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Here Are The 6 Best Ukrainian Dating Sites & Apps of 2022

Last Updated on September 29, 2022

The Eastern European beauty is irresistible. Ukrainian men and women have this distinct mesmerizing aurora. You must have dreamt about dating a Ukrainian because of their lovely character.

Meeting a Ukrainian that speaks your love language takes work. Instead of pub crawling all the European bars, online dating is the most efficient way to get hooked on them. Check this best free Ukrainian dating site list to schedule your next date.

Don’t have time to read the complete article? Checkout our favorite picks below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

AdultFriendFinder is the ultimate dating platform for finding your dream partner. Right from casual hookups to long-term relationships seekers, it is simply perfect for everyone.

Bang Locals is know among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

6 Best Ukrainian Dating Sites & Apps (2022 Reviews)

1. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo


  • 90 million international users
  • Filter profiles by ethnicity and location
  • Ideal for both casual and serious relationships


  • Your profiles might not be as visible as a non-paying member

The first on our list is the world’s largest online dating site, Adult FriendFinder. Having been around for more than two decades, the mastery of love is at the palm of the algorithm. Its search engine has always been reliable in delivering the most promising results based on your filter searches.

With over 90 million users internationally, it is impossible not to land on someone that you click with. Its filter options include specific requirements such as location and ethnicity. Whether you are looking for a Ukrainian in Ukraine or other countries, Adult FriendFinder will bring them to you.

When you are on online dating platforms for the first time, it’s easy to get confused. You might not know what you want. That is totally fine here. Casual and serious relationships are both possible. You will meet loads of users with varying relationship goals a few clicks away.

Although Adult FriendFinder offers solid packages for free members, your visibility will understandably be lower than paying members. Profiles of premium members are boosted on the site whereas non-paying members are ranked lower on search results. But for a free dating site, Adult FriendFinder is rather impeccable.

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2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison


  • Female-oriented to protect members
  • Ideal for secret affairs
  • Lots of Ukrainian wives and girlfriends


  • Limited messages and matches per day for free members

Are you bored with your marriage? If you are looking for some fun without your partner’s knowledge, Ashley Madison is the place to be. Designed for a luxurious dating experience, the site is filled with housewives and girlfriends trying to ignite their passion for love and relationships again.

Ashley Madison is a female-focused dating app to eradicate the possible sexual harassment women may face online. Thanks to its superb security, it has scored an excellent gender ratio so everyone has a good chance of finding a thrilling affair.

Leave your moral judgment at home because everyone is in for a good time here. Be open to suggestions and let members take you for a wild ride. Ashley Madison is a place where everyone is free to be exactly who they are. There are thousands of Ukrainian housewives and girlfriends. You will not be disappointed with the wide range of profiles.

As expected, when you are on a high-quality dating app as a free member, there will be limitations. Ashley Madison limits the number of messages and matches you get per day. It does not painfully reduce your chance to hook up but it may not be pleasant when you get the conversation going and reach the daily quota.

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3. Bang Locals

bang locals


  • Perfect for casual hookups
  • Search results are automatically presented based on proximity
  • Sexy and explicit photos are permitted


  • Fake profiles

If you don’t want to dive into a committed relationship, Bang Locals may be the solution for you. People are mostly looking for one-night stands or friends with benefits (FWB) here. To facilitate the process, explicit photos and nudity is allowed within reasons so members can get a glimpse of what they are getting into before hopping on board.

Members are understanding. You will not get into trouble even if you are dating several people in a row. Meet all your dates at once if they are willing. Introducing the gang together could be a fun Netflix and chill evening.

Search results are neatly categorized in grid format by proximity. The closer you are to a member, the higher it will rank on the results. If you have other priorities, you can adjust the filters accordingly so the algorithm knows to present profiles based on your liking. This smart system has helped thousands of matches to bond quickly. This is ideal for busy workers.

Unfortunately, Bang Locals is quite swamped with fake profiles. There is no way to tell if some profiles are baits put up by the site to lure in members. But there are definitely scammers trying to fish victims. Always check your matches carefully and avoid any dates with inconsistent speeches. Most importantly, you should never give money to your date under any circumstances.

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4. 12 Kisses

12 kisses


  • Available in English, Russian, and Ukrainian
  • Unlimited number of matches and messages for free members
  • Easy site navigation


  • Few active members

12 Kisses is here to offer you the full online dating experience without any cost. You have full access to the platform. Better yet, its three official languages are English, Russian, and Ukrainian. These are the top three languages spoken by Ukrainians.

The membership allows unlimited matches and messages. There are only basic search filters so you will have to manually screen the profiles. Maneuvering through the site is easy. All features are listed on the menu. Anyone can figure their way around 12 Kisses quickly.

However, when you go on 12 Kisses, it’s best to prepare for some long nights of messaging profiles without a response. There are few active members on the site, let alone members in your area. You will have to spend hours messaging profiles before you get a response. The site does not prioritize active members on search results. Hence, it can be a struggle to meet dates.

