8 Best Transgender Dating Sites & Apps Where You Can Meet Hot Trans Singles

by John Santana

For anyone in the LGBT+ community, dating is not easy. The dating sites out there are almost exclusively for straight people. Transgender people may feel frustrated since there are not a lot of options for them.

Those sites advertising for LGBT+ people usually have few active users. And on bigger sites, they do not feel accepted.

Finding the right dating site is hard, but those that cater to transgender people are doing an exceptional job. These are the top transgender dating sites that will revolutionize the game.

Don’t have time to read the complete article? Checkout our favorite picks below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

8 Best Transgender Dating Sites & Apps (2023 Update)

1. Adult FriendFinder


  • Large and diverse community (90 million users)
  • Interactive forums for public discussions
  • Members are mostly open-minded and welcoming


  • Advanced search functions are not specific enough

One of the friendliest dating sites for all people. As long as you are looking for sex, Adult FriendFinder is here for you. Its 90 million registered users are from all over the world. Members adore this loving community because of its chill vibes. People are open-minded, ready to explore, and happy to meet others with different sexual preferences.

You do not have to be afraid of being judged. The community is thriving because everyone comes together to share their struggles. It can be the support group you didn’t know you needed. If your experience on dating sites has been unpleasant so far, rest assured that Adult FriendFinder will change your perspective.

There are public forums where users can discuss or debate on various topics, like which position is the most orgasmic, how to get attention from a cougar, etc. Start your own thread about transgender dating. You will be blown away by how helpful everyone is.

In no time, you will feel you have found where you belong. Adult FriendFinder is probably the most inclusive adult dating site for all sorts of relationships and dating. Be true to yourself and never be ashamed. The only thing that will hinder your dating life is not being honest enough on your profile.

Adult FriendFinder is super welcoming. However, users may find the advanced search function to not be very efficient for their specific needs. The engine seems to filter out common words only. If you are looking for some lesser popular requirements, the system will generate results that do not match your needs fully.

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2. Bang Locals


  • No judgment from members
  • Find members that are close to you
  • Compatibility test


  • For hookup only

Another site as great as the one above for accepting everyone’s sexuality and who they are. Finally, a platform where you do not have to hide your identity. Be proud of yourself and tell the world about it. Members see your confidence, not your shyness. Bang Locals is a site that will fully embrace your choice.

Members do not care about who you are, they only care if you are here to have fun. There are plenty of transgender people on it looking for a hot, flaming night ahead. Its strong compatibility test allows for members to match with those closest to their personality.

It analyzes your profile description to find similar ones that would be a good fit for you. The data is collected by how much you spend on each profile to detect the type of profiles you like. The greatest advantage of Bang Locals is its geographical search.

Unlike other dating sites that only give a broad idea of the proximity of each user, you can filter down profiles by the block. If you set your search engine to a 0.5-mile radius, then you will only see profiles within the search range. It doesn’t compromise privacy because you will not leak your physical address to others.

However, if you are looking for a serious relationship or want to settle down, be prepared to be disappointed. As the name suggests, Bang Locals is no place for love. People are looking for a no-strings-attached relationship. Unfortunately, its casual vibe does not bring love to your doorstep.

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3. WaysToMeet.com


  • Balanced gender ratio
  • Members are wild and ready to meet
  • Easy navigation and sign-up procedures


  • Some inactive profiles are not removed

Regardless of your gender, you should know that a dating site with a balanced gender ratio performs the best. It is more interactive. Nothing should be one-sided. A platform that ticks this box is WaysToMeet.com. Its gender ratio is almost evenly split.

WaysToMeet.com is a wild site with sexy photos blasting every corner of the site. Some of the photos are quite explicit. You would not miss the theme of the site, hook up with the curvy person and go for a wild ride.

The features available on the site are very basic. You can message and save your favorite profiles. Site navigation is easy. Within 15 minutes, you are all signed up and ready to go. All you need is to answer several simple questions. Then, you are off to matching and banging.

Its fun nature is fantastic for the wild birds trying for something new. The only problem is the overwhelming number of inactive profiles. These profiles have been there since the Ice Age.

They are fossil-old but the system does not sweep them out regularly. You might end up messaging a bunch of people who do not even look like their profile pictures anymore.

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4. Ashley Madison


  • Diverse user backgrounds
  • More members from the LGBT+ community
  • Security is good


  • Outdated design

Ashley Madison is a fantastic platform for transgender people that get unjust criticism due to the site’s nature. It simply wants its members to manifest into the best version of themselves. Be true to who you are. Its tight security and encrypted sign-up process attract members who want to keep it a low profile.

For those that are not ready to put up a fight with the world that dehumanizes you, this adult dating site is a heavenly escape. Since Ashley Madison was designed for “taboo” dating, lots of members are in the LGBT+ community. You will find other transgender people out here looking for sex, just like any other dating site.

Everyone is treated as normal and equal here, as they should. Discrimination is rare. On the off chance that you do experience hateful comments, there is an option to report the user to keep the platform clean. The team takes every complaint seriously to create a safe environment.

Security is Ashley Madison’s biggest asset. Putting a high priority on protecting users’ information, your personal data is safely stored. Members are checked upon registration, reducing the chance for fake profiles and catfish.

Without a doubt, this sexy place is where you will source a hot date. Despite its perfect score in functionality, Ashley Madison is lacking behind with its visual elements.

The website looks outdated compared to its competitors. It doesn’t seem like anyone has updated the layout in a long while. To make the experience more wholesome, a makeover is needed.

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5. Plenty Of Fish (POF)


  • Fewer ads
  • Most users are in North America
  • Fun interface


  • Most users are young

POF is a popular dating site in North America, connecting thousands of people every day. Going on POF, you are not swimming in ads. It is very fresh to see an ad-free place where you can focus only on meeting new people.

