15 Subtle Signs of a Jealous Guy Who Has Hidden Feelings for You

by John Santana

Jealousy is not a very healthy feeling, isn’t it? It causes relationships to break even when the future looks promising and has so much to offer. While jealousy is a very fatal sign that can destroy the beautiful palace of your dreams, it is also considered to be “cute” by some people.

They say there is no love without jealousy. But of course, if someone is jealous of the people you are hanging out with then certainly you are very special for them. They like you to a point that they can’t see you happy with anyone else. They want to be the reason of your happiness.

Sometimes, the only reason of your happiness. We all know a man is capable of hiding many feelings. But when it’s about tough emotions like anger and jealousy? He will fail miserably. You will see many signs of his jealous heart that is burning wildly with agonizing flames.

Wanna know the signs? Let’s start then!

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15 Signs He is Jealous but Hiding it

1. Your Male Buddies trouble him.

Photo by Afta Putta Gunawan from Pexels

No, it doesn’t mean your male buddies are mean and punches him on his face. They may not even know his name or are unaware of his existence but their existence in your life will be a major problem in his life.

As he likes you and wants to make you his own, it’s natural for him to think that every other guy will feel the same. Definitely weird, but it’s his obsession with you that’s speaking.

He considers you so special and likes you to such an extent that according to him, you are the only desirable girl who has ever walked on the planet earth. So, in his imagination, every guy will like to sweep you off your feet and steal you away from him like he’s planning to do desperately.

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2. He will try to isolate you.

Have you ever come across a guy who tries to make you distant with all your loved ones? Not only serial killers, but innocent guys who have innocently fallen in love with a gorgeous girl can inhabit this habit. He doesn’t want to see you with anyone else, doesn’t want to share your attention with anyone else.

So now the guy will try to isolate you.

Instead of planning to go to the restaurant with your friend group, he will ask you out alone by telling a fake story about how he finds other people toxic.

You are going to watch a movie with your friend tomorrow? He will try to invite himself in. If he isn’t successful in that, he will give you bloopers so your movie is already destroyed and you lose all the excitement to go to a theatre.

3. He smells stickier than gum.

Its morning and you have not even stretched, your phone buzzes with his text – “Good Morning Hottie! I missed you so much” Not to mention, the series of texts will continue throughout the day.

It doesn’t count that you have met him just yesterday, he will send you five “miss you” texts whatsoever. Your work life is not existent to him as he will get tensed and load your notifications with fifty messages complaining “You not replying?”, “Are you busy?”

Some guys even reach the extremes sending friend requests to all your friends and family.

He will start conversing with them as if he has known them since the Stone Age. Your boyfriend can fail to care about commenting on your pictures but this guy will comment so much that he can irritate you by his cheesy comments.

While a teenager can call it cute, a grown-up woman will definitely not like it.

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4. He will hate your partner’s guts.

Photo by Flora Westbrook from Pexels

You may be in a relationship or dating a guy you met at a party. Without any apparent reason, this guy will hate his guts. Your date can be a nice guy who treats everyone with respect and yet this guy will call him names for issues only known to him.

“I don’t know how you can stay with such a jerk. Doesn’t even know how to behave!” “What a good looking girl like you is doing with such an ugly pig?” Suddenly, his unwanted shitty remarks about the guy you are dating or your recent crush will know no boundaries.

It holds the capacity to irritate you like hell. But always remember, the more the guy offers baseless remarks about your beau, the more jealous he is. The more jealous he is, the more he likes you.

5. The blame is on you!

So? You have had a fight with your friend? Of course, you must be looking for a friend’s shoulder to cry on…. You think this guy can be your light in the dark times.

He gives you his shoulder to cry on but the words that come out of his mouth can make your heart weaker and the streams of your tears denser. “I don’t know how you can be such a fool to trust him.” “Good guys get nothing in this world. You girls chose a bad guy and then you cry.”

He can make you hate your decisions so you always look up for him before doing anything. He wants to be your mentor. His wish is to see you asking for his advice before taking any decision. At least in this manner, he has the power to manipulate you.

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6. The guy has the power to manipulate.

Evil! Evil! That’s a RED SIGN! I don’t know who said “Everything is fair in Love and War” and why a person driven by jealousy took it seriously. “What? He gifted you such a beautiful dress? Definitely that hot chick from his office must have accompanied him to the store”.

“You know, you missed it but I saw how his eyes were glued to her cleavage the whole time”.

This guy is so smart that he can make you question all your decisions, all your life choices, and even your love life in just a snap. It would have been better if he used his smartness in clearing the mess he has made of his own life.

7. Your friends think he likes you.

Isn’t it good to see from other people’s perspectives sometimes? It can show you the things that are lingering in front of your eyes but receive nothing but a blind eye from you.

So, if a third person comes and tells you that the guy (who is jealous) likes you, believe them. You have already found him behaving differently. This is just a stamp of approval on your beliefs. In some extreme cases, the jealous guy crosses his limits.

You can come across people who think you both are a thing and more than friends. This probably happened because a good-looking guy asked him for your number and he replied by saying you guys are already dating each other so there’s no chance for the other guy to mess with his agenda.

8. He is the happiest on your Breakup.

Photo by Jasmine Carter from Pexels

He cares for you a lot and takes your well-being seriously. He is always there to help you. This guy really tries hard to bring a smile on your face. But strangely, this guy seems very happy when you have a fight with your boyfriend or the guy you are spending a lot of time with.

