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Our Honest Review Of Feeld Dating App (Worth It in 2024?)

by John Santana

Feeld is a top-of-the-line dating app founded in London that is used internationally. Dating apps have been around for years and have revolutionalized the way we meet people. Feeld is said to offer some of the most exciting features among all the competitors.

If you have doubts about switching to this new platform, check this review out as we dissect everything about this trending matchmaking app.

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Feel At a Glance

First impression: 4/10
Signup and searching: 4/10
Profiles and messaging: 3/10
Special features: 3/10
Pricing: 4/10

Overall: 3.6/10

Verdict: If you are not interested in going through the full report, here is a brief summary for you. Feeld is the acronym for genius. It aims to let you hook up with your dream dates for casual flings but fails to deliver anything a user would expect.

Even though the app has a vast user base, it lacks authentic profiles. The app stinks with fake profiles made by people just trying to have a laugh. They are on Feeld as a prank to poke people right where it hurts, to make fun of their pickup tactics.

There is hardly anything organic as the site enlists bots to boost its appeal. Paying for Feeld and finding out you have been lied to is an awful feeling users do not want to go through.

On top of that, the lopsided gender ratio creates a hostile environment for women as there are way too many aggressive men verbally assaulting women as they fail to find dates on this male-dominated site. Thus, more women are leaving the platform. The worst thing is that the app requires you to connect to your Facebook account.

There is absolutely no privacy as you can’t stay anonymous. Even though the site claims to guard your personal information, you have no way to verify that if they hold you by the balls with your Facebook details. You should choose wisely and opt for more reputable sites like Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals which we have reviewed and certified to be excellent.

Feeld In-Depth Review

Feeld Dating app

First Impression

Sometimes, you see online dating sites getting negative reviews as they lack an app version for easy access. It goes both ways as Feeld is criticized by many users for its lack of a desktop version. Users must install the app to get on with the matchmaking service.

Typically, a dating app lacks age diversity as the mature group tends to prefer a desktop version or at least the flexibility of having both. An app-only dating platform will not garner love from the older end of the audience spectrum. Hence, you should be fine with the lack of diversity before you decide to sign up.

When you enter the app, you are instantly greeted by the dull interface that they obviously copied from another big trending dating app. The developers did not seem to put much effort into making the app appealing and distinguishable, though it will get the same job done. Granted, most online dating apps tend to look similar as features are probably more important.

But, a dating app with its own characters will stand out, whereas a copycat will soon be buried in the sea of competition. So, Feeld just doesn’t seem as premium as they advertise.

Since the setup mimics other major dating apps, it works decently if you do not mind the prominent plagiarism that is in your face. The whole layout looks like a cheap version of Tinder.

It makes you wonder why you should opt for it and not the big brands. One thing to like about is their choice of orange. It is quite nicely done to give users a warm welcome to the space. Orange is subtly integrated throughout the app.

First impression: 4/10

Signup And Searching

Do you want your privacy or get on Feeld? Because you can only choose one here. It is mandatory to connect to your Facebook account to create a profile. Once you connect, it draws data from your friend list.

Even though it claims to not interfere with your Facebook account, it is not the most reassuring as these kinds of lower-tier dating sites are not known for their reputation or their online security. It takes no more than a coffee break time to complete the registration, which includes writing a profile description and uploading some cool photos.

If you think a Facebook account can eradicate fake profiles on Feeld, it is a naive belief a lot of people fell for. Users can create a fake account and upload fake photos as the system does not censor anything new registry. You’d be surprised to see the amount of celebrity and cartoon photos on Feeld. It almost feels like an insult to be on a site like that.

Once you sign up, that is when the nightmare begins as you discover the horror of a site rampaged by horny men trashing women because it is significantly harder for them to score dates. That’s why they tend their anger toward innocent women, which in turn makes women unwilling to respond to requests but would only initiate to profiles they click with.

With a relatively large user base, Feeld claims that there is nothing to worry about with the gender ratio gap. That is simply irresponsible and untrue. There are still plenty of females using the platform but most of them are not active in responding or because they have so many choices, they cannot be bothered replying to everyone.

They are so selective about their dates that you are not paying the money to have fun. Rather, you are paying to put yourself in exhausting competitions that do not seem fair at all.

On a tiny plus side, search filters are readily available to all members. Free members can also conduct an advanced search without upgrading the plan. The generous search bandwidth gives hope to many users that prefer not to invest in an online dating site. You can put your requirements on the search bar and filter out users based on your desires.

First impression: 4/10

Profiles And Messaging

A major issue that is caused by the modern app is age disparity. You will rarely encounter someone older than 40 on the app. Most users are millennials. Feeld app does align more with the current young generation both in terms of visual designs and functionality. However, as an app that designates its space for everyone, it is not trying much to capture the heart of mature audiences.

As mentioned above, there is a hostile vibe circling the app. Due to the gender ratio inequality, everyone is frustrated and stressed. They take it out on their matches. You will see your date bursting into anger with the slightest things, saying how you have wasted their time or mocking you for something.

There is a lack of respect going on there. It feels rather toxic and undermines your confidence in meeting someone.

Profiles and messaging: 3/10

Special Features

Feeld application

All special features on Feeld are only available to paying members, except for the advanced search. These features are similar to other dating apps of the same tier. You get to find out who has viewed your profile, go into incognito, and send private photos.

Subscribers get one complimentary Ping per day. It immediately notifies another member that you are interested without waiting for them to go online and check.

None of these features are astounding and to be fair, most of them perform poorly. They look like beta tests that are not ready to go public but somehow got published by mistake.

Special features: 3/10


The premium membership plan on Feeld is called “Majestic.” For the one-month plan, you pay $12, whereas for the three-month plan, it averages $8. Money-wise, it is very affordable. There are dating sites that charge members well over $100 per month with worse quality. Therefore, this is charitable pricing that would benefit interested users.

But, if you look at the big picture, it is hard to say if Feeld is worth the investment. After all, you are here to find dates and not throw yourself into a world of hate and bots. The premium features do not give you an advantage in passing through those fake profiles. You are in the same pool as everyone else.

Screening for bots is still your own responsibility as Feeld takes no duty in eliminating these harmful profiles for the community. Despite the cheap pricing, Feeld is not the most sought-after dating app or a hidden gem in the desert.

Pricing: 4/10


The Feeld app is far from perfect for those who are looking for a super-inclusive dating platform. With all its limitations, you should only try out Feeld if you are not planning on paying for a subscription.

If you are a couple or a single who want to mingle, go for dating platforms with features and friendly people like Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals.

John Santana

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