Secret Lovers Nearby Review – Unbiased Evaluation and Alternatives

by John Santana

If you’re looking to have a whirlwind romance or a steamy time with someone in your area, Secret Lovers Nearby is the dating site to visit.

It has the charm of your trusty social media platform while offering you what you want — connecting and making plans with someone without having to travel halfway around the world!

Secret Lovers Nearby excels a lot in setting up people who live close (hence the name), but if you think it’s another run-of-the-mill dating site, think again. Play your cards right and you’re in for a time exploring your area like you’ve never tried before.

Whether you just want to have fun or set the stage for a brief but blissful encounter with a fellow local, this site won’t let you down!

In this article, we’ll give you the full overview of Secret Lovers Nearby — one of the newest and hottest dating sites on the market! We’ll cover everything you need to know, like:

  • General overview
  • Sign-up and profile creation
  • Matching and messaging
  • Site utility and user experience
  • Safety, privacy, and support
  • Pros and cons
  • Alternative sites.

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Overview of Secret Lovers Nearby

Secret Lovers nearby is a site focused on meeting interested members in your regional area.

While it can be used as a general dating site, it is slightly more targeted towards spicy chats and hook-ups than long-term relationship building (though you never know what will happen!)

On the site, you use purchased credits to message other users, and you can also browse profiles for free. You never know when you’ll find that perfect pairing!

However, it’s important to note that not all of the profiles on this website are fellow users as there are roleplaying accounts as well.

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

The sign-up process for Secret Lovers Nearby is reasonably straightforward.

After creating a username and password, you’ll answer around ten questions. These are common dating site questions like gender, age, physical appearance, and relationship status. It is free to sign up as well!

Your user profile lists the attributes you answered in the sign-up, and you can add additional features like a current status.

You’re also required to upload at least one photograph, which is moderated to ensure it shows you – not a random image.

Unlike many sites, there are no restriction options for who can view your profile; instead, it will be visible to any member. They do have to complete the registration process first though.

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Matching and Communication Features

There’s no official matching process on Secret Lovers Nearby. Instead, you’re able to message any profile you like!

However, it does take credits to send messages, and these are costly compared to other dating services – over a dollar per message for most of the bundle deals. There’s also no option for anonymous payment.

If you agree (or the other member you invite agrees) to chat, you are put in a private chat box.

Here, you can flirt, talk, and make plans. At the time of writing, there were no audio or video call options on Secret Lovers Nearby.

User Experience and Site Usability

The site is relatively easy to use and looks similar to many other dating sites. There are browsable profiles, and you can also search if you’re looking for specific traits.

There is not an app at this time, though the website does work fine on mobile.

While many people enjoy using Secret Lovers Nearby, the main complaints are the cost to message and the presence of employee profiles.

While the moderator profiles are marked by the presence of a pink heart, many users find their presence deceptive.

While they flirt and engage with users – driving more purchases – there is of course no way to actually meet these people, and they are probably not as “nearby” as the site’s name would suggest!

Safety, Privacy, and Customer Support

Messaging on Secret Lovers Nearby is encrypted, meaning it’s difficult to intercept and not accessible unless someone has your login features.

Your email address has to be verified before you’re accepted on the site as well, which minimizes bots and scammers – though you should still always be cautious!

Additionally, profile images are approved by moderators before they can be posted on the site.

However, there are several safety features that Secret Lovers Nearby is missing. You are not able to block users, report users, or limit who can view your profile.

There is also no verification to ensure that users match their profile image or description, and no option to hide or limit any images you post. You can email customer support, but there is no live chat option either.

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Pros and Cons

Like any dating service, there are both pros and cons of using Secret Lovers Nearby!


  • No subscription or automatically recurring payment
  • Free to register
  • Live Chat works well


  • Expensive cost of credits
  • No app or video calling option
  • No blocking or reporting profiles
  • No identity verification
  • High number of employee profiles compared to actual locals.

Alternatives to Secret Lovers Nearby

If you’re looking to meet up with people in your area (but Secret Lovers Nearby doesn’t sound like your cup of tea), there are plenty of other options!

If you’re looking for the level of discretion promised by Secret Lovers Nearby or looking to have an affair, Ashley Madison is one of the oldest in the game for a reason!

They also use a credit system which makes it easier to reach out and initiate a conversation but less cost per message once you do start chatting.

If you’re looking to flirt, have a bit of fun, or have a potential hook-up, you could check out

This website has many attractive features like spicy content, live video calling, and profile verification from the active moderation team. You also only need to pay for premium features, and there’s no subscription fee!

Finally, if you’re after a modern platform with a good mobile app, Tinder is one of the top names in the game for a reason.

It’s free to use, well-moderated, and highly popular – making it a great way to meet people in your area. However, as it’s well-known and used, it may not be as discreet as other options.

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Final Assessment

If you’re looking for a good online chat that’s flirty and fun and don’t mind paying for it, give Secret Lovers Nearby a go! You may even have the luck to meet someone in your area in real life.

However, this doesn’t seem super likely. Due to how new the site is, it doesn’t have the user base of many other dating sites – not to mention having very limited features.

The prevalence of employee profiles also makes the site trend towards a simple pay-to-flirt platform, rather than a real dating site.

Final verdict: If you’re looking to actually meet up and talk to people nearby, there are better, cheaper sites to use – though Secret Lovers Nearby is fine for a bit of discreet flirty fun!

John Santana

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