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6 Best Russian Dating Sites & Apps for Slavic Singles

by John Santana

Once you date a Russian, there is no going back. They are gorgeous, sexy, and sweet. Being romantic people at heart, Russians always fantasize about being with a true one and a happily ever after.

Dating a Russian is an experience you will not want to let go of. Or perhaps you are Russian yourself and looking to connect with someone from the same culture. Either way, you are unlikely to have a lot of options in town. After all, how could you possibly know where do all hot Russians hang out?

That’s why you should check out the following Russian dating sites. They are comprehensive and full of Russian members around the world. It’s time to realize your Russian fantasy.

Don’t have time to read the complete article? Checkout our favorite picks below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

AdultFriendFinder is the ultimate dating platform for finding your dream partner. Right from casual hookups to long-term relationships seekers, it is simply perfect for everyone.

Bang Locals is know among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Best Free Russian Dating Sites: Our Shortlist

1. Adult FriendFinder

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  • Millions of Russians in its 90-million user pool
  • Forums dedicated to specific languages
  • Instant virtual speed dating events


  • Its numerous features take a steep learning curve to adapt to

Here it is, the online dating site that makes every Russian jump out of his seat. Adult FriendFinder is here to brighten up your love life. Among its 90 million registered members, millions are Russians. This online dating site with 20 years of history is known to be extremely popular and friendly towards ethnic minorities in the country.

There are thousands of Russians online in your neighborhood at any given time. They are waiting to connect with a like-minded person. Its community forum is where you can increase your chance of meeting the hottest babe in town. It allows language-specific subjects, meaning you can start a thread in Russian. Gather all the Russians in town and see who is ready for a bonfire night.

On top of that, Adult FriendFinder supports video calls with multiple members at the same time. Speed dating events happen frequently. Get connected with your friends and organize big virtual events so you can greet and meet more Russians in your area.

All the impressive features on Adult FriendFinder are surely fancy. However, it does take a steep learning curve to master them all. Some of the features are well-presented and it can be confusing when you first navigate the site. If you are not tech-savvy, it can be exhausting to find your way around.

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2. Ashley Madison


  • Explicit photos allowed
  • Anonymous payment method
  • Extremely popular among Russian girls


  • A lot of ads

Ashley Madison is a trending dating site with lots of hot Russians. Explicit photos are encouraged. Women that are perceived as traditionally beautiful, like those with ashy blonde hair and light eye colors, are sought after. Hence, it is extremely popular among Russians.

If you prefer to keep this relationship low-key or it is a secret affair, you are looking in the right place. Ashley Madison draws together lust-seekers after an exhilarating experience. Members keep it a low profile and are not clingy. You don’t have to worry about sleeping with someone and finding them forever stuck in your home.

You will have a wonderful experience as a free member. But if you choose to upgrade, Its anonymous payment method is not something available on every platform. You pay securely without letting anyone around you know about it.

Unfortunately, this promised land comes with ample unwanted ads. These ads are mostly links to shopping sites or other sex products. They appear often and can be disruptive.

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3. Bang Locals


  • Powerful geographical search
  • The gender ratio is even
  • Prompts are given to initiate a conversation


  • Members are mostly located in small towns and rural areas

Introducing possibly the most powerful geographical search engine in the online dating world. Bang Locals praises itself for being able to accurately filter out members by checking your live location. Whether you are feeling bored in a shopping mall or looking for a hookup after a long meet at the client’s office, Bang Locals will give you all the members in the area online wherever you go. It distills down members by the block.

The gender ratio is evenly split on Bang Locals, giving each side a fair chance of scoring. There is no need to be afraid, even if chatting girls up is not your strong suit. Bang Locals provides a long list of prompts for every match based on the common traits in your profiles and more. The prompts serve as brilliant conversation starters that will get the atmosphere right.

Its essential features are conveniently located on the menu bar. Site navigation is easy. Everyone will get the hang of it in no time.

If you are based in a big city, you may find Bang Locals to be quite limiting. Perhaps due to its powerful geographical location, Bang Locals is particularly booming in remote areas where people don’t want to drive far to meet a date. Whereas in big cities, the number of members is not very high. It will take a while before you get some quality matches.

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4. RussianCupid


  • Language-specific
  • Exclusively for Russians around the world
  • Multiple search filters allowed


  • Premium plans are expensive

Dedicated to connecting Russians around the world, RussianCupid has horny babes online day and night. On this language-specific platform, you can showcase your Russian skills to win over a homesick Russian girl.

The site is exclusive and you can only join if you are ethnically Russian. Members welcome with warm arms even if you grew up away from the motherland and cannot speak the language. As long as you share the same cultural roots and are keen to learn about everything, you will find this place to be your second home.

Multiple search filters are allowed so you can screen out potential matches with as many tags as you want. From young international students in Miami to mature cougars in Moscow, the site has them all.

