Signs she is losing interest

7 Signs Your Girlfriend is Losing Interest in You

by John Santana

It is a roller coaster ride trying to figure out how your crush feels about you. She is hot and she is cold. She is as unpredictable as the Alaskan winter. Just a mere two weeks ago, she was excitedly asking about your summer plans and if you want to take a road trip together. Then, yesterday she started ghosting you.

Has she lost interest in you? Guessing what’s on a girl’s mind is harder than winning the lottery, as most guys would put it. That’s not entirely true. If you know what signs to look for, you will know exactly what your chances are and what her feelings are towards you.

There is no need to be tormented by her flakey behaviors anymore. Check out these signs to see if she is losing interest in you.

7 Signs She is Losing Interest in You

1. She is not as responsive as before

She was always replying to you at her earliest convenience. Even when she was busy, she would make time to text you or at least let you know that she was busy. But now, she takes a long time to write back. She doesn’t seem to want to talk to you as frequently anymore.

Perhaps she is swamped with other things in life. Or the most direct answer, she no longer wants you. She doesn’t find you interesting anymore or she is seeing someone else.

2. You don’t know what is going on in her life

A while ago, you two would share everything in your life. Lately, it’s like you two are out of sync. You have no idea what she is doing after work. Likewise, she doesn’t know who you have been hanging out with. And it’s not due to a lack of effort.

Whenever you ask her about the little details in her life, she gets defensive or just ignores your question. You are no longer the one she wants to share her fun stories with. Although having a love interest doesn’t mean you share everything that goes on in your life, you should still be in sync that you are aware of the things happening around each other.

3. Texts are getting dry

Dry text messaging

Texts are getting dull and repetitive. There is no exchange of funny memes and gossip about each other’s relatives. You two are barely sustaining a conversation. She used to compliment your hair and style. Now, she is just replying to be polite.

There is no sign of affection anymore. She is only popping up when you are posting photos with other girls. That is just pure jealousy. You can’t hold a healthy conversation that adds value to your knowledge about each other.

Your conversations feel like a responsibility rather than love. You are both still texting each other because you don’t know how to suddenly cut contact. But, you are probably having a better conversation with your boss than her.

4. She doesn’t initiate meeting up

It feels like the ball is in your court. She may show up when you ask her out but she never initiates anything. Most of the time, she doesn’t even confirm your date until the very last minute. The truth is, she is using you as a backup option. If she doesn’t have something better to do, she will hang out with you.

You should never feel like a Plan B. This is a clear sign that she is losing interest in you. Her flakey attitude shows indifference. She doesn’t care if she sees you or not. If she does, you will have a good time. If she doesn’t meet you, she can live an equally good life without you. You are not the one she wants to spend all her free time with anymore. In fact, she hardly wants to see you again.

5. She no longer invites you to hang out with her friends

Cutting someone off means cutting them out of your social circle. You will notice that she is trying to keep distance between you and her friends. Whenever she is doing something fun, you are not on the guest list. It’s like you have to invite yourself.

At the same time, if you notice that her friends are also pulling away, most likely that she has mentioned something to them about not wanting to be with you. Rejecting someone in group meetups is a serious deal. She wants nothing to do with you in her social life.

6. You find out updates about her on her social media

Sharing is caring. Having an interest in someone means you want to share updates about yourself regularly. That moment when you get a big promotion and text her instantly shows how much you are into her. Is she doing the same?

The saddest thing would be to find out big news in her life through social media. It feels like everyone irrelevant gets to know something intimate about her before you do. You are no longer the first person she texts when something funny happens or when she is having the Monday blues.

7. She starts talking about others

She talks about others

There is a fine line between sharing details of your life and showing an interest in other guys. She is talking about activities she does with the other guys non-stop. When you pursue the topic further, she claims they are just friends. No friends mention each other in every sentence. Love is brewing over there and there is nothing you can do about it.

When she starts talking about other guys in front of you, it’s also her trying to tell you that she is seeing something else without telling you directly. Perhaps she doesn’t want to be blunt since you two were never official. So, she drops clues that it is over between you two.

How to easily find someone interested in you?

Winning a girl over is not like attending school. There is no set rule on how to do it. At times, you will spend months trying to impress a girl just for her to tell you she is seeing someone else at the end. There is no need for you to waste so much of your time on the wrong person.

You may still have that last shred of hope up that she is just playing a dirty mind game with you and that she is secretly still interested in you. Sadly, that’s never the case. If a girl checks the above boxes, it’s obvious that she doesn’t want you anymore. She is ready to move on and so should you. Put your energy on someone that appreciates you and understands your worth.

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Going after someone who does not show the same affection is tough and heart-wrecking. It puts you in constant doubt.

To avoid this situation from ever happening again, sign up to the online dating sites recommended so you are meeting someone compatible with you. Stop busting your head around her feelings. It’s time to meet someone way cooler and genuine.

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