Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring

13 Strong Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring & Going To Propose You Soon

Last Updated on February 14, 2023

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you’ll eventually come to a crossroads about whether it’s time to get married. Marriage is a huge milestone for many couples, and things can change when your partner purchases a ring.

Are you nervous or excited about a potential engagement? Do you need to know if it’s coming up? You’re not alone. Even when you want to marry the person you’re in a relationship with, anticipating a proposal can be stressful.

Continue reading to learn common signs that he’s already bought an engagement ring. In addition, our guide will help you prepare for a potential proposal and notice the signs that he is getting serious.


He’s Secretive Around You

When your partner gets secretive around you, it’s easy to assume the worst. However, there are plenty of reasons your partner might be hiding something. For example, if they’re hiding an engagement ring, they may seem much more secretive than before.

It’s best to avoid jumping to conclusions when your partner gets secretive, especially if he participates in the other behaviors on this list. For example, most people hide potential engagements to surprise the love of their life with a ring.

You Notice He Seems More Excited

Hiding a surprise from you might make him seem much more energetic than normal. You may notice that he dotes on you more than ever before, which is common excited behavior among men who purchase an engagement ring. Pay attention to how excited he gets when he spends time with you. Many people have trouble hiding massive surprises like future engagements.

He might display this excitement by having extra pep in his step when he goes to work in the morning or appearing more energetic during your time together. Surely, something is contributing to this behavior change.

He Pays More Attention To You

Even though it’s common for your partner to pay plenty of attention to you, you might notice this attention increase after he purchases an engagement ring. For instance, he might ask you more personal questions about yourself when he’s thinking about proposing. This is because he views you as a potential lifetime partner and wants to understand your personality as much as possible.

He might also increase the number of date nights you go on so that he can get to know you better. If you notice that he pays more attention to you than previously, he likely has big plans for your relationship. If you want him to propose to you, you should reciprocate this attention so that he feels more confident about popping the question.

He Finds Ways To Determine Your Ring Size

A Man Doing a Marriage Proposal while Sitting on the Floor

Some men will directly ask your ring size and hope you don’t catch on to their plans. However, if they’ve never asked you your measurements before and suddenly asked about your ring size, this indicates that they’re buying an engagement ring. Many men tried being sneaky about this process by finding alternative ways to determine your ring size.

You might notice that he holds your hand more often to better understand your fingers’ width. He can use this information to purchase a ring from a jewelry store. However, sometimes he’ll guess your ring size and adjust after the proposal.

He might also take you to a store where he knows there’s a ring-size measurement tool. He might jokingly ask you to put your finger in so that he can figure out your ring size and play it off casually. It’s difficult for men to discretely determine your ring size, especially if you don’t know what it is.

Serious Discussions Increase

If he’s thinking about marriage, your serious discussions will likely increase. You might notice that he’s asking more about financials, potential homes, and other huge milestones for your upcoming future. In addition, he might seem more interested in your career than ever before to determine if he wants to spend his life with you.

Having plenty of serious discussions before marriage is crucial so that you marry someone with similar goals. For example, if one of you wants to have kids and the other doesn’t, you might seek a different marital partner. Asking about forming a family together is important to healthy future marriage.

He may also try tackling serious topics regarding your behavior throughout the relationship. Be open-minded whenever you have serious conversations with your partner to resolve them together.

He Wants To Learn More About Your Family

Many people say you’re also marrying their family when you marry someone. Depending on your family dynamics, this can be either true or false. However, if you notice that he’s spent more time with your family than usual, he might be gearing up to join the family through a marriage proposal.

Partners typically only spend time with each other’s families when a relationship gets serious. It’s uncommon for people to spend one-on-one time with their partner’s families during the talking stage of a relationship. The talking and early relationship stages are usually reserved for getting to know each other.

He Reserves a Special Event

Plenty of men like to propose at a fancy dinner or formal event. If you don’t typically go on fancy outings, and he suddenly schedules one, this can be a strong indicator that he wants to propose. Pay attention to how much he insists on going to the event so that you understand the importance of the situation. If you want to propose to you there, there’s been plenty of time to ensure you’ll go.

This special event can also be a vacation together. Proposing on vacation is popular because it can make the proposal feel special. However, many people are reluctant to propose in casual spaces because there’s a social stigma around casual proposals.