While RussianCupid is free to start with. Once you decide on the upgrade, an astounding fee may occur. Its premium plans can be as expensive as $35 to $50 per month. Although you can find other online dating sites with similar prices, the features and quality RussianCupid offers cannot fully justify its premium pricing.

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  • About 18.5 million Russian users
  • A solid ID verification process is in place to safeguard the community
  • Members are of high quality


  • Most members are based in Russia only

If you want a true Russian dating experience, is the place to find it. With 18.5 million users, it is a thriving community with Russians eager to get laid tonight. Upon registration, you need to verify your identity by connecting the account to your social media. This protects existing members and prevents scammers and bots from signing up.

With a solid ID verification process in place, members’ quality remains high. Everyone is genuine about meeting someone. Regardless it is a serious or a casual relationship that you are looking for, you will get a quick response as members are active.

One thing to keep in mind is that most members are based in Russia only. So if you are not ready to move for your love, you will have a hard time developing what you have into a physical relationship. And it is common for members to speak Russian only. If you were born and raised outside of Russia and are not that skilled in the language, communicating and winning over a girl’s heart may not be the easiest.

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6. Eharmony


  • Ideal for serious relationship
  • Compatibility test that accurately presents the best matches based on your score
  • High success rate


  • Expensive

Eharmony is a paradise for those looking to settle down with their soulmate. It is advertised to be the place for serious relationships and marriage. When you sign up, you have to answer a long list of 70 questions. The score is analyzed in the system and a list of possible matches is generated.

Its compatibility test is working fantastically, contributing to its high success rate. Once you are hooked with someone that shares your goals and interests, everything else flows so smoothly. Eharmony has been creating thousands of heartwarming love stories and marriages.

It’s completely free to sign up and browse around. However, if you want the full experience, you will need to opt for the premium plans. Although the power of eharmony is evident, its expensive pricing plans are rather off-putting with the monthly rate at $35.

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What Are Russian Girlfriends Like?

Russian Girlfriend

There are a lot of misconceptions about having a Russian girlfriend. In general, Russians tend to suffer from bad stigma. People think Russians are violent, unreasonable, barbaric, and more. None of those is even remotely true. Here is what it’s like to have a Russian girlfriend.

Kind and considerate

Russian girlfriends are known to be considerate and kind-hearted but independent at the same time. As opposed to the popular belief that Russian men are controlling, Russian men are actually very courteous towards women. Therefore, Russian girls are used to being treated like a princess.

Supportive and balanced

You will find a healthy balance of love and self-growth when dating a Russian girl. They are known to be supportive of their partner’s career, family, and life goals. They are intelligent as well. Not only do they take care of you, but they will also make your family more cohesive and harmonious.


Meanwhile, love is not the only thing on their mind. They also want to be a successful woman. Hence, she is hardworking towards her goal and will be dedicated to her work. Russian girlfriends like going out with guys that they admire. You don’t have to be already successful or well-respected in your field as they are willing to fight with you. But you have to be ambitious because they look up to you.


Dating a Russian girl is nothing like what you’d imagine. They are humorous, generous, and gorgeous. Indeed, most Russian girls fall into the traditional beauty standard. They are good-looking and sweet, as if they haven’t seen a shred of evil in this world.


If you are dating an international Russian that has lived in different countries, it can be even more exciting. International Russian girls are famous because they are adventurous. They are ready to try out new things and at the same time, they remember the precious qualities of being respectful to their partner.

It’s always a fun ride with a Russian girlfriend. Your dating experience will never feel so right and perfect.

Russian Dating Tips

Russian Dating Tips

Value them

Although Russian girls are mostly calm and respectful, they are not weak. Never mistake their docileness as weakness. They are willing to listen to you and make compromises because they love you. You need to show the same respect. Russian girls are strong enough to walk out of a relationship once they feel the effort is not equal or they don’t feel valued.

Learn their language or culture

Also, most Russians are quite patriotic, even if they were not born and raised in the country. Therefore, it’s always good if you can speak in Russian, however rusty you are. Learn more about the culture if you are not already familiar with it. You will always get bonus points if you can throw some cultural references in your conversation.

Show them affection

They love men that work for them. Show your affection by praising them. Pay attention to their hobbies and plan a little surprise. Russian girls love surprises from their men. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. They value your thoughts more than the money. That’s why people often say Russian girls are easily satisfied, in a very good way.

They appreciate things their boyfriends do for them, however small it is. Take care of the little things in her life. Be the gentleman that opens the door and picks her up from work. Everything counts.


You don’t want to miss out on the chance to date a Russian. Millions of Russian girls on dating sites are waiting. Whether you just want a bang or a long-lasting marriage, the above online dating sites can help you. Sign up today and find yourself the Russian girl you have been dreaming of.

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