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How Does Ashley Madison Free Credits Work?

Last Updated on February 28, 2023

On the thousands of online dating apps recommendation lists you have looked at, Ashley Madison must have conquered a seat on most of them.

There is an alluring scent coming from this female-oriented app. Thousands of matches are happening daily on this global matchmaking platform. The way it runs things is a tiny bit different than usual. Ashley Madison adopts the credit system as opposed to the traditional subscription plans.

What are the Ashley Madison credits? What can you do with them? Most importantly, can you get them for free?


Can You Get Ashley Madison Credits for Free?

Everyone can join the platform for free but its premium features are not available to all. Female members can access all of Ashley Madison’s premium features for free but men have to purchase the credits.

The free features on Ashley Madison are rather limited, which is one of the biggest disadvantages of the app. You cannot initiate a conversation or reply to a message as a free member.

Checking the message, conducting basic searches, and browsing profiles are the free features that anyone can enjoy. Other than that, there is not much you can do without paying as a male member.

Ashley Madison is well-known for its female-oriented structure. Its strict approach to letting female members take control while restricting non-paying male members has successfully minimized sexual harassment.

Sexual abuse can be commonplace in the online world. Although harassment goes both ways, women are more vulnerable statistically.

Over the years, no other platform has garnered so much love from female users as Ashley Madison. Its loyal members adore the protection the app offers and the serious measures it takes against misconduct.

Female members must be manually verified before they can explore the free features. The verification ensures no one can abuse the system and also enhances the safety of the community.

With the free features, female members can send virtual gifts, unlimited messages, perform advanced searches, and more. This female-friendly setting contributes to the app’s even gender ratio. 60% of users are females and they are mostly active on the app.

As for male members, it may seem quite unfair at first to be paying the premium prices when others can enjoy it for free. But the fees you pay guarantee the quality of matches you will get.

Ashley Madison runs a unique credit system, which will be examined in detail in the later section. Male members can hop on the app to browse around for some worth-investing profiles before committing to it.

Besides, you can always enjoy the 30-day trial where you have access to all the premium features for free. You can dip your feet wet in the pool without worrying whether your money will pay off. You can experience it first-hand.

30 days give you plenty of time to truly try out each feature and how the platform will work for you. It is generous of Ashley Madison to offer that on the table when most other online dating apps are only doing 3-day or 7-day trials.

How Does the Ashley Madison Credit System Work?

The typical monthly subscription system is too binding for Ashley Madison’s liking. It endorses freedom and flexibility. Typing members down with a membership plan is hardly empowering. Hence, Ashley Madison adopts its one-of-a-kind credit system.

Instead of paying a monthly fee, members buy credits to use whenever they want. Each premium feature costs credits. For example, sending a message or opening a message costs 5 credits. Every hour of live chat costs 50 credits and extending the chat will be 30 credits per hour.

Members have to buy the credits in bulk. The minimum you can purchase is 100 credits for $59 ($0.59 per credit). Alternatively, you can buy 500 credits for $169 ($0.34 per credit) or 1000 credits for $289 ($0.29 per credit).

About Ashley Madison

ashley madison

Whether or not you have been in the online dating field for long, Ashley Madison will ring a bell for most. This Candian dating app suffered from a massive data leak scandal a few years ago.

The infamous breach put the spotlight on how Ashley Madison operates. Thankfully, since then, the longstanding site has gained its trust and reputation back by upgrading and introducing its impeccable security system.

When Ashley Madison was created 20 years ago, it served as a speed dating platform for affair-seekers to get a bit of action outside of their committed relationships. Since then, it has evolved to be a haven for anyone looking to date in an unconventional way.

Ashley Madison has transformed from a notorious cheating site to a well-received dating app for users with different sexual orientations and identities. Right now, the international dating app is serving its 60 million members day and night, connecting horny souls and love-seekers worldwide.

Is Ashley Madison Worth Investing In?

The investment curve is steep. It is luxurious spending and even though you are only paying for the features you use, you may still end up spending more than a subscription plan.

Compared to other online dating apps, the monthly fees you pay can be significantly higher than what you will pay on other platforms.

However, that does not mean Ashley Madison is a money sucker. Users do get what they are looking for with excellent standards. With a subscription model, there is a recurring monthly payment regardless of your visit frequency.

You have already paid the money. Therefore, you can only make it worthwhile by investing as much time as you can in it.

The pressure does not exist with Ashley Madison. Once you get the credits in your account, they will not be deducted until you spend them. You do not have to worry about virtually losing money because you are not browsing enough.

On top of that, most online dating apps users use the service periodically. There are months when you are more active in dating and then there are months when you are technically hibernating.

Paying for the same subscription fees for the idle months seems like a waste. Unfortunately, you normally cannot cancel the subscription and restart it without losing your account detail or profile visibility.

Ashley Madison keeps your profile active in search results, allowing more interaction chances even when you are mostly offline. This comes at no additional cost. Your profile will not be frozen due to inactivity.

You do not have to pause your membership or anything. It allows you to mingle with a few dates, see how it goes, and only go back to the app if they do not work out.

If you are a casual user that enjoys an occasional date, Ashley Madison is the perfect place for you. Even if you are a heavy user, the bulk buy plans give you freedom at a minimal cost. Given the superb management at Ashley Madison, you will not find another online dating app quite like it.

Can You Find Genuine Profiles on Ashley Madison?

A few years ago, there were some rumors circling Ashley Madison using bots to lure in male members. The company has officially declined such allegations and taken actions to show how diverse and active the community is.

