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The 5 Best European Dating Sites To Start Dating Today

by John Santana

The European dating scene is diverse and exciting. You will meet all sorts of people looking for casual and serious relationships. Europeans are romantic by heart. Being with them will make you feel young and hot.

Meeting a European or getting used to the European dating norms could take a while because it can be drastically different than what you are used to. To begin with, you need to understand their usual practice and how to win their attention.

Follow this article to discover the magic tricks you need up your sleeves to impress a European.

European Dating Sites

1. Ashley Madison



  • Stylish theme that attracts lots of members
  • More women than men on the site
  • Active spam check to terminate bots and fake accounts


  • Lots of explicit photos

Aside from functionality, aesthetics also play an important role in attracting new members. Ashley Madison has a captivating theme that pulls on the heartstring of members. The modern black and pink theme gives a powerful kick. The layout is clean and efficient. It is no joke that users often forget why they are even on the app. They just want to go on it because it is so stunningly developed.

Furthermore, there are more female members than men on the app. Female members account for roughly 60% of the total. This is a rare find among its competitors. Most online dating apps will have an overwhelmingly larger share of male users. But not on Ashley Madison. It works hard to keep a healthy balance of gender mix to offer the best to its users.

Bots and scammers are the biggest problems threatening the safety of online space. With its rich resources and top-quality security team, Ashley Madison takes the initiative to actively scan for suspicious activities and sets up various perimeters to stop scammers.

Fake accounts are terminated at once. All associated accounts will be removed and the person will not be allowed to make further accounts. Community safety is the top priority above all. Members can trust the system to protect them.

Ashley Madison is a fun place to be in, possibly too much fun sometimes. Some members that are serious about dating find the amount of explicit content on the popular dating app off-putting.

The developer intended to give members a safe platform to express their sexuality. Unfortunately, too many members take the opportunity to post nude and explicit photos. Quite a lot of these photos are too vivid and morally questionable. You probably will not be impressed seeing that on your future girlfriend. It would seem that people are more looking for casual relationships. That is why they are utilizing the platform to show off their body to find the quickest bang.

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1. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo


  • Millions of users all over Europe
  • Available in many languages
  • Users are sophisticated and polite


  • Difficult to locate specific profiles

As the top online dating site, Adult FriendFinder offers some of the most exquisite features that leave you coming back for more. There are millions of registered members in Europe. It is a popular site for both local and international dating.

To better serve its international audience, the site comes in various languages including but not limited to French, German, and Spanish. It certainly makes locals more willing to reach out and expand the coverage.

Adult FriendFinder is known for its high-quality profiles. Users are sophisticated and educated. You will not find impolite thugs throwing slang to pick you up. Members are respectful and patient. Take the time you need to communicate thoroughly before meeting up. They are here to have fun on top of everything.

When you go on Adult FriendFinder, be sure to take your chances because it is almost impossible to come across the same profile twice. In order to provide fresh profiles for every search, the system is wired to avoid showing the same profile again. So, if you accidentally miss a profile that you like, unless you can remember specific details about it, otherwise the profile is lost in the sea. The system does not allow for name search as well so finding the same profile is more difficult than finding Cinderella with the right shoe.

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3. Bang Locals



  • Easy to find casual dates to get laid’
  • Suggested prompts to bulk message members
  • Its userbase covers every country in Europe


  • New profiles take a while to come up top on search results

Regardless of your current location, Bang Locals is here to secure a date for you tonight. Widely recognized for its powerful location search, this dating site is your get-laid tool on the go. It has active members in every European country. Finding casual sex has never felt so effortless.

To make your life easier, there will be suggested prompts in the chat. These prompts are auto-generated based on the profile and your previous conversations. It helps save your time. You can give an instant reply and arrange a date while multi-tasking at work.

Members are open-minded and want to start the relationship with some casual sex. They do not want to make things too serious by committing too fast. If things go well, they are certainly inclined to advance the relationship. But if not, there will not be a messy breakup as they are happy to go explore with the next person.

