Thaicupid Review

Thaicupid Review: Modern Thai Dating Site or Just Another Scam?

by John Santana

The tight-knit Thai community is hard for outsiders to break into. If you are looking for Thai singles, attending any Thai festivals in hopes of bumping into someone may not be so successful.

Thai people often rely on online dating sites to find their counterparts. It is effective, efficient, and stress-free. You don’t have to go through the awkward pickup just to find out they are taken. ThaiCupid is a modern online dating site for Thai men and women to find romantic dates. And this is the full review of how well it works or doesn’t work.

ThaiCupid At a Glance

First impression: 6/10
Signup: 5/10
Searching and matching: 6/10
Member quality: 2/10
Pricing: 3/10

Overall: 4.4/10

Editor’s choice: It’s easy to fall victim to sub-par dating sites. In ThaiCupid’s case, it would seem that running several international dating sites is not a synonym for quality. Granted, you will meet a few cute Thai here, but the effort and investment do not correspond to the results.

Users are exposing themselves to security risks. Also, in a community as diverse as the Thai community, LGBT people still cannot find a place on ThaiCupid. Gay and trans people will not have any luck here, despite Thailand being an extremely open-minded country.

So, if you really want to date a Thai, we have other online dating sites better suited for your need. Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison are the top two performing matchmaking service providers for international daters to find their ethnic matches. The cost is low and the results are promising.

ThaiCupid In-Depth Review

First Impression

There is not much to check out before you sign up as a member. On the front page, you will read some success stories. The page will boost how you will meet thousands of hot Thai singles here.

Although the site does not provide sufficient information, it is enough to get started. The Cupid group is a large-scale dating network with plenty of online dating sites. Users do not have to worry about it being a virus site that will extort their personal data. While it does not automatically make ThaiCupid a top-notch dating site, it does add to its credibility.

ThaiCupid lacks a detailed explanation of its pricing and data policy. Users are confused both before and after they sign up. You can’t tell how every situation will go. Without knowing how the site exercises its safety protocol, some users may be inclined to look elsewhere for a date.

First impression: 6/10


Newbies to the online dating regime will find ThaiCupid user-friendly. It is designed with users’ comfort in mind. You will find your way around the site in no time. Currently, there are around 3 million members.

New users need to create an account with an email or via their Facebook account. If you choose to connect to your Facebook, the site may access your list of friends and personal information. For your safety, it is better to register with a new email address to avoid ample promotional updates and safeguard your privacy.

To finish the step, you have to upload a few photos and your match requirements. Profiles without photos will automatically get lower visibility. It is important to state your sexual preferences clearly in this stage. Otherwise, the system may place your account in others’ search results when you will never be interested in them.

All in all, getting started on ThaiCupid is straightforward. But you must agree to its terms and services to use the platform. Since the privacy policy is rigid on the site, users often find themselves receiving spam updates with no option to shut them all down at once.

Signup: 5/10

Searching And Matching

Searching for a date on ThaiCupid is a funny experience. You have to indicate your details such as age and gender and what you are looking for. Since you can change your details anytime, it is peculiar to have users fill in their information when they register. You can list a different age in the search bar than what is displayed on your profile. It confuses users.

The search engine will direct you to profiles that match your requirements. However, the system does not further isolate potential profiles based on compatibility. Since there are likely thousands of profiles matching your search filters, the chance of meeting the right one is still rather slim as you have to scan through hundreds of them before finding a compatible one. ThaiCupid has yet to introduce anything else to facilitate the matching process.

On each profile, you will see the relationship status of the person. They can be single, divorced, or in a relationship looking for friends. It also shows if they have children in the case that is a big factor for potential matches. Users with the most information will generate the best response. That’s why you should add details about your occupation, religion, and education.

Physical attributes are also included if the person wants to disclose them. Measurements like height, weight, and bust size will be shown. Members can also choose to hide this section from others and only show it to selected accounts. Don’t get too invested in physical appearances though, as people tend to exaggerate things a little.

The good thing is, anyone can initiate a chat here. When you see profiles you are interested in, send them an instant message or an email. ThaiCupid does not require mutual interest to start a conversation. It certainly aids members in judging people by photos and a description can be misleading at times.

