Wild Hookup App Review

Our 2024 Wild Hookup App Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

by John Santana

Find Hookups Nearby - Try Adult Friend Finder Online dating apps have to introduce powerful features to stay ahead of the competition. Wild claims to be a free dating app for everyone. Whether you are bisexual, trans, old, Latinx, or of other identities, Wild is supposed to do magic for you.

Is Wild the epic dating app that we have all been missing? How powerful is it? Should you get it?

In this detailed review, we will give you our most honest opinions after trying Wild.

Find Hookups Nearby - Try Adult Friend Finder

Wild At a Glance

  • First impression: 6/10
  • Signup: 7/10
  • Searching and messaging: 5/10
  • Profile quality: 4/10
  • Features: 4/10
  • Pricing: 3/10

Overall: 4.8/10

Final verdict: Wild is almost passable as a hookup app. If you are signing up expecting to meet your future husband/wife, you are in for a big surprise. Wild is not a serious dating app at all. It is a mediocre hookup app that comes with a high price tag. To enjoy its full features, you have to pay a substantial amount.

Wild is a dating app that starts off strong but finishes weak. From its landing page and registration process, it is easy to fool users. Profile diversity is poor. Members are heavily concentrated in big cities.

Online dating is meant to be cheerful. Forget about Wild. Take a look at other promising dating sites that we have reviewed including Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals. They are dating sites/apps with diverse members and a wide range of free features.

Wild Hookup App In-Depth Review

Wild Dating Site

First Impression

Before you download Wild, the reviews on Google Play seem to be promising. Based on over 11,000 votes, the app has a 4.7 rating overall. It puts users at ease about using the app. At least it is safe to say that it is not a scammy dating app.

If you hop onto their website, you can see a brief introduction to the app. It goes through how diverse members are. You will find casual hookups and serious relationships here. There is also a blog section to walk you through some online dating basics. The website is quite plain but it gets the job done.

However, Wild does not have a desktop version. The website only directs you to download the app to your smartphone. It can be inconvenient for those who often switch between using their desktops and mobiles. Mature daters tend to hang out on laptops more frequently. Some of them may not have smartphones at all. It would seem to be limiting without a functioning desktop version.

Overall, the introduction to Wild is satisfactory but the lack of a desktop version significantly hinders its purpose of serving a broader audience.

First impression: 6/10


Surprisingly, Wild takes registration very seriously. Dating apps often neglect the importance of an ID verification, giving way to scammers to slip through. Wild has made a point to only let genuine users sign up by requiring a photo verification.

You follow the typical registration process by submitting your email and personal information to create an account. After that, the system will require you to take a few photos immediately. They will ask you to pose randomly. The gestures they ask for include but are not limited to putting your thumb up, pointing at your nose, and making the V sign.

These gestures can seem childish and silly but that’s the most effective part. The goofier they are, the harder it is for scammers to infiltrate. They will match these photos to the ones you submitted to authenticate your identity.

An ID verification protects the whole community. It is a step every platform should take. Users are browsing knowing that the chance of being catfished is slim.

Signup: 7/10

Searching And Messaging

This is when Wild becomes a bit confusing. On its website, Wild claims to be for both casual and serious daters. You will be able to find the right relationship type. But when you go to the app, the entire app is flooded with people looking for hookups. There is barely anyone looking for a proper date.

The deviation is very disappointing. Most profiles indicate an interest in hooking up. When you talk to people, most of them are not keen on getting to know you. They just want to know when you are free to bang.

With the search features, there are the basic filters for age and location. Then, you can further filter people out by their last seen, relationship status, interests, body type, height, and ethnicity. The advanced filters are quite comprehensive but the search results are either inaccurate or they don’t have enough members.

When you set requirements for each field, you almost never end up with the right results. The profiles will only fit some of your requirements but not all. It makes users wonder if it is because there are few members in its database.

Wild has never confirmed its total number of users. Therefore, the fluctuating search results show the lack of diverse members Wild advertises to have.

As for messaging, Wild adopts the typical chat room system. Members can send photos, call, and organize all their matches here. The messaging channels are smooth. You can hop on an HD call anytime.