This confuses you. His “That’s bad. Everything will be fine.” doesn’t appear to be genuine. There is a sly smile on his face when he is trying to console you and his eyes seem naturally relaxed and very jolly.

Mark my words; this guy is definitely going to open a bottle of champagne tonight. This is a villainously selfish thing for him to do. But the happiness that you are not having a good time with your romantic partner and anytime things can break off gives him a sigh of relief. Of course, it’s time to celebrate. Now he can get ready to buy the red roses and plan a perfect proposal.

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9. He has been acting rude lately.

His rudeness can surprise you. You have always known him as a guy with the brightest smile on his face for everyone. Dealing with a difficult time can take away that smile, but if there is a lack of a real problem in his life. Then it’s time to think. If that smile fades away and he talks rudely to you, then there is a good possibility that his love for you has started boiling.

This phase will be very confusing for you. At times you will think he no longer cares for you and at the next moment, he will make you feel like the most special girl in the whole world. Actually, he is having turmoil in his heart and his efforts to control it are taking a toll on him

One-sided love or attraction can be disgusting. It can make the lover feel the worst kind of emotions. He is just not able to understand why you can’t reciprocate with the same feelings which he possesses. This is the reason for all that frustration that he is throwing at you.

10. He will try to make you feel Inferior.

If a guy tries to make you feel inferior, don’t listen to him. It’s just that he is not secure enough about his own self and is forcing his own insecurities on you.

He will randomly tell you that you are dumb and there are a lot of girls who are hotter than you. His words will make you feel like you are not good enough. If you listen to this guy you will slowly start to lose your self-esteem.

This is just another toxic sign of his jealous mindset and the need to get a tight hold of you. All these tactics are willingly performed by him to make you feel like no one but only he can treat you special. He wants you to believe that you are not worthy of a good guy and no one can love your ugly body and personality.

In reality, not even a single thing he says is the truth. He already knows the shining charisma of yours can make any boy fall for you. That’s the reason he downplays you all the time so you can lose your self-confidence and stoop to his level so you can’t even think of finding a better match except him.

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11. There will be lots of quarrels over small things.

Once a guy starts liking you, things are going to change for the best or the worst. If he is the jealous type and his obsession has reached its peak, be ready for fights over trivial topics.

“I saw you today talking to Mr. Jones. Huh, that big smile on your face and the voice change. I can’t remember you talking to me that way!” This is just the prologue to a big fight. The guy just can’t understand that the man he is mentioning is your boss and you can’t help talking nicely to him. It’s enough to make him jealous and make you feel like a woman whose interests shake within minutes.

12. Be ready to get ignored.

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

You must have heard about jealous guys who cling to your side more efficiently than your side bags.

But jealousy making guys ignore you? Believe me, it is a thing. You posted a picture with your buddy having a great time. But were your hands hanging around his neck? Sorry, you have just pressed the jealous buttons of your admirer.

Now he is so hurt, that he will start ghosting you. Did you post the picture on Instagram? Now your admirer has disabled his profile for a week. Your phone no longer buzzes with his messages. And if you talk to him, his response will be very cold.

Without a question, he will come back crawling to you after a few days if you don’t care. If you try to confront him, he will erupt like a burning volcano – either in anger or in tears.

13. He will act like he is your Boyfriend.

When a guy likes you, and his attraction combines with jealousy, then it’s certain that he will act like he is your boyfriend. Subtracting the sex and intimacy, he will act as if he owns your loyalty and you are bound to spend all of your time with him rather than with anyone else.

He will take care of you, pamper you with gifts, take you out to places, but he will also be jealous, possessive and clingy. The guy will make you feel inferior about yourself if you engage in one-night stands with other guys.

He will also ask about your sex life as if you are his wedded wife. The name of whoever makes you smile will enrage him. It doesn’t matter if it’s a male or a female. His jealousy will not spare even your dog. Yes, you read that right. He will start complaining that women love dogs more than men. He will want to be the only one you hug, and the only one on whose jokes you laugh.

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14. Tries to portray himself as the catch.

Ladies, we all have tried to look our best in front of the men we want to impress. Do you know that our voices involuntarily change when we talk to a man that intoxicates our senses? But some men can do it knowingly in order to impress you. Yes, men also make efforts that count.

He will try to look good, dress well, and talk in a deep voice – which is a very good thing. Every human should try to look and feel their best. And it’s kinda cute when someone tries to look their best for you. ❤

15. He will try to make you jealous.

The most foolish idea a man can adopt is to try to make you feel jealous when he himself is jealous. Rarely, this attempt works, and women fall in the trap. But most of the time it fails, because why the heck will you care?

He will find other women to date casually and can’t stop talking about her to you. He will say things like – “You know, she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Her smile is so pure that no other girl can laugh like her. “

He will further go on complimenting her sense of humor by saying all the girls he knows lack it. The aim is absolutely on you. He will try to compare the girl he has just met with you thinking you will get jealous and run into his arms. With no such surprise, you will find him canceling plans with her to spend time with you. Yeah, of course, the guy likes you.

Over to You…

Now that you have reached the end, you must have realized whether the guy likes you or not. Ladies, always remember NOT all guys are obsessed with you so much that they create a mess in your life. Many mature men out there can love you with their life but wishes to see you happy, even if your happiness resides with someone else.

Undoubtedly, they will show small signs of jealousy which is cute. But exaggerated jealousy means an unhealthy relationship and you should think before moving ahead.

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John Santana

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