Interracial Match Review: Should You Sign Up or Stay Away?

by John Santana

Interracial relationships sound attractive. You are with someone that looks completely different, yet you are the perfect couple standing together. There is so much to learn from each other. With your different backgrounds, you two complete the love circle.

Interracial Match claims to be the one site everyone needs in finding an interracial partner. Its website is smooth and beautiful. The success stories and full customer support seem alluring. However, upon further investigation, Interracial Match turns out to be a total scam that will not get you any real dates.

Read on to find out everything about Interracial Match and why it will not work for you.

Interracial Match: Summarized


  • Clean user interface
  • Has an ID verification process
  • Can be linked to Facebook


  • Few members available in the same region
  • Awful search engine
  • Lots of bots and fake messages

Our rating: 4/10

  • First impression: 6/10
  • Signing up: 6/10
  • Ease of use: 3/10
  • Features: 2/10
  • Price: 3/10

Bottom Line

Interracial Match throws its fancy cliches at you when you first visit. It holds you down into thinking that this is the site you need for an unforgettable love. But that’s not the case at all. Its merits do not outweigh its disadvantages.

There are lots of flaws in the system. It’s not suitable for finding a soulmate. There are options out there like Ashley Madison and Adult FriendFinder more suitable for interracial matches.

First Impression

  • Clean interface
  • Clear layout
  • No actual content of the matching features

As a low-budget dating site, surprisingly, Interracial Match gives off a positive vibe. Its front page looks professional and clean. There are no suspicious ads or external links. You see a huge banner of a happy interracial couple with the menu bar on top.

On the left-hand side, you can provide some basic information and sign up immediately. Interracial Match has been around since 2001. It claims to have a 24/7 support team, ready to solve any problem you might encounter.

Below are several success stories members have. They shared how the platform brought them their true love and the happily ever after they have today. Finally, you will see a small section of why this site is the best for interracial dating.

Everything seems to be in place. It’s quite convincing to get people to sign up. However, when you explore around before signing up, you will find there’s no concrete content of how the site works. There are no photos of the dating platform, how many members there are, and where they are located.

As solid as the site may seem, it is also a red flag that a dating site does not give clear instructions on the site features.

First impression: 6/10

Signing up

  • Give your license to verify your ID
  • Welcoming towards all relationship types
  • Slow photo upload

Interracial Match takes security seriously by asking members to verify their IDs. You can upload a photo of your driver’s license to confirm your age and name. Those that are verified will get an icon on their profiles, indicating they have been checked out by the site. An ID verification process is essential for dating sites, minimizing the possibility of letting criminals utilize the space.

It welcomes all relationship types. Whether you want to hook up, date, or marry, you have the option to select so. The system will link you with others sharing the same vision.

Signing up is smooth and easy but waiting for your profile to be approved is not. Users have complained that their photos took more than 24 hours to upload and their ID verification process failed multiple times.

Signing up: 6/10

Ease of use

  • Members are far away and few
  • The search engine cannot properly target your audience
  • Many fake profiles

When it comes to the actual matching experience, Interracial Match is a total disappointment. First of all, there are rarely any active members in your area. Usually, your matches are at least 500 miles away. It’s not always feasible to date someone in another state.

Then, there are few members online every day. So even if you get a match, you will likely wait for days before you get a reply. The database is not updated regularly. You are shown the same search results every time. New profiles do not seem to pop up automatically and it takes a while for the system to refresh.

Its existing search engine is rather useless. It cannot correctly identify the keyword and often generates irrelevant matches. Something as simple as geographical location can be wrong. The results will bring you someone in Canada even if you specifically put New Mexico as a requirement.

On top of that, the site is swamped with fake profiles and bots. It’s hard to think how a site stressing on ID verification will have so many bots. It’s quite likely that they are placed by the site to gain more traction and lure in new members.

You will get notified when a member likes you but suspiciously, when you message back, a lot of times, you will never hear from her again. Those questionable profiles have two photos and a simple one-liner in their description. When genuine users sign up, they have to add something more to their profiles. So it would seem the site plants these bots on purpose to mud up the water.

Ease of use: 3/10


  • Lacks basic messaging channels
  • Cannot report spam and abuse
  • No virus scan for external links

The only surprise for Interracial Match’s features is that there is none. Nothing stands out. You can only reply to members in the most boring way possible – by email. There is no audio or video chat available.

Even the plain old text box lags and does not show new messages sometimes. Users would have to close the chat and go back to see updates.

If you come across anyone dodgy, it’s up to you to avoid the person because the site does not support reports of spam and abuse. There’s nothing in place to handle complaints seriously and keep the community safe.

Besides, there is no automatic scan for external links, meaning you don’t know whether a link sent to you by your match is safe. Most other dating sites offer a simple virus scan for links sent on the site. It gives you an idea if someone is sending you a contaminated link.

For a site that claims to be dominating its niche for nearly two decades, Interracial Match fails to live up to its expectations. There is no premium feature worth mentioning and its existing features do not perform well either.

Features: 2/10


Interracial Match starts at $15 per month with the option to add on some more additional features, which are not that tempting at all. Free members can only sign up and receive messages. To reply to others and like a profile, you have to be a premium member.

The movement free members have on the site is highly restrictive. You can’t initiate a conversation and can’t even view all the profiles. With $15, you can easily find better options with more comprehensive features.

Price: 3/10

What are some alternatives better than Interracial Match?

Ashley Madison and Adult FriendFinder are the two best alternatives.

Ashley Madison is famous for its diverse member base. You will find people from all ethnic backgrounds hanging around the site for some love and lust. Every member is verified by the site and there is no fake profile. Users are genuine and want a good time.

Adult FriendFinder is a community with over 90 million users scattered around the world, most of them in North America. You will easily find matches living in the next building. Thousands of members come online in your area every night. Whether you live in the Big Apple or a small town in Nevada, you will find hundreds of matches thanks to its large user base.

These two sites certainly deliver what they promise, unlike Interracial Match. If you want quality matches, opt for the ones that invest in making their platforms functional and fun. Not the ones that only want to take money from you.

So, is Interracial Match worth the investment?


Interracial Match is a dating site you do not want to try even as a free member as you can’t do anything. All the profiles are either fake or bots. Scammers are everywhere. The site can be incredibly laggy at times and does not refresh its searches accurately.

Its so-called advanced features are basic features on other sites. Its success stories seem to be fabricated somehow, seeing real-life user reviews that offer a completely different story. Most members are tricked to sign up as they thought someone liked their profiles, but it’s just a ruse the site uses.

You won’t find your interracial partner on this site. In fact, you will not find anyone at all. The closest match can be three states away from you. Take your chances to prominent online dating sites like Ashley Madison and Adult FriendFinder for an authentic experience.

John Santana

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