Why Your Confidence Could Improve After Dating on Video Chat Sites

by John Santana

Let’s be honest here – when people use video chats for dating, they aren’t particularly concerned about having logical reasons for doing it. Even so, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good reasons to enjoy video chatting (besides the obvious, of course).

Did you know that it could actually boost your self-image, and help you discover your own sexual preferences? While these may not be personally groundbreaking for you, they do mean that video sex chatting can be more than just a way to spend your free time. 

People who use sex chat sites like NudeLive have plenty to choose from – and plenty of reasons to come back for more. The live cam shows are available from women, men, couples, and transgenders, in many different categories. Not only can you find what you already know you like, but you can also explore other options as well. 

Video sex chatting helps you keep the fires going

If you aren’t satisfying your sexual needs on a regular basis, it can have actual physical consequences down the line. That isn’t just an excuse for video sex chatting; it’s science. And yes, maybe it is an excuse for sex chatting as well, but why not? Studies have shown that having an orgasm releases all kinds of hormones and other chemicals that make you feel good (duh), lift your mood, and even improve your overall hormonal balance.

Guess what else it does? This is less “science” and more “anecdotal evidence”, but if you go for a long while without climaxing, you could end up getting tense, irritable, and maybe even downright cranky. It may be a stereotype, but it’s based in reality: enjoying yourself sexually releases tension, and if that hasn’t been happening for you, it usually shows. If you aren’t doing it with a partner, there’s no reason not to use video sex chats for the same purpose. 

Private shows are a chance for you to get real-time input

It’s true that there are certain limitations to cam sex chats, but if you’re learning about a new technique or exploring an unfamiliar kink, a private show is a great place to start. Make sure you ask the webcam model to give her honest opinion, though; otherwise she’ll probably just play along with whatever you’re doing. 

Public webcam shows tend to be free, but they can also have hundreds of viewers at once, which makes for a crowded chat. Plus, there’s no way you’re going to have your webcam connected to the model’s screen. Private shows aren’t free, but they do give you the chance to connect with the model and have a one-on-one interaction.

You’ll also get a personalized performance, and you can ask all the questions you want. Assuming you’ve chosen someone who knows what they’re doing, you’ll probably get all the answers you were looking for. 

You can pick up a few tricks that could come in handy later

Everybody knows that porn is just acting with fewer clothes, but you can bet they’ll be going well past the basics. If your sexual repertoire could use some beefing up, a live sex cam show might be the place where you learn a thing or two. Whether you’re watching couples do their thing, or viewing a performance by someone who specializes in a certain technique, something you learn during a live performance could very well translate to real life at a later date. 

After all, you have to learn these things somewhere, right? And it just so happens that video sex chatting is a safe, engaging way to learn them. As long as you remember that sex cam shows are just that – shows – you should be able to expand your sexual education while also enjoying the performance. 

You can fulfill a basic need without committing to anything

For some people, sex is difficult because it often comes with the expectation of commitment. This puts them in a tight spot; they either go without it to avoid committing to something they don’t want, or they make a commitment that they can’t keep. Plus, people who aren’t ready for a long-term relationship are generally considered to be promiscuous or unreliable.

Either way, it’s not a great situation. Someone who has a lot of sexual partners could actually be unable to sustain a steady relationship, but what about all the people who just don’t want that? Maybe they’ve realized that shorter relationships suit them best, and they’re just looking for what they know works for them. Depending on the circles they move in, though, this could be hard to achieve.

The good news is, video sex chatting provides an alternative. Even if it isn’t a solution, it’s a way to fulfill your needs on-demand, and without having to make any promises along the way. Nobody will scoff at you for having sexual experiences with multiple people, and you certainly won’t have to deal with any drama if you don’t call them back. 

Exploring your sexuality is easier because nobody’s going to judge you

A big part of anyone’s self-image is their sexuality. Unfortunately, a lot of people simply haven’t had the chance to explore that part of themselves. Maybe their previous sexual partners weren’t open to doing it together, or they just needed a little nudge to start going in the right direction. Whatever the case, video sex chats are a safe way for people to discover areas of their sexuality that they always felt, but never really got acquainted with. 

You might want to explore a certain kink, or even experiment with sexual dynamics with people who’ll respect your boundaries. In other words, you don’t have to figure everything out on your own; between the various categories of cam shows with sex chats, and the many different webcam models on each site, you’ll never run out of options.

Video sex chats might not be your first choice if you want to improve your confidence, but one thing’s for sure – they can do a lot more for you than just provide adult entertainment!

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