Occasionally, old chat history goes missing. Users have complained about missing chats. They are unable to reconnect with a past date. This seems to be a bug in the system awaiting solutions.

Searching and matching: 6/10

Member Quality

For the most part, ThaiCupid is for Thai women to find foreign men, often for marriage. If you don’t fit the mold, it is rather pointless to be on the site. Female members will not hesitate to make their intention known. Their ultimate goal is to get married in a foreign country.

It could be unsettling for some members. Having loads of girls all over you just because you are a foreigner may lead to disputes and relationship troubles in the future. Furthermore, most members will jump right into your born nationality and how you can take them to your country immediately. You can’t help but feel you are a commodity and this is a business deal.

The embedded translation tool in the chat room is poor. It does not translate sentences clearly as Thai people tend to write in slang and abbreviations a lot. This plunges the conversation into the abyss. It is challenging to understand each other when the language barrier is so unbreakable.

To make matters even worse, some members use the anonymous feature to cheat on their partners. Since ThaiCupid allows you to hide your identity, many members could potentially be dating a cheater without knowing it. They become an affair target in this romantic trap.

With over 3 million active members, the lack of real daters is appalling. Despite having the option to verify the account to gain visibility and authenticity, most accounts remain unverified as users are concerned about their privacy. Members are fishing for broken hearts in a sea of materialistic daters.

Thus, you will get the very wrong impression of how Thai dating goes. That is not how Thai people date at all. ThaiCupid does not provide an authentic experience.

Member quality: 2/10


Same as the other Cupid dating sites, ThaiCupid breaks down the membership plans into three levels. They are the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond plans with an increasingly powerful package. The cost is $13 per month for the Gold plan, $15 per month for the Platinum plan, and $30 per month for the Diamond plan.

Among all three packages, only the Diamond plan offers premium customer service and high-profile exposure. Gold members do not even have access to instant message translation tools, which can be a hassle when they are talking to someone with inadequate English skills.

The reason for dividing the membership plans is simple. It squeezes more money from users. Upgrading to the most expensive plan is not rewarding. You do not get to experience that much more but you are stuck paying $30 per month.

After all, there are way more affordable online dating sites out there with better member quality. Therefore, we fail to see the charm of ThaiCupid, especially with the higher-than-average asking price.

Pricing: 3/10

Is ThaiCupid LGBT-Friendly?

Lesbians LGBT friendly

Thailand is widely praised for being a leading country in terms of LGBT rights. Trans and bisexual people lead a normal life like others. Discrimination is rare and usually addressed promptly. In light of how advanced the community is, you are probably expecting ThaiCupid to fully reflect that in its matching choices.

Unfortunately, ThaiCupid is not the most LGBT-friendly. While it does offer same-sex matches, it is not for the gender fluid. It still obeys traditional gender identification, leaving you with only two genders to choose from. Furthermore, gender-fluid people will have a hard time finding dates. This is also hard for gay people as there are not a lot of options.

This extends beyond how the site is designed. Even members are not very LGBT-friendly. Some of them will have a tough time understanding your sexual orientation and may unmatch you. The atmosphere seems a bit unwelcoming.

If you are in the LGBT community and think Thai dating is fantastic, don’t let ThaiCupid ruin it for you. Indeed, sexual minorities find dating Thai people a refreshing step as they are not judgmental. You just need to know where to look.

Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison are not only for straight Thai singles, they are here for everyone. Regardless of your preferences, you will find supportive members being here for you. Some of them are not looking to date but are here to listen and meet like-minded people.

Both platforms are heavily regulated to ensure members feel safe. They have 24/7 customer service to address your urgent issues. You will receive a prompt reply within 48 hours, even if it is not urgent. You are not dumped in the pool without supervision, which is important for a healthy online dating site to attract millions of active members.


Every now and then, daters get fooled by the name and reputation of dating sites. This is what ThaiCupid does. It fools people into thinking their Thai romantic story starts here. Devote your time to reputable platforms like Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison. There are thousands of positive reviews everywhere, consolidating their power in finding sexy Thai dates.

Join now to get the most out of it.

John Santana

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