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How Much Does Ashley Madison Cost? Is It Real Or Fake?

by John Santana

Meeting a lifelong partner or having a sex affair with someone hot is enticing. There are not a lot of online dating sites that offer supreme services that cater to a wide range of audiences. Ashley Madison is proud to be one of the few.

Ashley Madison has some fantastic features that you will not find elsewhere. With over 30 million horny users looking to get laid, the success rate is incredibly high. Now, the real question is, how much does Ashley Madison cost, and is it worth the investment? In this article, the pricing plans are broken down so you can choose the one that fits your needs the most.

How much does Ashley Madison cost?

Before we dive into the cost, you need to know that Ashley Madison is completely free for female members. This is the biggest reason the platform has an even gender ratio. It may seem unfair at first but Ashley Madison is dedicated to protecting the safety of female users.

Women are often the subject of harassment and sexual violence in the online dating field. It makes them reluctant to invest in a dating app because it can backfire on them. Offering premium features to women for free encourages female members to sign up while monitoring the credibility of the male members.

The pricing strategy at Ashley Madison is quite unconventional. Unlike traditional dating sites that enforce the monthly payment system, Ashley Madison enlists a credit system to fulfill users’ needs. A subscription model locks users in. Even if you are not using the app, you still get charged the full price. Ashley Madison’s credit system is a big win for members. You pay for the premium features as you go.

Not all features are equally enjoyed by members. In fact, most members only utilize a few of the premium features. The credit system saves users a bunch of money as you are not paying extra for something you do not need.

Here are the plans you can get on Ashley Madison:

  • Basic plan: 100 credits for $64.99, $0.65 per credit
  • Classic plan: 500 credits for $189.99, $0.37 per credit.
  • Elite plan: 1,000 credits for $309.99, $0.30 per credits

Of all the plans, the Classic plan is the users’ all-time favorite. When you purchase the credits, an option will appear automatically to pump credits into your account when you are running low. If manually adding credits is too annoying, you are free to let the system do the job. But if you are keen on controlling your spending, you need to remember to deselect this option.

Every feature costs different credits. For instance, sending a message to another member or reading the text sent to you will cost 5 credits. An hour’s worth of live chat is 30 credits. Credits are charged each time you have hit the hour’s mark. Sending virtual gifts can cost between 10 to 50 credits.

Is Ashley Madison worth the investment?

Ashley Madison logo

At first glimpse, Ashley Madison is not the cheapest option around but that does not mean it is a waste of money. This dating app giant manages to have millions of users because there are lots to takeaway.

Members are genuine as they only make high-quality conversations. When chatting with someone is costing you by the clock, you would not spam others. Ashley Madison is famous for the superb quality of user profiles. Members will reach out only if they are romantically interested. The nightmare of opening your chat box to see hundred of spam messages will not happen here.

Since Ashely Madison allows free access to female members, you will be sure to meet all kinds of gorgeous ladies on the app. No one will pay for the premium features on other sites when they can enjoy them for free here at Ashley Madison.

It is attractive to know how diverse the site is. Maintaining a balanced gender ratio is a hard task faced by many platforms. Ashley Madison has done an outstanding job in keeping the community safe and healthy.

You get what you pay for. This is the only truth of this successful dating app. The premium cost reflects the premium service you get. Therefore, despite being slightly above the market’s average, Ashley Madison is worth every penny of it.

Is Ashley Madison genuine?

Ashley Madison is one of the most genuine and committed dating apps. You may have heard of the security scandal a few years back that plunged the app’s reputation. But now the app is coming back stronger than ever.

Learning from the previous security issues, Ashley Madison is equipped with a world-class data vault that stores users’ information without ever having to manually process the information. No one in the company will have access to your personal details. This minimizes the risk of a security breach.

Today, the app stands to be people’s first choice when they want to date anonymously. The military-level system screens through all the activities on the platform and removes suspicious accounts at once. Secret chats and anonymous payments can be enabled to safeguard your identity. Meeting someone without putting yourself out there is finally done right with Ashley Madison.

Active members are automatically ranked on top of search results. The more you frequent the app, the more it shows credibility. It rewards sincere members in the most effective way. Ashley Madison is legit. Its millions of paying members can tell you how grateful they are for this platform. They can find love, get laid, and make new friends with a mobile phone.


Do not let Ashley Madison’s seemingly high prices deter you. When you think about it, you are only paying for the services you use. There are features that you will not need. And you do not get charged for the time you are absent from the platform. So, you end up saving more money.

Ashley Madison is the go-to option for an immersive dating experience. Sign up now to find your love story.

John Santana

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