 5 minutes to complete their profiles. For new profiles, all you need is to give your age, some photos, and a brief description outlining what you are looking for. Then, your profile is live and ready to match.

Without firm security to back it up, CharmDate does not feel the safest for customers. People are paying to meet international dates and may end up being tricked by juveniles next door.

The site reassures users about their selection process, claiming to screen through profiles automatically to remove unfit accounts. However, this is rarely enforced as users will still run into lots of fake profiles.

After you are in, CharmDate shows results according to your preferences. Based on your information, the site guesses your favorite type of girl. These girls will rank the highest on search results. If none of them is suitable, you can conduct a manual search with the filters available.

Don’t expect its advanced filters to be accurate. They work with some margin of error. CharmDate does not support filter by physical attributes. Therefore, if you have a thing for girls with a bob haircut with green eyes, you just have to go through all the profiles to find a match.

Signup and Searching: 4/10

Matching And Messaging

On each profile, the user’s age and location are shared together with their photos. When you see someone you want to connect with, you can send them a message.

It works better than mutual attraction because sometimes, your profile description and photos may not fully reflect your charm. By having the chance to write a prompt to anyone, your success rate is much higher.

Likewise, you will receive message requests from other users. It is your choice to accept their invitation or reject them. If you find certain people annoying or aggressive, you can block and report them. Even if their account is not banned from the community, they will still never be able to reach out to you again.

As you match with more profiles, the algorithm adjusts based on your preferences. Over time, the suggested profiles will align with your taste better. The smart system is beneficial to users, despite some claiming the system is overpowering the manual search. When you do a custom search, it is still prioritizing profiles according to the system, which may not be what you are after.

You can initiate a webcam session, video call, voice call, email exchange, and more. The multiple messaging channels cater well to the needs of their audiences. Given how in some regions email exchanges are the more popular form of online dating, having the option to combine it all in one at CharmDate gives it an advantage in the Eastern European market.

Matching and Messaging: 6/10

Profile Quality

CharmDate Profile

It is not an Eastern European dating site without its valuable Russian and Ukrainian members. So, are there really as many hot chicks as advertised? You are in for a bad surprise. There are less than 1,000 active members per week in total. Imagine finding a soulmate among them. There is a slim chance with the low number.

If that is not horrifying enough, 70% of members on CharmDate are men. They are all looking for beautiful Russian girls to marry. When you have a large portion of men fighting for the few attractive women available, you are lucky to ever hear back from another genuine dater.

Besides, CharmDate is a master of bots. It uses fake accounts to trick clients into believing they are chatting with a sexy girl from Ukraine when they are actually talking to another American man behind the computer. The more you talk to them, you will see they know nothing about Russian/Ukrainian culture. They are merely imposters to get your money.

Using bots is a common tactic committed by lower-end dating sites. These dating sites do not have the reach or member base to make it out there. In order to make themselves look more attractive, they have to enlist fake operators.

For paying customers, meeting a bot is the most insulting thing. It is unlikely that CharmDate will change. After hundreds of online complaints, paying clients are beginning to leave the platform. With the current statistics, it will take a lot of work to balance out the gender ratio.

Another big issue lies in the low-quality genuine profiles. Even if you manage to meet real Russian girls here, the majority of them speak very broken English. They are not interested in dating but rather in getting married in the USA.

If love and romance matter to you, you will be extremely annoyed by the number of girls asking if you can get them to the USA. Most of the girls don’t care about your age and name. There is no deep connection.

Profile Quality: 3/10


CharmDate takes credit for its services. Users pay for the respective features they use and nothing more. Typically, this pricing strategy saves users quite a few bucks as you are not bound to a monthly subscription plan where you are paying for things you may not utilize.

Two credits cost $16, which equates to $8 per credit. Or you can buy 100 credits at $399 so it averages down to $4 per credit. It may be hard to estimate how much money you have to invest in total. So, here is a rough overview of how users are charged for different features.

It costs 0.5 credits for a five-minute chat. If you use the webcam, it will be 0.6 credits per minute. Sending one email costs a full credit. Its astounding figures scare almost all interested users away. To think about it, anyone could easily spend more than $399 on this site.

Don’t forget to take into account the fake operators you have to deal with. All your money circulates back to CharmDate while you are still struggling to meet a real person. It would be hard not to call CharmDate a scammer at this point. You are not paying for top-quality services but getting robbed at daylight by this money-thirsty site.

Moreover, disgruntled users have reviewed a history of overcharging clients on CharmDate. Throughout the years, the site has been involved in several allegations against its pricing strategy.

Misleading terms are put in the agreement for the site to overcharge customers later. The hopes of getting your money back are slim as the site tends to ignore most inquiries. The best way to avoid the situation is to stay away from CharmDate, to begin with.

Pricing: 2/10


CharmDate is not where you meet your Eastern European romance. It is expensive, unprofessional, and poorly managed. Stop wasting your time with these substandard dating sites.

Sign up for Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals now. There are millions of high-quality Russians/Ukrainians looking for love. They are sweet, sexy, and educated. You will have the best time meeting these girls as your potential future wife.

John Santana

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