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7 Best Native American Dating Sites & Apps: Perfect For Singles

by John Santana

Ah, love. You need to spend that time rubbing shoulders with people at bars or clubs. The process of building rapport with someone for a long-lasting relationship can feel so old. Even if you somehow have the time in today’s crunch-driven society, the dating pool can be exhausted pretty quickly if you have a specific type.

Well before you devote your life to celibacy out of sheer frustration, how about we look at our options first? You’re probably looking for native American dating sites, judging by the title.

Whether that means you’re hoping to find some first nation singles that you can relate to on a deeper level, or you have a strong attraction to the profound cultures of the native American people, then do we have a list for you.

Below this paragraph is a list of seven free native American dating sites that just might connect you with your dream date. Whether you’re on the lookout for romance or just interested in casual dating, your dream Native American man or woman is out there.

Don’t have time to read the complete article? Checkout our favorite picks below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

AdultFriendFinder is the ultimate dating platform for finding your dream partner. Right from casual hookups to long-term relationships seekers, it is simply perfect for everyone.

Bang Locals is know among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Native American Dating Sites & Apps: Our Top Recommendations

A Quick Side Note

These sites are not listed in a particular order. These are just the seven online dating websites that stand out the most in popularity. They aren’t all niche dating sites dedicated to finding your native crush, but new members will likely find what they are looking for with their large number of users and amount of success stories.

We will be using the phrase “The obvious culprits” regarding signing up for an account or membership in some of these sites. These are your: date of birth, gender, and sexual preferences. Any necessary information besides this will be noted.

With that in mind, take a look at what sites might end up igniting your native American passions.

Meet Native Americans

MeetNativeAmericans Screenshot


Meet Native Americans is fully dedicated to matching singles from the Native American community.

The website is passionate about the niche it fills. As it says on its website: “We believe the future of online dating lies in sites being tailored to particular interests, hobbies, or clearly specified member needs.” Meet Native Americans is slowly growing into the largest dating site for native American singles in the United States.

The free membership allows you to check other profiles and send flirts. Unfortunately, the app only gives you access to all the features, like chatting with your match, if you pay for the premium version. Joining up with a free account only requires a few things from your side. Besides the obvious culprits, you also get to pick your screen name. Your screen is like a nickname that people can use to look for your profile on the site.


  • Even as a free member, signing up will connect your subscription to the affiliate sites run by Meet Native Americans. This will connect you to an extensive network and more online connections.
  • There isn’t an app version out yet, but the website runs on cellular devices as well.


  • The closest thing you will get to messaging your match is to send a once-off “flirt”.
  • The website doesn’t support pictures that are bigger than 400×400 pixels. This means you need to pick your profile picture carefully.

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Native American Personals

NativeAmericanPersonals Screenshot


Native American Personals is part of a more extensive network of first nation dating sites, like Meet Native Americans. The site claims to have over 10 000 users all over the USA, which is rather small compared to other sites.

That’s all that’s small about it, though. The site is good at connecting Native American singles. They are just very selective about who gets to make a dating profiles. Native American Personals is a premium service with an exclusive target market.

The free version allows you to search, send and receive flirts with other users. But direct messaging and filtering by location or interests is reserved for premium users. Creating an account is easy. You just need to fill in the obvious culprits. One difference is that you need to be 21 years old if you are from the USA and 18 years old for all other countries to join the website.


  • The hundreds of filters allow you to browse to your heart’s content.
  • Native American Personals is dedicated to matching single natives with their native crush. Non-native Americans cannot sign up.


  • Because the site is dedicated to native Americans, it doesn’t have as many users as other dating sites.
  • Free users do not have access to the chat messenger feature.

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Match dating App Logo is one of the sites on our list that isn’t dedicated to Native American singles. However, it is still one of the best websites to find native Americans out there.

Match caters to whatever their clientele needs from a dating site. If you are looking for a love that could blossom into a long-lasting relationship, or if you’re joining for a fling that burns hot and fast. Match has options regardless of your sexual preferences, ethnicity, religion, or background. Match has a diverse dating pool since it’s available in over 20 countries and has more than 30 million users. Make use of the menagerie of search filters and customize your results.

The obvious culprits are here when you make an account. How do you calibrate the matching algorithm of the dating site? You will go through a long personality quiz where Match will ask you about your basic preferences. Take your time with the questionnaire and try to make your profile as detailed as possible.


  • Match has one of the most significant numbers of first and second dates compared to any other dating site globally.
  • The questionnaire and search filtering will ensure you will find your native American date even if the site doesn’t specifically cater to single Native Americans.


  • This is one of the most expensive dating sites out there. All of those features and matching algorithms cost a lot.
  • Your messages are limited on the site if you use the free version. Paying members can see other members with a premium account, while free users can’t see who can or can’t reply in full messages.

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eHarmony is dedicated to people who are interested in serious, long-lasting relationships. Even if it isn’t devoted to the native American community, eHarmony is responsible for around 4 percent of all marriages in the USA, according to research done by Businesswire.

eHarmony has had a few issues with matching people from the LGBTQ+ community in the past. Thanks to a recent restructure of the site, these issues are being resolved, but some of the stigmas are still attached to the site.

Signing up for an account is easy. Besides the obvious culprits, you need to answer a 30 question lengthy questionnaire. It is less fluffy and hopelessly romantic than and contains more straightforward questions, like how you deal with arguments and when you feel ready to move in with someone.