Keep in mind that getting your profile ranked on Bang Locals is quite a challenge due to its massive userbase. New profiles will take some time before it gets on top of the search results. You need to prove your authenticity by being active, engaging with other members, and contributing to the community by reporting fake profiles. The work required to get seen is part of the cost and should not be neglected.

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4. Elite Singles

Elite Singles logo


  • Best place to meet professionals and elites of society
  • Ideal for the mature audience
  • Blog posts and dating tips are regularly updated


  • Very expensive
  • Long personality test to get started

Trending in the UK and the rest of Europe, Elite Singles matches a professional to another elite. Regular online dating sites cannot guarantee that you will meet intelligent people like you. Elite Singles verifies each account so all its members have a supreme status at work and are respectable.

The majority of members on the platform are over 35. It is ideal for a mature audience. There are no brainless bimbos. You will be happily chatting about the current stock market, politics, the law system, and more. Members are eager to connect with others in the same field and find a romantic interest.

In case you are out of touch with your dating techniques due to busy work, Elite Singles has regular blog posts about dating tips to remind users of the courtesy of taking your match out on a date.

All these features do come at a high price. The monthly fee at Elite Singles is $60. Even though its target audience has substantial capital, this pricing is still rather outrageous. Users will have to reason with themselves to justify the fee.

Also, to get started on Elite Singles, users have to take a series of personality tests. Those questions aim to analyze your personality type, thus retrieving compatible profiles from the systems. These tests are long and quite dreadful. Reserve at least 20 to 30 minutes on the tests alone. Elite Singles is not the first one to introduce a personality test but it is possibly the first one to make it so long and boring.

5. Millionaire Match


  • Members are millionaires with a successful career
  • Income and background checks are manually performed
  • Simple site map for navigation


  • Not enough active members to have a high success rate

The ordinary elites are not fancy enough? Millionaire Match is here to connect you with other CEOs, executives, bosses, and high-ranking officials. The site conducts manual checks to verify the income and background of each applicant. You may not be qualified for a name tag even if you try.

Members are all influential people not looking to put their names out on other public dating sites. Therefore, a well-managed millionaire club becomes their cup of tea. Do not let the majestic outlook fool you, the site offers the cleanest site map as wealthy people can hardly be bothered to learn a new system.

You get the auto-matching and messaging, video call, and advanced search buttons in plain sight. Mastering the online dating site takes no time. Once your profile is approved, you can instantly match with a dozen of people.

The high entry ticket deters the number of active members on the site. It will be easier if you are in bigger cities where most millionaires in the country reside. But for regions with fewer millionaires, it can take you days or even weeks to get a response or a match.

What is it Like to Date in Europe?


1. They are family-oriented

Christmas and festive holidays are big in Europe for very obvious reasons. These people are extremely family-oriented. They love their family and will try to stay close to home if possible.

Growing up, they learn the importance of being a family. Even if they have to move to another city or country for work in the future, they will try their best to come home whenever they can.

Dating a European means you will be spending a lot of time with their family. Once they see you as a member of the clan, they will welcome you with a warm heart. There is nothing more exciting than having another member.

Things get tricky if you do not get along with their family. Europeans are not the type to leave their family behind for a lover. It is heartbreaking and the ultimate betrayal. To make things work, you will need to compromise and blend in with the family.

2. It is time to split the bills on everything

In most European countries, the bills are split equally between the two. It is uncommon for the guy to pay for everything while the girl enjoys it all. Europeans take pride in their gender equality approach.

The typical gentlemen’s way of dating is not appealing to women. They want to be independent and expected to be treated as such. Always suggest splitting the bills. It is showing respect.

3. Ladies are not necessarily “first”

As mentioned above, both genders receive the same treatment in every aspect. The “ladies first” attitude does not fly here. People will not give priority just because of your gender. But of course, this approach only extends reasonably.

For example, if a couple is carrying heavy groceries home, the man will usually take the heavier portion because statistically, men are naturally physically stronger. But when it comes to other things like taking the window seat, carrying the purse, tying the shoelaces, etc, will hardly happen in Europe. Women are proud to take care of their own matters. Sometimes, a kind gesture can even be seen as an insult if it is not handled properly.

