Hinge app Review: Is this perfect dating app for you?

by John Santana

Are you single and all ready to mingle? Having said that, are you all drained out about your single status? How about using Hinge (dating) App? It is a perfect app designed to get the perfect match for you. The features possessed by the app make it the best among the lot to choose the partner.

In today’s time, with the advent of technology, the use of Smartphone, Tablets and other similar gadgets have become a part of our daily being. Most of the people in today’s time, irrespective of their age or profession, spend a considerable amount of time being online.


Hinge is for all. Whether you are in college and looking for your first love or you are in try of the second one after your breakup; Hinge is there for you. (We also have some of the best dating apps for teenagers to try out)

About the App

This App makes use of your social media account, thereby finding you your perfect prospective match after running a series of algorithm in the background. 

Its cutting edge technology finds your prospective match by matching your account with that of your friends of Facebook friend.

Hinge is free of charge; all you need to sign up is an active Facebook profile and a sense of adventure.

This app was founded by Justin McLeod in 2012. 

How to start off with Hinge App

In today’s world Social Networking is no more a jargon. We all have Facebook account, which is exactly what you need to create an account with Hinge.

The steps to set up this App are as follows:-

  • A Facebook account is a must to create an account for Hinge. (Update: Use Hinge app without Facebook read more here)
  • Next you need to download it. Please note that the website and the app are completely free to use.
  • It finds your match with people who share mutual friendship with you on Facebook.
  • It is very easy to use and has a very user friendly interface.
  • You can chat with matches easily on the app.
  • Only users above the age of 13 years are allowed to use the app.
  • The website gets a good amount of traffic and sees more than 1 Lakh visitors every month.

It’s simple to sign up and easy to use as the interface is very user friendly.

How Hinge App works

It aims at giving you real people and a long lasting relationship. (If you’re looking for something Casual, these casual hook up apps are for you)

What sets this App apart is the fact that it finds your prospective match searching through your Facebook friend list, rather that setting you up with random people. Meaning you already has something common to start off with your conversation. This connection definitely helps in knowing your prospective match better.

Hinge is completely free of cost; all you need is an active Facebook account to sign up. You may chat with your prospective match, but Hinge encourages its users to meet in person.

It also comes handy if you are looking for Gay dating apps or Lesbian dating apps.

Saves embarrassment, since it focuses on selecting your match based on your mutual friend, thereby minimising the chances of selecting your ex’s pal or your parents acquaintances.

The user interface is more updated and sophisticated as compared to that of its counterparts.

The app and the site are absolutely free of cost and are very easy to use.


What are you waiting for?

This app aims at finding you the real person for the real you! It understands that quality of relationship in your life is directly proportional to a blissful quality of life.

  • It is very easy to use and is completely free of cost.
  • It does not require a lot of effort in signing up.
  • It finds your match from Facebook considering your mutual friend; therefore you are not thrown out into the blue. You have something common to start off with the conversation.
  • Reliability factor is high, since you can always fall back on your mutual friends for any kind of feedback / information on your prospective match.
  • It saves a lot of time and effort.
  • It is perfect for introverts; it gives them the opportunity to be themselves before the first official date! 

Better safe than sorry

Do not use this app if you fall under any of the following category:-

  • This app is not recommended for people who choose anonymity.
  • Users who are less than 13 years of age are not recommended to use his app.
  • It stores all the personal information of its users, therefore it is not recommended for those who do not prefer to share any personal details.

Other Alternatives to this App

Other alternative to this App are as follows:

  • AdultFriendFinder
  • Zoosk
  • BeNaughty

These apps as well work the same way the Hinge does but are a bit different in terms of interface and appearance.

Pros of Hinge App

The Pros of this app are as follows:-

  • Only those people are shown as match with whom the user has mutual friend with
  • Interactive and attractive interface
  • Free of cost, no hidden cost included
  • Aims at real people towards a goal to reach real and long lasting relationship

Cons of Hinge App

The Cons of this app are as follows:

  • Stores and shares all the information stored in Facebook against the user
  • Not available for users under 13 years of age

It Works!!

The most important perspective of this app is that it really works. There are many happy couples who resulted in a long lasting relationship or are happily married now.   

It’s perfect for people who are super busy in their daily schedule. It fits the bits to those looking for something new, something that is far from the old fashioned dating.

You can facilitate more communication.  Since this app selects your prospective match using your social account Facebook, thereby giving you an edge over others in the matter of knowing about the area of interest of your match. You already know the other person’s interest; therefore you are in a better position to start off any communication.

It saves the minors from online harassment and abuse since it has a specific lower age limit for the user which is 13.

Just a word of caution; this app stores and shares all the information collected from your Facebook profile, including your work location, to your house address or any detail that you have shared over Facebook. Therefore, it is recommended that you clean up your profile before signing up.

Final Word

Thus, it can be conclude that Hinge app has all the features that make finding a dating partner easier and quicker without any hassle. Its attractive interface makes it one of the most preferred dating apps of the recent times.

John Santana

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