Milftastic Review: Is This Milf Dating Site a Complete Scam?

by John Santana

MILFs and cougars are one of the hottest dreams for men. They are mature, curvy, sexy, and intelligent. Milftastic brands itself as the ultimate site to meet and date mature women. With the ample of competitors out there, the site is up against high standards and quality.

Milftastic may sound like the bomb with the name, but if we are honest we are not convinced. If you are looking for a MILF, it is time to dissect everything about Milftastic to see what it can offer you. Is it the MILF-friendly platform you should be signing up for?

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Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Milftastic at a Glance – is it a Scam?


  • Easy sign-up
  • Open to all


  • Sleazy feel
  • Rigid design
  • Slow site speed
  • Security issues
  • Lack of free features

Bottom line?

While it is not a total scam, we give the site a big thumbs down. The features are nothing to brag about, the interface is outdated, and the matching function is sub-par.

With security issues and a lot of fake profiles, even if you do get a match, it’s hard to know if it’s legit. That AND you have to pay for most decent features. There is better out there; our favorites are BangLocals, Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison.

Milftastic Review

First Impression

  • Porn-like photos
  • The user interface is not smooth
  • Old and rigid design

Disappointingly, Milftastic gives a disastrous first impression with its entire layout. The photos are vivid and graphic in the worst way possible. You no longer feel like you are on a dating site.

It looks like a low-budget porn site. Users are flooded with photos of women showing off their bodies and posing in very suggestive ways. There is not much information available about each user. The site navigation is extremely disorganized.

On top of that, the design makes the whole site look like it has not been updated since 2010. The rigid design is not acceptable in 2023. With a lack of visual elements, it makes you wonder what it can offer that will make up for the disappointing first impression.

The site speed is also slow. Although the server is based in the US, it can take up to a minute to load the landing page. Some of the graphics also fail to load. Milftastic needs to put in a major effort in revamping its site to capture people’s attention.

Sign Up And Matching

  • Sign-up was smooth and easy
  • Geographical searches are weak and take you to different states
  • Free members do not have options at all
  • Many profiles seem to be bots
  • Sometimes profiles of men show up even when you search for women

At first, the signup process was smooth and easy. Users can choose to fill out any information that they want. From height, weight, to hip measurement, basically, you can show any data that you are comfortable with.

Just when you would expect the matching and dating process to be as smooth as the signup, it comes as a shocker that the whole matching experience was not at all on par with other dating sites.

The most basic requirement for a dating site should be its search function. Milftastic claims to have an advanced powerful search engine that can generate any matches you seek. It is simply not true.

Most of the time you will find men in your search results even though you searched for female members only. Then, you will find very limited matches in your state and the results can jump to another state on the other end of the country or even in Canada or Mexico.

New profiles do not show up on top of the search results. So every time you set your search requirements, you are directed to the same profiles. Having a systematic display and showing new profiles to users is very important for any dating platform and Milftastic failed to perform one single task.

What is worse than having an outdated search engine is the fact that most profiles seem to be fake or bots. Most profiles do not have their information filled out. These profiles seem to be created to attract others. User activity is minimal on the site. It feels like a lucky dip waiting for someone to respond to your messages.

Free members also do not have access to any useful features. You are limited to the number of matches, messages, and searches. You cannot get far without paying. Only premium members can unlock the full features, making it impossible for most users to have a decent experience.

Safety And Support

Milftastic does look like a fishy site with no proper support. There is a phone number to call but expect to be on hold for hours without anyone picking it up. On the site, there is also no safety measure to protect your privacy and your personal data. It does not say what system it takes to encrypt the information so it is likely that there isn’t any.

You risk having your personal information, card details, and other data leaked when the site is so vulnerable. Since the site also pays zero attention to fake profiles, users are very likely to encounter a catfish and suffer from monetary loss or worse.

The safety of Milftastic is questionable, to say the least. Members are not offered any type of protection. Scams are often common in unregulated dating sites like this one. Criminals like using these platforms as bait. Your chance of finding a real match is very slim here.


When it comes to pricing, Milftastic is on the higher end of the market. Reaching a striking $99 for 6 months and $16.5 per month after that, this supposed MILF-friendly site does not seem to live up to its value.

Paid members can send unlimited messages, have access to its advanced search function, and be put on top of searches. All these features sound tempting, but in practice, these features do not work well at all and come as no help in matching with someone.

What Are Some Better Options?

As concluded above, your chance of scoring a quality MILF is looking slim with Milftastic. While it’s not a complete scam, it does not live up to the expectations and high standards in the industry. There are other much better options out there.

