7 Immature things Mature Men’s do when it comes to Women

by John Santana

“What women want and what makes them happy?” This single question has been lingering around for hundreds of years, and yet no one has been able to decode it. Some believe money attracts them, some believe they fall for love, and some believe it’s the looks. But, no matter what a man believes or thinks, it’s really impossible to agree on a single answer.

Every woman has a different choice and priority when it comes to choosing a guy. With that being said, decrypting their mind is definitely not a breezy affair. So, rather than wasting time and energy on unsolving the mystery, why not to go the easy way. It’s indeed hard to figure out things that please them, but it’s not that hard to figure out what turns them off; Immaturity is undeniably one of them.

Girls can’t stand immature men, as they never end up being their potential partners. And, many men go on trying to impress them without even realizing they are driving on the wrong lane. And, when the reality hits, they wonder what went wrong. And trust me, there’s nothing wrong in you, it’s your immature ways to handle things that turn your chances of being a woman’s possible prospect.

And, you certainly don’t have to get in deep self-analysis mode or to turn into a Mahatma to figure out where things turned immaturely gray for you.

Immature Things Men do which Women’s Hate

We have done that homework for you by bringing the 7 most common immature thing guys do when it comes to a woman.

1. Fear of commitment and responsibility.

Women love a man, not a boy. And the very basic trait of a man is to act responsibly towards a woman he is in a relationship with or he is trying to please. And the very thing that separates a man from a guy is his act of responsibility. It’s the least a woman expects from a man.

Women find it seriously immature when guys start looking for ways to shirk all responsibilities towards the relationship or towards them. “Too cool” attitude does not always work when it comes to women. And, this responsibility is not just limited towards a woman, but towards everything, you do in your life.

If you are in a committed relationship and in spite of being in love with each other, you are not interested in taking your relationship to the next level, that’s immature. If you are trying to woo a girl, but just to show off in front of your friends, that’s immaturely stupid.

And when it comes to women, you have no choice but to turn slightly responsible by taking things more seriously.

2. Over judgemental-

Like we don’t judge our friends on the basis of things they share with us, then why most of the guys commit the mistake of judging their partner or any other girl on that very basis?

A woman takes her own time to open up with a man, they wait till they put their hearts out in front of a man. They wait for the right time, the moment when they can trust a man completely. And, when they do that, the least they expect from a man is to judge them on things they share with them.

Being judgemental over things that someone shared with you out of trust is an immature act. Wait and think before you rush to a conclusion and draw an image of your partner in your mind. Always keep an open mind and non-judgemental approach towards women if you seek to form a strong bond with them.

3. Talk more listen less

Out of hundreds of traits, a woman seeks a man, being a good listener tops them all. Every woman expects his man to be a good listener, with whom they can cry their hearts out when things turn south, and with whom they can share their joy when life turns bright.

When a woman shares things with you, most of the times they are not looking for solutions, all they want is good listening ears. They are wise enough to find solutions to their problem by themselves. And, when it comes to women, guys often do this mistake of doing otherwise.

Only a few guys understand this, and without listening to them they try taking charge and become a solution seeker. Without even knowing the issue, they start presenting the solutions.

Even when women are seeking a solution to their problems, they expect you to be a good listener first. And no matter what kind of relationship and comfort you share with a woman, listening ears are always preferred over a blabbering mouth.

4. ‘What-others-think’ syndrome

To put it straight- It’s none of your business, what others think about it. Their opinions, their views, their philosophy, their actions, it’s limited solely to them. And, if you are someone who is pleasing society to meet its standard, then please grow up.

When it comes to women, they expect a man who has the courage to form decisions and has a stand, irrespective of what the world thinks of him.

If you are in a relationship and every action of yours(consciously or unconsciously ) is influenced by others, or even if you are a single man trying to please a hot girl just to make your friends jealous, then you are indeed suffering from “what-others-think” syndrome, a.k.a Immaturity.

Either these guys act out of ‘fear’, or out of ‘fake pride’. This category of people either worries about maintaining their ‘Nice Guy Image”, or are struggling to fit into one. And, both ways they are doing no good when it comes to a woman.

5. No private life

Some guys really don’t believe in the concept of privacy. They go on sharing everything with their friends or their close ones, without even realizing how immature this act is.

It’s not just about with whom they are sharing things, but also “what” they are sharing. Some people really don’t mind sharing even the intimate details of their relationship with their friends.

Just because you have some trustworthy friends, that doesn’t mean that they deserve to know each and every detail of your relationship or about the girl you are crushing on. There is always a need for privacy and maturity in a relationship.

That’s a major sign of immaturity when a man doesn’t know where to draw a line. Sharing even the tiniest details without the knowledge of your partner is not okay, sharing your spicy bedroom details is clearly not okay, exaggerating about the things that happened on your date is not just immature, but also a major turn off for a woman.

6. Over possessiveness

It’s a clear recipe of disaster. Over-possessive guys never turn into a good partner. Some guys never understand the concept of personal space in a relationship. The moment they get into a relationship, they believe they have gained authority over their significant other.

They start to make rules for them- to whom they can talk, where can they go, with whom they can hang out and blah blah… it’s not just immature but plain stupid too. By doing so, they believe their girl will never leave them. All they need is a tight slap of maturity to understand that relationships don’t work this way.

Listen up! You don’t own your partner, please understand it. Just because you are dealing with low confidence and self-esteem, that doesn’t give you any right to control their lives and actions.

If you want your partner to love you more, let her free rather than secluding her just because you are an insecure man. Doing so will not only bring your love closer to you but will also make your girl respect you more.

7. Make woman the center of loci of their life

If you particularly ask me, then this is the most immature thing guys do, not just when it comes to a woman, but also when it comes to life too. They lose focus in life. All their energy and effort shift to just one aspect of life; to please a woman.

They neglect their duties, their friends, their studies, their job, their creativity, their inner calling, their dreams, their goals, their family, their self-identity…Just because they are too occupied in getting a girl, or settling with one.

However, the majority of the girls fall for guys who are goal-oriented and serious about their life calling. Yet, some guys never get it. They put their trust and bet on one person for all their happiness and nirvana, and when things don’t work as per their expectation, they end up blaming the same girl for that.

They never realize that they always had a choice, and they still have.

Here’s a piece of good news…

It’s still not too late for guys to bring the ball in their court. All they need is a little dose of maturity and the right way to deal with women. They still might not decode a woman, but it’s not even required when they know how to please one and make a way to her heart.

John Santana

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