He Talks To Your Friends More

Friends spending time together

If your partner spends more time speaking to your friends, they might want to get in your circle because they are planning a proposal. Your partner might also need help keeping the proposal to themselves while gearing up for your surprise. It’s common for people to tell loved ones about a proposal so that they don’t blow it by spoiling the surprise.

If you notice your friends and lovers spending more time together, they could plan a proposal. In addition, he could organize a time for your friends to videotape the proposal so that you can commemorate the situation properly.

He Wants To Learn More About Your Style Preferences

One of the most stressful aspects about finding a ring for their partner is finding one they’ll like. It’s difficult for people to choose an engagement ring if they don’t fully understand their partner’s style preferences. If he’s looking for a ring, you might notice that he asked more questions about designs you enjoy.

For example, he might ask questions about whether you like flashy or dainty items. Choosing delicate items makes you more likely to get a small, simple design ring. On the other hand, if you choose flashy items, you’ll likely get a large rock surrounded by smaller rocks.

Alternative engagement rings are also rising in popularity. He might ask you questions to determine if you want a standard diamond engagement ring or if you’re looking for a specific gemstone. He may also try to figure out if you prefer gold or silver jewelry before purchasing an engagement ring by asking about other jewelry preferences you have.

You Spend More Time Together

If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, but before they propose, you understand the regular amount of time you spend together. Everybody needs alone time occasionally, so if you notice him taking less alone time and spending more time with you, he could be ready to propose. Many spend extra time with their partners after purchasing an engagement ring.

He could also spend extra time with you to help determine if he’s ready to propose. Proposing is a huge milestone for any relationship, and he could be nervous that you’ll refuse the proposal. Spending time with you is a great way for him to understand if he’s ready to take your relationship to the next level.

He Spends More Time Discussing Finances

When people get married or think about proposing, they’re more likely to discuss financial decisions as a couple. For example, he might ask you about potential houses you want to purchase or where you want to move. He could also ask you if you would be interested in a joint bank account after marriage.

It used to be commonplace for couples to have a joint bank account to manage household finances. However, this practice is not nearly as common as it used to be. Therefore, it’s important to have serious financial discussions with your partner so that you can have a reasonable expectation of your financial goals together.

Unfortunately, financial discussions can also lead to heated arguments if you don’t tread the territory carefully. Disagreements about managing finances are one of the leading causes of divorce among married people In the United States. Talking about financial decisions isn’t pleasant, but it’s extremely important if you’re thinking about marriage.

Conversations About Raising a Family Arise

Parents Playing With Kids

Not every married couple wants to raise children together. Every generation, the number of people who want to raise a family decreases. If your partner asks you about raising a family and whether you want to have children, it could signify that he has bought an engagement ring.

The idea of marriage is that you’ll spend your life together through thick and thin. Therefore, couples must decide if they want children before getting married so everyone’s on the same page. Of course, this decision could change as time progresses, but whenever your thoughts change regarding your family, it’s important to discuss it with your partner.

He might also ask how many children you want to have if you want them. Some people are comfortable having one or two children, while others want seven children. A huge difference in lifestyle depends on the number of children you have together.

More Joint Future Conversations Arise

Before you marry someone, you need to discuss your future together. If your partner suddenly asks you several questions about a joint future, this can signify that he bought an engagement ring. The following are common questions partners ask each other before proposing to ensure they’re making the right decision.

  • How much alone time do you need?
  • Do you want to buy a house?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • What are your career goals?
  • Do you want to have children?
  • What are things we can improve on as a couple?
  • How do you want to manage finances?
  • What are your family values?

It’s also a common practice for people to move in together before a proposal so that they understand what it’s like to live together. You may feel like you know someone extremely well until you live in the same house as them. Everybody has daily routines that are important to their lives, and if your partner’s routines interfere with that, they might not be a good marriage choice.

You can set up routine relationship temperature checks so that you and your partner don’t have any miscommunications. Your daily lives can get in the way of things you enjoy about your relationship, so it’s important to touch base occasionally. It takes two people to make a long-term relationship work. So keeping your communication line open with your partner is crucial.

Final Thoughts

If you notice multiple of these signs in your relationship, your partner could have bought an engagement ring. All these situations are strong indicators that he wants to take your relationship to a new level. Getting married can be as exciting as it is nerve-wracking. If you’re unsure about marrying your partner, you should discuss your goals before he proposes.

It would be best to communicate with your partner before they spring a proposal on you. It would be best to ask each other several questions before committing to a lifelong partnership.

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