Bang Locals


  • Very welcoming towards everyone’s sexual preferences
  • Members are spread across the country
  • Location-focused searches


  • Ad frequency is high

Bang Locals is increasingly popular for MILFs and cougars for its chill vibe. You don’t have to be a prude and act. Be honest about who you are and there will be plenty of mature women coming your way.

Despite not being designed to cater to this niche, Bang Locals has been highly successful in attracting mature and wild women. This is because of how open-minded the community is.

Its impressive geographical searches also filter down those who meet your requirements in your neighborhood. It is the fastest way to meet someone close by for a quick bang. Bang Locals has members across the US so you still have a pretty good chance of meeting someone even if you live in a rural area or small town.

However, the ad frequency is high with Bang Locals. You will often find ads popping up unexpectedly when scrolling through. These ads are well-defined and can be closed instantly. They do not stick around like those spammy ads that cannot be closed.

Adult FriendFinder


  • Friendly user interface
  • Multiple interactive features like video group calls and forums
  • The quality of members is high


  • Specific search filters are not powerful enough

There is no better way to attract MILFs than by joining a diverse community with fun members. Adult FriendFinder is the social media platform for sex and relationships.

On it, you can create any interest groups you want and interested members will join. You can discuss various topics and start a video chat. If you are into MILFs, start one and get all of them coming your way.

The user interface is also friendly and clean. All the features are neatly organized on the menu bar. The superb web design corresponds to the excellent quality of the community.

Since Adult FriendFinder offers so much more than just matching and dating, the members on the platform are of high quality and active. Every night, you will find thousands of people online and plenty in your area.

As dreamy as it may be, Adult FriendFinder does need to improve its advanced searches. No matter what specific search requirements you put, you are likely to get results slightly off the requirements. The advanced search function is not powerful enough to locate the keywords in a profile.

Ashley Madison


  • Very MILF-friendly and had plenty of cougars and MILFs
  • Members like keeping a low profile
  • Full disclosure of the physical appearance


  • Mainly for hookups only, not really for long-term relationships

To talk about the number one trending site for having discreet affairs, Ashley Madison can proudly take the crown. Built for married people or those in a committed relationship to look for some fun away from their partner, the whole site is very low profile. At first glance, it almost looks like a penfriend club where you are looking to be friends with someone.

Ashley Madison is heaven for cougars and MILFs. It exclusively attracts people in this group, although you will still find plenty of members from other backgrounds. Everyone is open about what they are looking for, making it the best place to get a mature lady.

Since Ashley Madison is known for being secretive, you will not have to worry about people around you finding out if you want it to be private. Members know to keep it to themselves.

On the profile display, you get the full information of each member’s eye colors, height, and everything else about their physical appearance. You probably have an idea what your dream goddess looks like. Now you can find that face in real life with its advanced searches.

For those looking for true love and long-term relationships, you will find the platform disappointing due to the hookup-centric nature of the site. People want to have fun only and not that many members want anything serious. Most of them already have a partner in real life.

Therefore, you are unlikely to find your true love on Ashley Madison. But you will surely be taken for a fun ride with those on the site.

How To Date A MILF?

Dating a MILF is exciting. She makes you feel safe and secure. You will not overthink since she is not a young girl who likes playing games. Of course, there are tips when it comes to dating a MILF.

Give her a lot of love. A MILF is usually caring and gentle. She has a lot of love to give but at the same time, she wants to receive as well.

Understand her needs and show her something deep. A MILF can tell your genuine words from shallow bullshit. You can never trick her into thinking you care when you do not.

mature hot woman

Respect her privacy and give her space when appropriate. She will likely be busy as she has people in her life to take care of. You cannot expect her to dedicate all her free time to you.

When you feel that she is not trying or putting in the effort, think about it from her perspective. She has to divide her time. Many MILFs are single mothers. Her energy is usually drained after a long day. Do not judge her, be appreciative that she is trying for you.

Ask about her life. You will find many MILFs who love sharing little stories about their life. They are fun and open. Take an interest in her. Ask her follow-up questions when she shares a story. She would love a good listener.

Occasionally, when she encounters unpleasant events, be there for her for moral support. You may not understand the problems because you are in different stages in life, but you can be there and give her your presence.

Dating a MILF is a very rewarding experience if you can do it right. Every MILF is different but these tips will make getting a MILF’s heart much easier.

Final Thoughts

Milftastic is certainly not a MILF-friendly dating site despite its claim. There is no actual MILF on it and it is hardly legit. Everything seems sketchy and they do not have a good support system.

The investment is high for the site and the return is close to nothing. You will find much better options out there like Bang Locals, Adult FriendFinder, and Ashley Madison.

These sites have a proven track record with real users verifying their success stories. All in all, skip Milftastic and take your time elsewhere when looking for a MILF to date.

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