4. You will be mingling with their friends a lot

Europeans are loyal to their childhood friends. Their social circle was pretty much consolidated the day they went to pre-school. Throughout the years, they will make new friends but it will be hard for newbies to infiltrate their circle.

To capture a European’s heart, you need to win their friends’ approval. They are active within their circle, constantly seeking advice and support from their peer. You do not want to come between them and their friends. If you have a problem with one of their friends, politely raise the issue but never demand or ask them to cut their friends out. This is a huge dealbreaker.

Europeans are free-spirited. For them, partners can come and go but friends remain forever. Therefore, as much as they love you, you do not want to test the limit.

5. Be fashionable

Europe is likely the fashion capital of the world. It is not only in Italy that streets are filled with elegant, fashionable people, but all over the continent people are conscious about how they present themselves.

Take a stroll down the street, you will see some gorgeous young moms and dads taking their babies out in suits, vintage trench coats, hats, full makeup, and more. Staying sharp is respect for themselves. Being fashionable all the time boosts their self-esteem. Go through your wardrobe and pick out your best outfit for the next coffee date.

6. Commitment is everything

The dating landscape changes from country to country. In some regions like Scandinavia, it can happen that couples do not consider themselves to be together until they sign the papers. But in some countries like Germany, every date counts.

In general, Europeans take their commitment seriously. When they officially announce to their friends that they are seeing someone, they mean exclusively. Before anything is set in stone, they will still take their chances and go on dates with others. But as soon as they decide it is time to take it a step further, they will stick to their commitment.

7. You need to have your own career

The whole “little women” thing is not endorsed in Europe. Couples are encouraged and even expected to have their own careers for several reasons.

First, it is healthy to be financially independent. You never know what the future holds. The perfect relationship can end abruptly due to an illness or an accident. No one wants to think about the worst but should always be prepared. Having your own job allows you to have something to stand on.

Second, successful people are charming. In Europe, the whole “women should stay home and be a housewife” is outdated. Everyone should be kicking ass in the professional field. By doing something you like and are good at, you look radiant.

Are European loyal?

While every country in Europe has its own dating rules and culture, Europeans are widely regarded as loyal people. They take family responsibility seriously.

At the beginning of the dating stage, things are muddy. They are unsure if you are the one they want to spend the rest of their life with. Hence, there will be the hot and cold stage. They will approach you to see the compatibility but will also pull back when they have doubts. It can be confusing and hard to deal with. You just have to push through this stage and establish trust.

After getting the know each other, they will weigh out their feelings and how likely you will have a future together. They avoid giving false promises because it always leads to a disaster.

When a European gives you a promise or commitment, believe it. They have a romantic soul that cheating on their partner ruins their perfect fantasy. They want to be the perfect partner to fit the narrative they want for this beautiful world.

There is only one true love in their world. They will show the utmost respect and love to their partner. Dating a European feels so grounded and secure.

What is it Like to Marry into a European Family?

Newly Married Cute Couple

European families are known for their hospitality. They will celebrate and welcome you with a gigantic ceremony. You will participate in all their family gatherings and activities. During major holidays like Easter and Christmas, you will have to spend the weekend with them.

Try to kindly accept the invitations to participate in their gatherings as much as you can. The closeness in the family means rejection can reflect badly on your relationship, especially when you are still new in the family group. Hang out with them and bond with them. Your partner will be grateful for your effort and how much you are trying to blend in with their culture.

Learn about their traditional culture and customs. It is always appreciated if you show up with some thoughtful gifts. Do not wait for your partner to explain the details of their traditions to you. Take the time to read about it yourself.

All in all, most European families are gracious and happy to welcome others into their family. You just have to do your part and make sure you understand their way of living so you can bring up some interesting topics during the family picnic.


Europe offers a diverse dating scene with lots to benefit from. As the romantic capital of the world, its people are teaching others how to be the perfect lover while adding value to themselves. To meet the most gorgeous Europeans, you need to sign up on these online dating sites where they hang out the most. Increase your chance by joining a few of them.

John Santana

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