Signs He Has Multiple Partners

5 Strong Signs He Has Multiple Partners & What To Do About It?

by John Santana

As much as most people might not want to admit it, affairs and cheating happen. Sometimes you might wonder if you are the only woman in your boyfriend’s or husband’s life. While some relationships thrive on multiple partners, it should be a consensual decision that both parties in the relationship agree with.

Whenever it becomes anything more than that, then your man might be cheating on you with other women. If you can’t ask him directly about him cheating on you, then know that there are other methods that you can use. Learning if the man in your life has multiple partners is as easy as looking for the signs of cheating.

Here are some of the things to look for so you can start the process of leaving your man to his other partners, and getting on with a new relationship!

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Red Flags that He Has Multiple Partners

He Disappears And Refuses To Talk About Where He Has Been

One relationship can be a huge time commitment to both partners, and having multiple means that the time will often get away from your man. If you see that your boyfriend or husband is constantly disappearing for long periods of time, and refuses to tell you where he has been, then that can raise some red flags.

If you confront him about it, then you might find that his excuses for where he has been are flimsy at best. Plus, if you start to poke holes in them or do your own research, you will see that they might fall apart very quickly.

Additionally, if your guy is always very busy and also refuses to tell you where he has been or what he is doing, he might be giving his attention to other girls. When he does have time for you, it’s always when it is convenient for him and not you, and that can leave you feeling unsatisfied.

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He Doesn’t Want To Get To Know You Or Be Known

Whenever you share emotional details with someone and generally get to know them over the course of a romantic relationship, you find a connection with them. Common interests, goals, desires in life, and more are all things that can help love blossom between two people.

And while it is perfectly okay to have some reservations or some partners who want to keep things close to their chests, as the relationship goes on, those walls should come down.

If your guy isn’t sharing things that will help you emotionally connect, it might mean that he just wants a physical connection without anything emotional. Additionally, if he isn’t interested in knowing about you, then he probably doesn’t have the time to invest in a new relationship.

Commitment is eventually something that both people in the relationship will have to work on and agree to. If your man is always pushing off a commitment or always coming up with excuses for why commitment can’t happen for them, it might mean that he physically can’t commit and always needs to be chasing another woman.

One of the best signs of any relationship is when you can envision yourself in the future with your chosen partner. However, if your guy only talks about ‘right now,’ especially if you have been together for a long time, then that’s another sign he might leave before the future comes around.

Social Media And Electronics Are Closely Guarded

Again, just because a guy is protective of his devices doesn’t mean that he’s seeing other people. Everyone has things on their devices that they might not want people to see, and that’s understandable. However, if your guy refuses to let you go near his phone or computer, or always has to fiddle with it first, then he might be talking to other women on them.

If he also spends hours on various social media websites as well, then he could be chatting with women. Another piece of evidence is if he hasn’t deleted dating apps or other hookup websites off of his phone, even though he is with you.

If he can’t peel himself away from his phone, even if you two are together, then he might be juggling several partners. Constantly excusing himself to take every call and text without being in your presence is also something that can raise red flags.

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He Doesn’t Talk About Past Relationships, And When He Does You Catch Lies

A Couple Arguing

Sometimes talking about past relationships with a new relationship can help a couple catch problems, evaluate what they can do to make the relationship a success, or even share a laugh as the gauntlet of exes is run down. However, if your guy refuses to talk about previous relationships and doesn’t say much about the other people in his life, then he might have things that he wants to keep from you.

Additionally, if you keep catching him in lies, then you might also have another piece of evidence for him seeing other women. Men who lie might be playing different women, especially if the stories keep changing and he gets very defensive over his stories.

His Friends And Family Are a Mystery To You

Meeting his family and his close circle of friends is a great step in any relationship, but if your man has never introduced you to anyone in his life outside of him, then you might not be special to him. You might just be one of many, and someone that he won’t keep around long enough to be introduced to anyone special.

Plus, he might not want to be seen with you because that could start to raise red flags as well, or worse, the partners might find out about you!

He might want to only meet you in controlled circumstances away from the public eye because that would ruin his reputation as a single man. You might have to bend over backward to find a time to meet with him when it is applicable to his schedule. But when it comes to him meeting you in your boundaries, you get only excuses.

In fact, this is a common thread with men who have several partners, where you give and give more than you receive because your guy is sharing his attention across many different partners.

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What To Do If Your Man Has Multiple Partners

What To Do If Your Man Has Multiple Partners

If you have seen the signs and want to leave the man to his multiple partners in order to move on with your life, then you need to make a decision. You can just leave, tell him it isn’t working out and just let him go back to his multiple partners. You can also confront him for cheating on you, but this is only an option for serious relationships.

Because confronting a cheater in a non-serious relationship or even one where you both haven’t agreed to be exclusive is often a waste of time and energy. Time and energy that would be better spent going and finding someone else who will commit to you. However, if the cheating or seeing multiple partners happened during a committed relationship, you might choose to confront them and get some answers.

You should look for the best time to confront them, often whenever you are alone and will not be disturbed. You need to know the where and the when to confront them and have a highly emotional talk.

Additionally, keep yourself calm and don’t break down crying and sobbing. Your man might be able to talk his way around you if you aren’t at 100%. So make sure to keep yourself calm and rational, and also ensure that you have your evidence ready to go.

Let Him Speak And Explain

As much as you might want to do all the talking and not let him say a single word in his defense because you don’t want to hear it, it is important to hear his side of the story — even if it isn’t a particularly very good story. If you’ve had a serious and long relationship you deserve to know where it all went wrong.

Keep in mind that cheating was something intentional that your man did, and he has multiple partners for a reason. So while you don’t want to get every sordid detail, figuring out why he cheated on you is going to give you the closure you need to move on.

Let Yourself Heal

Whether your partner had an affair with multiple partners while you were still in the stages of getting to know one another, or after a long-term romance, you still need to accept that finding out can cause some problems for you. Don’t be afraid to let yourself heal because you two had a relationship and it did mean something, even if it was a short one.

Once you’ve healed, then you can close the book on the cheating chapter of your life and start looking for a guy who will only have his eyes on you!

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John Santana

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