3 Trusted Places to Find Casual Sex in Phoenix, Arizona & Get Laid

by John Santana

Look, relationships take a boatload of work. While finding the one in your city or town might seem like a great idea, some people get fatigued from it all. Sometimes you just want to skip the dates, the hand-holding, and the same ten ‘getting to know you questions, and just get right to the good stuff!

So, if you are looking to get laid in the Phoenix, AZ area, there are several websites that cater to all types of people. No matter your gender, orientation, or desires you can find a partner to knock boots with by using these three applications. Let’s check them out.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Bang Locals

This Bang Locals application and website isn’t shy about what it is for. While it has been used to chat with and talk to people who might be the one in your area, you will be able to use it to find local singles in your area who are ready to mingle. Here are some of the pros and cons:


  • It allows you to pick what you want and sets up your profile so you are matched with someone seeking the same thing. If you want a hookup, you will get someone who wants it too.
  • You will be able to see most of the information (likes, hobbies, life goals etc) from their profile, eliminating matches that are a waste of time.
  • The App is totally free

All in all, this application makes it easy to seek out the women of your dreams, all while screening out the people who aren’t compatible with you. Instead of awkward conversations and chatting while you both awkwardly try to get to the point, you can see it all from the get go and then get to the main event, whether that is a date or a hotel room.


  • Can take some of the mystery out of everything
  • You might miss out on people due to the screening

Sometimes you might miss out on some good people because everyone you look at is the same. While that might not matter for casual hookups and flings, you might find that opposites attract when it comes to a soulmate. Additionally, the extensive profiles can remove some of the mystery from getting to know someone. But for hookups it is great.

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Adult Friend Finder

This website is not about finding someone to watch a ballgame with, but rather about finding adult friends you can hook up with. Whether you are looking for a vanilla hookup or something a bit spicier, you can find it all at Adult Friend Finder. Much like Bang Locals, you can set up a profile that will show off your information and your likes and dislikes.

Once your data enters the system, you will be hit with all of the locals in your area who want to meet up. No matter what your desires are like, you will certainly find someone who shares them! Additionally, another pro is the camera chat. If you have trouble with text-based chat or want to find someone who looks nice before you go home with them, you can get on camera.


  • A 24-hour camera chat to see your prospective partners before you meet
  • In-depth profiling to match you with all sorts of friends looking for all sorts of relationships.
  • A community that answers all your questions about the hookup lifestyle and sex.
  • Someone for everyone regardless of gender or orientation

This website isn’t just for hookups, but also for a community of like-minded people who want to get together and meet up. If you have questions about the hookup community, then this is the place to get them.


  • Only a place to find hookups, not a real connection

If you want to get laid (and you probably do) this is the best website to do it. However, if you want to find a real connection this might not be the best website as things are slanted more towards the casual side of things. That’s not saying that love at first hookup or a steady relationship out of a friends with benefits thing can happen, but you might want to go to a more traditional dating site if that is the case.

Find Hookups Nearby - Try Adult Friend Finder

Ashley Madison

If you want to do something a bit spicier and go after an affair even though you are married or have a committed relationship, then Ashley Madison is where you need to go. This website uses a credit-based system to allow interested people to chat with one another, and you can even hide your account profile for free with the tap of a button.

Other than that, it is a platform with different levels that can help you connect with someone looking for something different.


  • Doesn’t cost a monthly subscription, instead costs credits that are spent when a man initiates a conversation. Is free for women
  • You can hide your account information for free
  • It’s regarded as one of the best hookup sites

The best part about this app is its secrecy, while it does cost money to cancel your account and also to purchase the credits, you can hide your profile in case you need to keep it from your spouse. There’s even a panic button that can hide everything for emergencies.

It’s still a safe way to connect with someone, and the website itself is easy to use. Plus, it can also support swinging couples and couples in a polyamorous relationship if you don’t want to cheat.


  • Not for serious relationships
  • No auto matching

Find Discrete Hookups - Try Ashley Madison

If you are looking for a serious relationship here, you won’t find it. Even if one of the people you check out is single, they might not be down for anything public. Instead, this is for people in an open relationship or someone trapped in a long-term relationship that isn’t good for them.

All of these websites are fantastic options if you want to get laid in the Arizona area!

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Find Hookups Nearby - Try Adult Friend Finder
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