Searching and messing: 5/10

Profile Quality

The moment of truth, is Wild as diverse as it claims to be? Sadly, no.

Although Wild demonstrates an acceptable range of diversity, it is only limited to big cities. In metropolitans, Wild has more active members. Still, the majority of users are working professionals in their 30s. The gender ratio is more even in these big cities. If you are a member of the LGBT+ community, you get more options as well.

The real nightmare begins when you are in a suburban area or a smaller city. There is hardly any diversity here. Members are mostly straight white males in their 30s. They are not LGBT-friendly. If you are gay or trans, you will likely get ostracized here. The lack of gender and racial balance also makes the app too intimidating for minorities.

In all fairness, if you fit the mold, members are generally friendly. But as a diverse dating app, people should not settle for this quality. Wild is not the inclusive dating app it aims to be. Minorities will still feel like an outcast.

Furthermore, with most members looking for hookups, the app does not foster any meaningful value in conversations. Members are only interested if your body is hot enough to arouse them. In some cases, female members have reported facing sexual harassment here, although the app has been proactive in removing those profiles.

Wild seems to serve a very specific audience group only, albeit in its best effort. Even if you fit the target group, being in a monotone dating world is not as fun. Seeing its profile quality, Wild can only be labeled as a hookup app and nothing more.

Profile quality: 4/10


Wild Hookup Dating App

Features on Wild are not innovative nor ground-breaking. It is the combination of many existing features in other apps. Allegedly, the app automatically prioritizes profiles that are believed to be of higher compatibility with the search results. The compatibility level is calculated based on your personal information and your search preferences.

Unfortunately, the results are yet to be seen because it does not look like this supposed system has done any concrete to raise the bar. The search results are seemingly quite random.

There is some sort of profile analysis to provide an all-rounded look into your success probability. The report is general and quite useless. It would seem that many features exist on Wild to get members to upgrade to a paid plan.

Also, there is no active customer support team. Inquiries sent to the app are frequently ignored. It would be troublesome to find solutions for invoice issues or fake profiles. Users are abandoned in this wild land. In the worse scenario, users have to leave the app as they can’t deal with the issues. Before upgrading its other features, this would be the most pressing problem for Wild.

Features: 4/10


Wild is not the most generous dating app, as evident in its overpriced membership plan. Free members only have access to limited matches per day and restricted chat features. To unlock these features, you will have to upgrade.

Members can get matches with the free version but it will be far from satisfying. Users must upgrade to have an uninterrupted process. The monthly cost on Wild is $30. There is no discount even if you sign for a long period.

The high cost deters many users, especially when they initially signed up expecting the app to be completely free. The pricing indeed bamboozled lots of existing users. If Wild is completely free, it would be tempting for users to overlook its shortcoming. But with the high price, this hookup app does not seem to be worth investing in.

Pricing: 3/10

What Are Some Alternative Hookup sites?




At this point, you should understand why Wild is not recommended. The free version might still be worth a look at but you are better off with other hookup sites.

A good dating site should be inclusive. Members can freely look for a hookup or a serious dater. Diverse dating sites perform the best and gain the most respectable reputation for their results. Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals are some of these awesome dating sites.

Charges are clearly stated when you first join. You will not be bombarded with hidden charges as you go. Signing up on a free dating site that turns out to be expensive is horrible. A deceitful dating app will never grow to be a trending one.

On those amazing online dating platforms, there are millions of members in your close proximity, wherever you are in. Their huge number of users guarantees a high success rate. Besides, all of them are LGBT-friendly with specific advanced filters to help you find the right profiles.

A diverse site always gives a trusting feeling. Members are able to express their sexual preferences better. Moreover, excellent customer support acts as the backbone for any trouble in the community. Having an active team to handle inquiries protects members from fraud, harassment, scams, and more.


Your thought on trying out Wild might be gone by now. Finding the right dating app is tricky. The thousands of good reviews on the App Store could all be fake. Only a first-hand review can show you how the dating app is really performing.

As expected, you are now back on the hunt for a powerful dating platform to satisfy your dating needs. Take a look at our suggestions and download the free trial to see which platform works best for you!

John Santana

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