Most of its users are based in the region so you will have a high chance of finding someone close to you. The signup process is fast. Your ID is verified automatically.

It’s easy to match with someone that fits your requirements like any specific physical attributes. transgender people like signing up on POF because it’s a fun place to hang out.

Its light-blue theme is soothing and organized. Users will not get directed randomly to different pages. Site navigation is simple.

Despite being super popular, POF’s members are mostly young adults in their early 20s. According to members’ searches, they are not overly excited about dating the mature group. If you are above this age group, you will find POF plain and the success rate is lower.

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6. Tinder


  • LGBT-friendly
  • Systematic search feature with simple swiping
  • Advanced search is powerful


  • Members are not that transgender-friendly despite the site’s intention

Tinder is one of the bigger dating apps out there that takes care of the minorities in the sex world. It makes an effort to cater well to everyone. It’s transgender-friendly, allowing people to identify with whatever they want.

Its signature systematic searches make sure you don’t miss any possible matches. The search results are mostly accurate with advanced filters. You will get the profiles that you seek.

The swiping feature is its number selling point. It’s fast. The system will analyze profiles that you have liked and passed to decide what members would fit you the best. Its analysis is on point.

Although Tinder makes it clear to be an inclusive platform, its members are less so sometimes. The majority of its members are heterosexual men. They often reject the notion of talking or matching with someone from the LGBT+ community. Users have reviewed that they would get hated on sometimes for being honest about themselves.

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7. TS Dates


  • LGBT+-themed
  • Encourage people to explore their sexual orientation and preferences
  • Its free features are inclusive


  • For hookup only

TS Dates is a comprehensive site for everyone in the LGBT+ community. On its front page, you see the introductory sentence encouraging couples (2 men or 2 women) and trans to sign up. Its friendly welcoming does make the community strong in attracting open-minded people.

There are quite a lot of people dating trans while exploring their sexual orientation. The site is supportive and highlights the importance of being true to who you are. There is no need to hide. Be brave and write down everything on your profiles. You will get matched with those wanting you for who you are.

TS Dates offer very generous features to its free members. You have access to almost everything including unlimited matches, messaging, and advanced searches. It’s not common for a site to give away so many free features, so TS Dates is doing right on this one.

If you are looking for a long-term relationship or a soulmate, it’s unlikely that TS Dates will fulfill your wish. Its casual vibes prompt only hookups among its members. No one is looking for a partner. Everyone wants a one-night stand.

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8. OkCupid


  • Compatibility test
  • Users are scattered across the age spectrum
  • Detailed profile description


  • Features are all basic and there is nothing new or exciting that sets it apart

When it comes to diversity, OkCupid takes home the crown. Its users are from all walks of life, from young to mature, from studying to work, from locals to expats…It is the site to gather everyone, including transgender people.

You will see transgender people freely matching around and scoring dates. The compatibility test analyzes your profiles and decides from the keywords who would be suitable for you. Your dating profile is no longer a dull one-liner. You can display a full profile description that adds to your personality.

Upon changing your settings, you will be notified whenever new matches are available. This constant reminder can be a blessing for the ones too busy with life to remember to check their dating profiles. A little bell that tells you new people have just signed up is useful.

OkCupid is inclusive but basic. All its features meet the bare minimum standards but not more. It doesn’t offer any additional features and its existing ones are not that well-maintained either. Users could experience bugs and slow site loading speed from time to time, which can be quite disappointing.

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How to choose the right transgender dating sites?

It comes down to what you are looking for. Every site has its merits and limitations. Some work better for committed relationships while others will only be a fling.

For example, if you are looking for a quickie every night after work, Bang Locals would be the most efficient way to bring in people closest to you for casual sex.

But if you are not just looking to get laid, you have been feeling lonely and want to feel supported with your sexual orientation, then the big community on Adult FriendFinder is the one for you.

Not every dating site will work for you even if it is transgender-friendly. Pick one that suits your needs and resonates with you for the best outcomes.

Dating Tips for Transgender People

Be honest

Whether you are looking for something casual or serious, it’s important to be honest with your partner. Having an honest relationship is always good. You would not want to be in shock or heartbroken because your partner is hiding something from you.

Likewise, you should be firm upfront that you are who you are and people should adore you for your qualities. Most of the time, when you sign up to the right dating sites, members will welcome you with an open arm since they really don’t care about your identity, they only care about your personalities and if you are cool to hang out with.

Avoid confronting a hater that seems violent

As sad as it is, society has too many ignorant haters. They believe they are better and look down on all those who do not live by their rules. Having a debate with them or listening to their comments can be infuriating. You just want to stand your ground and tell them how wrong they are.

Although you have all the rights in the world, it is not always physically safe for you to confront a hater. Remember, most haters think they are superior and will not hesitate to resolve to violence to take out the people they believe to be less.

Instead, when a date goes awry, contact the police if necessary. That is always the best way to guarantee your safety. Any defamatory statement is a criminal offense. Let the police handle that.

Tell a friend before going on a date with a stranger just in case. Share your live location with someone you trust if you can. It is unfortunate that when it comes to transgender dating, you have to add an extra layer of security to ensure your own safety, but all the measures are worth your time.

Discussion and communication

This is the same with every relationship but more so for the LGBT+ community since you and your partner may have different needs and expectations towards things. Don’t be afraid of the talk. It will release your emotions. It is always a relief to know you and your partner are on the same page about things.

Final Thoughts

Transgender dating is fun and exciting. There are plenty of dating sites out there for your needs. On these platforms, you will find exactly who you are looking for with your charm and charisma. Sign up today for the best transgender dates.

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