What Does The Green Dot On Tinder Mean

What Does The Green Dot On Tinder Mean?

by John Santana

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If you are new to Tinder, there are many features you are probably not too familiar with yet. Understanding what all the features are and how everything works is crucial to having a positive and useful experience with this app.

The green dot that has appeared on Tinder is relatively new and has left many users wondering what it means and how it can benefit their experience.

Let’s get into what this green dot is, what feature it falls under, and how that feature can benefit your experience while using Tinder.

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What Is The Green Dot On Tinder?

In 2021, Tinder came out with a new feature that shows when people have recently been active. This has placed a green dot right by the names of different accounts. Essentially, this green dot shows whether someone is currently active on the app or has been active recently.

This new feature can be very helpful in starting and keeping conversations with new people as it gives you a better feel of when they will respond.

What Feature Does The Green Dot Fall Under?

This green dot has come with the new “recently active” feature that Tinder implemented in 2021. The feature is available for both subscribed users and non-subscriber users. The green dot will show on your profile and other people’s profiles for 24 hours after the user has been online last.

Depending on whether you have a Tinder subscription or not, that will change what the green dot will do for you. For Tinder Gold or Platinum, this feature will be much more useful and enjoyable to have.

With the subscription, you will be able to see who has been recently online and what their profile looks like. You will see who has been recently active in your Likes Grid so you can start a conversation and know that they have been on the app recently.

Without the subscription, you will still be able to see the green dot by people’s names. However, the profile picture of those on your Likes List will be blurred. This can still be useful to see how many people in your Likes List have been active, but the information and benefits you receive from this feature will be limited.

How To Use The Recently Active Feature?

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The recently active feature can help you decide who on your Likes List is worth trying to start a conversation with and whether they will be engaged with you on the app. It is much better to start up a conversation with someone with a green dot by their name, as you will know that they use the app regularly and are much more likely to respond.

If you don’t see a green dot by a person’s name and they don’t often have a green dot, it is less likely they’ll be available for conversation and will take much longer to respond to messages.

For those who want to strike up conversations with others that you know will respond, the recently active feature can be very useful. You may decide that you only want to talk to people who have a green dot by their name and that is completely okay! With this feature, there is less chance of you being ghosted by someone who may not use the app frequently or those who don’t pay attention to their messages.

This feature will help users weed out other users who will simply waste their time and not want to establish any sort of relationship. Find the people who are worth your time by seeing how active and engaged they are in the app.

How Can Non-subscribers Use This Feature?

If you don’t subscribe to Tinder Gold or Platinum, there is not a whole ton of use for this feature. It is disappointing that this feature is mostly locked to paying users, especially since the recently active feature was a part of Tinder a very long time ago. It originally came with Tinder before subscriptions were a part of the app. It was since then removed, only to be brought back for paying users.

If you don’t pay for any of the subscriptions, you can use the recently active feature to get an idea of how many people on your Likes List are active. If the blurred profiles on your list are consistently active, you at least can understand that you have a selection of people who may be worth your time.

Do I Have To Show When I’ve Recently Been Active?

We completely understand that it may feel uncomfortable to have when you were recently on the app shown to a bunch of strangers who may come across your profile. There may be people you are trying to avoid showing your activity to, or you may want to keep some privacy.

If you don’t want to use the recently active feature, you don’t have to! There is a very easy way to turn your recently active status off by going into the settings.

Open your Tinder app and head over to your profile icon. You will want to access the settings and scroll down until you find Recently Active Status. Once you click on that, you can set the “Show Activity Status” toggle to off. This will prevent other people from seeing you when you have been recently active.

Since the recently active status is automatically turned on for premium users, you will have to go into your settings to turn it off if you decide you want to maintain an extra layer of online privacy.

Users on your Liked List will not be notified if you turn this feature off. They will simply stop seeing the green dot by your name.

Will Turning My Recently Active Status Off Hurt My Likelihood of Matches?

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With the green dot feature being recently implemented and allowing people to know who is active and who isn’t, not having your recently active status on can make it harder to connect with other people.

Some people may decide that they only want to talk to users who have their recently active status on and who consistently have a green dot by their name. If you don’t have your recently active status on, you will be overlooked by these kinds of people.

Does this mean you will never make a match again? No way! You can still find great people on Tinder that don’t have their recently active status on that will want to talk to you and possibly start a relationship with you. Just make sure you are committed to being active in the conversations you have and don’t ghost people without warning.

How Do I Get Tinder Premium?

If you don’t currently have Tinder Gold or Platinum and want the features such as the recently active feature, then it may be time to splurge for Tinder Premium.

It is likely that while trying to use certain features of the app, a pop-up comes on the screen telling you that the feature is for subscribing users and that you will need to buy a subscription. If this happens, simply select the response that will allow you to purchase a premium version of Tinder.

To find this screen without the pop-up, head to your settings on the app and select either “Get Tinder Gold” or “Get Tinder Platinum.” There are three payment systems that you can choose from. You can pay by the month, pay every six months, or pay annually.

Both premium plans have special features that make it a lot easier to find matches on Tinder and make your profile more known to other people. Once you choose the plan you want, you go through a purchasing process similar to how you would pay for anything else online.

Once you purchase your plan, all you need to do is restart the app and you will have access to all the features you’ve been wanting, including the recently active feature.

Is Getting Tinder Gold Or Platinum Worth It?


Whether a premium version of any app is worth it is dependent on you, your values, and how often you use an app. If you are planning to use the recently active feature as a crucial part of your dating plan by using it to weed out inactive users or non-committed users, then purchasing a premium version of Tinder will be worth it.

Other features that the premium Tinder plans come with can be very useful for your dating experience and can make the price worth it. Take time to consider the different plans that Tinder has and all the features that they come with. If there are features you see that you think you’ll use often, then you will find that the premium plans are worth the price. If you don’t think you’ll use many of the features, maybe Tinder Gold or Platinum isn’t right for you.

Does Recently Active Show Exactly When I Was Last Active?

The green dot only shows your activity for the 24 hours after you’ve last logged on. It won’t show the time when you last active or how many hours since you’ve been online like Instagram does. This feature is to give users a general idea of how active people they are interested in talking to are.

If people are that insistent in finding out when you exactly were last active, they could time when the green dot by your name goes away. However, you would have to be off the app for a full day for that to work. Even with the recently active feature, there is a strong layer of privacy.

Final Thoughts

The recently active feature that Tinder has is a great tool if you want to focus on talking to people who are consistently active and weed out those who aren’t often online. However, you don’t have to keep this feature on all the time. At any point, you can go into your settings and turn off the recently active status.

This feature works the most for those who have Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum. While the green dot will still show for users without subscriptions, it’s not that useful as you won’t see the pictures or other information about those profiles.

Getting Tinder Gold or Platinum is super easy. You just have to go into your settings, choose the plan you want, and then submit your payment method information to complete the purchase.

The recently active feature has come back to Tinder after being gone for several years. New users may not know what this feature means and old users may wonder why it has only come back for premium users. However, after this post, you now understand what the green dot is, what features it’s under, and how you can use the green dot to your dating advantage.

John Santana

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