Find Casual Sex in Columbus, Georgia: Top 3 Places That Can Help You Get Laid Tonight

by John Santana

Home to many historical ruins and artwork, Columbus is seen as the artistic city of Georgia. Every day, visitors come from all across the State to explore this land so gifted by history. Underneath all these educational sites, there is something more to explore.

Columbus is also home to some of the most exciting casual dating scenes in the state. You will find horny girls craving to do a doggy style happily looking for a man that can satisfy them on the internet. That is why most of the action is happening online. It is the fastest and best way to pick up a girl.

If you are in town for a visit, make sure you have these three dating sites bookmarked to land a night to remember.

1. Bang Locals


  • Easy to use
  • Smooth interface
  • Welcoming towards different sexual preferences


  • Slow site speed

How much more obvious can this name be? There is no sugar coating about Bang Locals. It’s not about love or marriage, it’s simply a website for casual dating and sex. No strings attached. You will not find someone who wants to spend the rest of their life with you. Everyone is here to find the raw flames for the night.

The name is as simple as the navigation around the site. Its features are basic but inclusive. Users will have all the like-or-pass, quick search, template messages, etc, given to save time. Its strong location search is much more powerful than your regular big-time sites which often fail to distill down members in smaller areas. Bang Locals will find you a girl in your building if you want.

Surfing through the site, the smooth interface offers great satisfaction to members. Other than the visual experience, users with varying sexual preferences are also very welcome on the site. You can be attracted to cougars, nurses, or dominatrix. As long as you are not shy to put it in your description, you can rest assured you will find the woman to bang you the way you like.

One advice Bang Locals could use is keeping the site speed constant. Most of the time the load time is decent. However, when a lot of users are online at the same time, the site speed drops significantly. This greatly impacts users’ desire to stay online and will affect the number of loyal users.

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2. Adult FriendFinder


  • Social media features
  • Community forums and groups
  • Video group chats90 million registered users


  • Fake profiles
  • Inactive users

As one of the top online dating sites, Adult FriendFinder has a proven track record of uniting horny couples for the night. With a volume of 90 million registered users, you can sleep knowing that a ton of girls are matching with you. Its huge user pool makes it one of the most used dating sites in Columbus.

To go above and beyond, Adult FriendFinder doesn’t stop at hooking people up. It serves as a great social media platform to connect people with different sexual interests. You can join groups and forums to discuss the latest sexual trends and kinks to try. Being a part of the community is a wonderful experience even if your goal is to get laid. You will discover a lot more about the casual dating world.

Its video group chat is a handy function for members too busy to chat up each user. You can chat in a group and lock in the girl you want to sleep with and secure your chance with her.

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A major drawback to this too-good-to-be-true dating site is the overwhelming amount of fake and inactive profiles. As the leading social media platform for sex, Adult FriendFinder should invest more resources in terminating spammy profiles.

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3. Ashley Madison


  • An escape place for those in relationships
  • Quick search
  • Encrypted and self-destructive messages
  • Clean search history


  • Ads

When you are stuck in a dead relationship and want an escape from the stress, Ashley Madison is your heaven. Perfect for those looking for a secretive affair without risking getting exposed or blackmail, this adultery site pulls together some of the most adventurous souls for a joyous ride.

All messages are encrypted and can self-destruct after some time so you won’t leave any traces. Its quick search draws the latest profiles that fit your description to you to increase your chance of getting the hottest date. And of course, a snow-white-clean search history. No one will ever know what you have been up to.

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As much as Ashley Madison is perfect for having discreet affairs as they brand themselves, the site is filled with ads that negatively impact user experience. The ads are popping up everywhere and can link to dodgy external sites.

Although the ads are generally well-placed and won’t be mistaken for internal sites, it can still be frustrating to see so many ads on the same page.

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Final Thoughts

In the history-enriched Columbus, museums and ruins are not the only fascinating thing you will find. Its casual dating scene is exhilarating. Every night, girls are dressing up ready to get banged by someone like you.

While the local street pubs are great places to pick up a girl, finding the perfect date in the comfort of your own home always wins it all. Sign up on these three platforms to get the girl of your dreams tonight.

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