Ashley Madison has one of the highest ratios in profile authenticity. It is an app for everyone. The app is particularly friendly to the LGBT community and those searching for a new sexual experience. You do not have to sign up knowing what you want. Explore together with other members.

Since Ashley Madison is welcoming to a broader scope of audiences, the community is thriving. You are almost certain to find only genuine profiles there. Sometimes, there are indeed several bots in the system, but they are not part of the Ashley Madison grand scheme. These are bots generated by scammers for illicit purposes. Users should be aware of that.

Is Ashley Madison the Right Choice for Me?

Ashley Madison for everyone. Ever since the beginning, Ashley Madison has been a platform for taboo romance and love. Initially, its vision was not shared by others. But now, people are adoring this app because it is the place where everyone can truly be who they are.

Being free and true to yourself is pretty much the only motto Ashley Madison stands for. Not being able to live the romantic life you are meant for is hard, especially when there is so much society cannot accept.

Whether you are looking for an affair or experiencing your sexual orientation, members are chill about it. All they want to know is what brings you here and what you want to try.

Members are here to support each other. Verbal abuse and any form of harassment will not be tolerated. Members that do not honor the rules will be removed at once.

Be open about your desire. After all, that should be the reason that brought you to Ashley Madison. With 60 million members, someone will surely respond to your call.

From casual relationships to serious marriages, this app has been one of the most successful matchmakers in the last two decades.

Ashley Madison is for those looking for privacy and excitement. Other than that, the app is known for its titanium-level security. You can browse profiles and purchase credits anonymously. This is also a big selling point that draws users in.

The site is constantly improving with upgraded features from time to time. You will get the hang of how things work quickly. Also, Ashley Madison rewards loyal members by placing active members in the top search results.

The longer you are on the app, the more visible you are to other members. You will never get bored here.

Several years have passed since the data leak scandal and Ashely Madison has once again proven itself to be so much more than an affair site. The open-minded members are ready to embrace any newcomer with warm hearts. Whatever it is that you are looking for, Ashley Madison has got a place for you.

How to Look Out for Bots and Fake Profiles on Ashley Madison?

As previously mentioned, Ashley Madison does not put out bots officially to mislead users. It has also done a brilliant job in keeping fake profiles out. That being said, there is also the exception. Some sneaky scammers manage to slip through, posing harm to people’s welfare.

For your safety, you should always be critical when something does not seem right. To begin with, here are some common red flags to identify suspicious profiles.

When you run into these on Ashley Madison, you should do your part and report them to the admin so they can take further action. It helps keep the community safe.

1. Weird English or short profile description

A lot of times, online scammers do not have the best writing styles. They are trying to impersonate someone else without proper knowledge.

Therefore, their profile description is often difficult to read with inaccurate English. For example, it will look like, “get u high tonight. Hit me up for the best sex EVER!”

A profile like this is a big no-no. Not only is it a waste of time dealing with someone like this, but it also says how little thought they have put into polishing their profiles. You do not want to be dealing with them.

2. Repetitive and generic responses

Scammers will likely use a program to generate automatic responses due to the sheer volume of potential victims they talk to daily. A machine can never give a complicated human response. At first, you will feel your date talks funny but after a while, you will start questioning if you are talking to a robot.

The machine will give you some generic answers or avoid answering your questions. Instead, they will throw you a question and keep you talking. When the scammer does take over, they are also not interested in getting to know you. Their replies can be cold and distant. They are replying to simply keep you on the hook.

3. They want to take you off the platform

Taking you away from Ashley Madison is the goal for scammers. Once you are off the app, the platform can no longer protect you. Ashley Madison has no way to trace your records in case anything happens. Scammers know how vulnerable you are without the shield of this international company.

For both parties’ interests, you should always keep a digital record on Ashley Madison. If your match insists on taking the conversation elsewhere, it is likely that they are up to no good.

4. Redundant profiles

Redundant profiles are a clear tell sign that someone is catfishing. The number of profiles will increase the chance of baiting someone. These redundant profiles are not necessarily identical but they will look suspiciously similar.

If you ever come across the same profile twice, report immediately. Profiles sharing the same photos mean the user either has their data stolen or the scammer has set up a few accounts. It is more difficult for Ashley Madison to monitor users’ photos as users can update their profiles anytime.

Look for how the description is phrased. As hard as scammers try to make every profile look different, they often end up smelling the same. They will polish the description with the same analogy, style, and metaphor. It is as if you are reading from the same author.

5. Their stories do not add up

Life stories should be consistent unless they are made up. Pay attention to the details your match shares. If they claim to be from Alaska but all the photos they send you are from sunny California, that is sketchy.

Looking for holes in their stories does not make you irritable. Be cautious about dating someone from the internet and avoid oversharing personal details until you have established trust.

6. They refuse to meet or ask you to pay for the trip

The most common scam in online dating is the “too broke to meet” play. You are dying to meet the star of your dream but they are reluctant to see you. They have a thousand excuses for why they cannot come.

Eventually, they will tell you how much they are struggling financially. The only way to meet in person is for you to sponsor them. After you pay, you will never hear from them again.

Aside from keeping your personal information safe, you should not give money to others as well. Asking for an online date for money is never appropriate.


Ashley Madison is a vibrant online community with lots to explore. Its female members will be delighted to know the extra mile it goes to create a safe place for all.

For male members, you should also be glad to know the high quality of this top trending dating app has possibly the highest success rate. Every penny you spend on it, you will be rewarded with lots of hot dates. Sign up on Ashley Madison to join the party today!

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