  • Even though there are millions of users across the globe, the algorithm makes sure you connect to people who match your interest.
  • This is the website to be on if you want to find a serious relationship.


  • It is essential to note that this is not a site for casual dating.
  • There is no free version of the website. You will need to pay the rather expensive monthly membership costs. You can minimize the cost by paying upfront for an extended period, which is slightly cheaper than paying by the month.

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Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder logo


On the complete another side of the spectrum, Adult Friend Finder is, as the name suggests, more of a hook-up site than an actual dating site. It isn’t focused on the native American dating pool, but its copious amount of users ensures some level of diversity.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a little more intimacy in your life. Adult Friend Finder is ahead in this department. Physical intimacy is essential for building a long-lasting relationship. Think of it like Tinder, but for the previous generation. The massive amount of users on the site means you’ll have no problem finding someone who is at least interested in talking with you.

You would think this goes without saying, but Adult Friend Finder can get pretty intense. You’ll find quite a few raunchy images in your mailbox very soon. Adult Friend Finder is an adult site, so you’ll find quite a few photos that are Not Safe For Work.

Try to keep an open mind if you’re planning on giving this site a try. Nobody likes to be judged on what gets their motor running. So why not try something new while you’re on there?


  • Registration is quick and only needs the obvious culprits.
  • There is a massive community on this site that is very open-minded. You’re likely to find someone close to your area.


  • There isn’t a questionnaire or a particularly detailed matching algorithm. Don’t expect to find someone who can quickly match your preferences or interests.
  • The free version is a little lackluster.

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Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison logo

Ashley Madison is a dating site dedicated to married men and women who are looking to experiment with an open relationship. The site isn’t devoted to the native American dating scene, but it has a large enough userbase to ensure various options in the field.

The site is available regardless of your reasons for wanting to date around matrimony. Ashley Madison provides a discreet way for married people to connect with new individuals who have similar interests. Ashely Madison is available for people who are single or in a relationship. What’s important is that you are open to experimentation.

One major thing about the site is that you have to pay to make use of its significant features. The free version is very limited to male users but very accessible to female users. The free version of an Ashley Madison account starts by having you fill in the obvious culprits and nothing else. According to your preferences, the free version lets you look at who is “available” in your area. The messaging feature is limited to men on the free version.

Men can send one free message after they register. If you want to keep talking, then you need to pay for chat credits. Women can communicate for free on Ashley Madison. The entire site is free for women, in fact. The site has a strong female user base because of this. Interactivity is a lot more geared towards female users.


  • Ashley Madison has a lot of privacy measures that ensure the identity of the users remains hidden.
  • The site allows you to connect with users from across the world.


  • The site has a lot of controversy behind it since it was initially designed to help people cheat on their spouses.
  • Ashley Madison uses both chatting credits and a subscription service. The website can be costly.

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Zoosk logo

Zoosk is a dating site that tries to match users from across the globe. It isn’t dedicated to native American users. Still, since Zoosk is built around matching people based on their behavior on social media, it can help you make a genuine connection to someone similar to you. You should know that your first date will likely involve having to fly out to meet your match.

If you’re signing up for Zoosk, you will have to fill out the obvious culprits. But instead of having to fill out a questionnaire, the site will synch up with your social media profiles. This is how Zoosk analyzes your behavior to make matches.

It’s a pretty good idea to clean up your social media, regardless of whether you’re going to use Zoosk. Your matches will probably find your socials anyway. You won’t have a very long relationship if you come off as a creep.



  • Zoosk is one of the largest dating sites in the world, so you will have no trouble finding someone you might be interested in.
  • The matchmaking system is unlike anything else you’ve ever used before.


  • A premium membership will allow you to chat with more users than with the free version.
  • It isn’t dedicated to native Americans.

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Some Safety Tips for First-Timers

  • Fake profiles

Some people are just out to catfish you. You can spot a fake account by how few details there are available to them. You can spot this by seeing how many photos they have on their profile. If it looks like they got their picture with a store-bought photo frame, then you might be talking to a bot. An inconsistent photo resolution is another bad sign.

You can check to see if these pictures come from somewhere else on the internet by doing a reverse image search of the image. Take a look at their profile description. A fake profile will have vague information that doesn’t always line up with what they are saying. If they don’t have a lot written down in their description, then it is easier to lie about the details later.

  • Asking for too many details

It might be a bit hard to see this coming if you’re trying to get to know someone. But some questions are a bit out of line. Questions about how much you earn at your job, what your mother’s maiden name is, or other information that might be related to your passwords or bank account details.

Never give your home address to someone on the internet. Ever. Never give money to someone online that you don’t personally know. It’s not your responsibility to solve someone else’s financial situation.

  • Their stories don’t line up.

A scammer won’t constantly be interacting with you directly. It is possible to set up an automatic response system that will respond to your questions. Keep a lookout for answers with grammatical errors or answers that are off-topic from the conversation.

The verdict

So, yea. There’s a menagerie of dating sites out there that can cater to your every need. Who would have thought? It’s all kind of overwhelming at the same time, isn’t it? They say there’s plenty of fish in the sea of search results, but that doesn’t always help when you’re after that special someone, right?

So if you are surprised by the fact that so many popular dating sites are on this list that’s specifically aimed at native American dating sites, don’t be. These sites are popular for a reason. They are some of the safest sites out there and take their jobs seriously. Luckily, their massive userbase means you have a larger chance of finding the perfect match for you.

John Santana

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