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5. Ukraine Date

Ukraine Date


  • The largest Ukrainian-specific dating site
  • Incredibly easy to sign up and use
  • Generous free features


  • Competition is too fierce for men

Of all the exclusive Ukrainian dating sites, Ukraine Date is by far the largest with 1 million members. The site works best for Ukrainian women looking for international marriages. Signing up and using the site is incredibly easy. You can complete the registration process and start sending message requests within five minutes.

Ukraine Date does not pose restrictions on message requests. Members can freely initiate a conversation with anyone they see. It gives members the chance to better present themselves through personal openings.

Free members can do enough on Ukraine Date to find dates successfully without upgrading their membership plans. Despite the few limitations, it is one of the more generous Ukrainian dating sites.

The only shortcoming of Ukraine Date is the highly uneven gender ratio. There are way too many Ukrainian girls and very few male members. This leads to shortages of dates. Females have way more bargaining power as they receive hundreds of messages per day. Men face fierce competition to be the best out there, which may not be the fairest or user-friendly.

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6. Elena Models

Elena Models


  • Mostly for model-like Ukrainian girls
  • Members include other Eastern European countries
  • Specific physical attributes as filters


  • Few new signups each day so you will run out of options pretty quickly

People looking to date Ukrainians exclusively are more or less drawn by their beauty. So, what’s most tempting than signing up on a model dating site? Elena Models has a high entry requirement for girls. Female applicants have to fulfill certain beauty categories to be admitted to the party.

Hence, everyone you match with is guaranteed to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. Elena Models probably has the highest percentage of hot chicks among all Ukrainian dating sites if appearance is the only factor that matters to you.

Thousands of men have found their angelic partner through Elena Models. It opens its door to not only Ukrainian models but also those in Russia and other Eastern European countries. Since the site focuses on physical attraction, it has loads of physical attributes installed as filters for members to use.

For example, you can filter members by eye color, hair color, body shape, weight, height, and more. It provides the most accurate results.

Despite offering high-quality matches, there are very few new signups each day. If you are an avid dater here, you will run out of matches within a week. On average, there are only a dozen new members signing up every day. Most of them are probably out of your region anyway, making it even harder to connect with hot models.

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Ukrainian Dating Tips

Romantic young couple bonding on street

Ukrainians are united by their charming personality. Each of them is different yet similar. When you are dating a Ukrainian, you must familiarize yourself with their love language so you don’t embarrass yourself.

  • Understand Their Demeanor

First of all, the typical understanding of Ukrainians being super sweet and thoughtful is true to a certain extent. Ukrainians are masters of harmony. They will put up with the crap their partners throw at them to make a peaceful relationship. It sounds heavenly but you don’t want to test their limits.

  • Understand Their Temper

Sometimes, their temper is a silent bomb. They rarely protest your upsetting behavior because they believe human beings should have self-awareness enough not to do certain things. Once they have reached their limit with your shit, they will explode.

They will not hesitate to pack up and go if they think you have extracted the last ounce of their patience. Therefore, you should never test your Ukrainian partner’s limit. You can’t treat them any less simply because they seem “mellow” as that will be a big mistake to regret.

  • Appreciate Their Loyalty

Secondly, Ukrainians are extremely loyal lovers. They will love you sincerely with all their heart. Questioning their loyalty will not be seen as a challenge to prove their commitment but as an insult to their love. Ukrainians get a bad reputation for hunting for rich foreigners, making loads believe their love to be fake.

This could not be furthest away from the truth. Whether you have a million in the vault or are homeless, once they have chosen you, they will stick with you through hell and heaven.

  • Don’t Stress About Housework

In general, Ukrainians are unbothered by household responsibilities. They are happy to take care of the household if you must work to provide for the family. But that does not mean they are not career-oriented. Ukrainians are dedicated to establishing their careers but are also willing to sacrifice it for their partner.

As a loving partner, you should not expect your partner to give up everything for the relationship. They are considerate people and might not raise the issue with you. You should have a talk with your partner about splitting the roles if you are looking into starting a family together.

Go Deep

Underneath their soft outlook, Ukrainians have hearts of steel. Don’t let their obedient faces fool you because they are the toughest people you will ever meet. They are impartial and passionate about fighting for what is right. Whenever they see injustice, they will stand up.

They are not pushovers that need your protection. Give them some credit for defending themselves. Dating a Ukrainian means you have to support their determination to create a better world for everyone. Don’t laugh at them when they share ideas on how to help others. They have the purest hearts in giving the best to others.

Respect The Culture

Most importantly, you must know that Ukrainians are proud of their culture. Any jokes about Ukraine being inadequate can come as an offense. You must show your respect for their heritage. Take some courses about Ukrainian culture and history. Your lover will greatly appreciate your effort to learn about their social norms.


After everything you have heard about Ukrainians, you are probably edging on your seat to dive into interesting conversations with them. Can’t wait to go on a date with your Ukrainian soulmate? Signup now on these certified dating sites.

You don’t have to try your chances because they guarantee to work for everyone!

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