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Dating an Aquarius Man: Compatibility, Romance & Tips

by John Santana

Checking out your man’s sign is like reading his diary. He is completely naked in front of you. Signs do not lie. They decipher a person’s inner traits and tell you if he will be your Prince Charming or toxic apple.

This water bearer Zodiac sign is mysterious and complex. They have an irresistible charm that keeps you on the hook. Want to know what it is like to date an Aquarius man? Find out everything here.

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What Signs are Compatible With an Aquarius Man?

An intelligent and capable guy like Aquarius gets along best with equally bright signs like:

When these two get together, it is like a bear to honey. You cannot separate them. Their personalities make them an ideal match to complement and supplement each other.

Also attractive to an Aquarius man are:

  • Libra
  • Sagittarius

He appreciates their caring and kind-hearted nature. Hanging out feels so comfortable because they share many of the same interests and values.

Do not get frustrated yet, even if your sign is not mentioned above. An Aquarius man is proudly known for his friendly character. Almost every sign can be the perfect partner for him as long as you know how to read him well.

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How to Know When an Aquarius Man is Romantically Interested?

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1. He Asks About Your Day and Well Being

While an Aquarius man may never be capable of throwing you surprises or showing deep emotions, he shows his admiration for you by taking care of you. He will message you every day before work and after to see how your day is going. He wants to know if you have been eating well.

These small gestures may not amount to much when you are dating others. But for an Aquarius man, that is his way of telling you he feels something for you.

2. He Talks Romantically With You

Again, when a normal guy does it, it could be that he is simply flirting. But when an Aquarius guy does it, he is romantically interested. An Aquarius man is not usually a sweet talker. He is rather reserved and shy about letting someone in.

Talking romantically is a classic sign that he has fallen for you. His honest character tells you he means every word he says. Playing around and messing with your feelings are not on the itinerary.

3. He Shares Some Intimate and Goofy Thoughts With You

It is well known that Aquarius men have the wildest ideas. However, they are not a big talker. They know how their behaviors are seen as impractical so they will only share their inner thoughts with people they trust. If an Aquarius man opens his heart for you, there is something. He trusts that you will not betray him or make fun of him.

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4. He is Active in Asking You Out

Although he can be reluctant to directly express his feelings, he is not shy to ask you out. He wants to be your best friend and hang out all the time. As independent as he is, there is nothing that beats being around his loved one.

Get ready to be bombarded with messages about weekend dates and after-work activities. He wants to see you all the time because he thinks you are worth the time and attention.

How to Date an Aquarius Man?

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1. Listen to His Theories and Ideas

An Aquarius man is probably the most creative person you know. Give him a situation and he will give you a dozen of theories. He is naturally defensive about his theories. Do not ban his logic because it is ungrounded. Look at things from his perspective and try to understand his ideas.

When you strongly disagree with his newfound belief, discuss it with him and suggest other ways to see this matter. Do not throw his investigation out of the window without a proper reason.

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2. Give Him Some Mental Stimulants

Some people say he is just like an intelligent Border Collie that requires constant mental stimulants. It is true that an Aquarius man enjoys solving puzzles and figuring out new ways. Find a few intriguing topics to discuss with him.

You do not need to win him over with a fancy dinner because an exhilarating debate will do the job. At the same time, he appreciates being with an equally smart partner so he can push his intelligence to the limit.

3. Plan a Surprise Date

Do not count on your man to shower you with surprises and gifts. He will probably end up asking you to tell him what you want for your birthday. He is not the greatest planner of all time. It will be your responsibility to create nice moments in your relationship.

That being said, it does not take much to impress him. The reason he is not crazy about surprises is that you are the only thing that matters in his life. He does not believe your relationship should be weighted by how many things he plans or dates as long as you two are together. It is not a lack of effort from his side. He prefers to enjoy your company more than anything else.

4. Take Him to Try Something New

An Aquarius man knows he is not the most adventurous person on his own. He has the willingness to try something new, just not alone. The little push you give him will encourage him to reach new heights. He values people around him that can make him a better person.

Take him to new activities that he would not normally do. These new things bond you two together and strengthen your relationship.

5. Do Not Directly Point Out his Mistakes

Receiving criticism is not an Aquarius man’s strongest suit. As much as he appreciates constructive suggestions, he does not handle direct backlash well. To get him to change his behavior or let him know he has done something wrong, standing up against him is never a good idea. It will only push him to fight back and not admit his mistakes.

What you need to do is to let him know how his actions impacted your feelings and how he can do it better next time. This is the easiest way to get an Aquarius man to apologize to you. He is compassionate to people around him. It is never his intention to hurt you. By diluting your anger, he can feel sensibly how his wrongdoing has harmed you.

Things to Avoid When Dating an Aquarius Man


Crowding Him

Your man is a high-functioning, determined person with lots on his to-do list. He enjoys every moment you spend together and will try his best to meet you as frequently as possible. But he still needs his personal space and an equally successful partner by his side.

Not Having Goals

He will not have a big ego and be afraid of you being more successful than him. On the contrary, he will be genuinely happy if you succeed in doing something you love. Seeing his partner not having a goal in life is dreadful. The excruciating pain of not achieving something together will tear him apart. He cannot stand someone that cannot fly on their own.

To date an Aquarius man, you must be independent and goal-oriented. He does not like it if your life only revolves around him. Find a passion outside of the relationship to nurture.

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Being Too Emotional

Furthermore, an Aquarius man admires a logical partner. Emotions do not solve anything. He likes to lay things out logically. In any heated argument, cursing will not convince him. You need to control your emotions and win the argument with indestructible logic.

Is an Aquarius Man a Good Husband?

Most of the time, an Aquarius man is put on a pedestal due to his husband-material quality. The traits you seek in a husband are different of a boyfriend. Even if he is not the perfect boyfriend, he is capable of being the perfect husband.

He is responsible. Once he starts a family with you, you are his top priority. You will see him rushing home from work to have dinner with you, canceling crazy parties with friends, and avoiding unnecessary meetups with other girls. You are the center of attention. He is not doing these things because you have asked him to. Everything comes from the heart as you are the only thing that matters.

Marrying an Aquarius man guarantees a “happy wife, happy life” scenario. You will be treated like a princess. The love you feel is never like before.

Best Online Dating Sites to Find Your Aquarius Man

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  • Bang Locals


For the longest time, Aquarius men are said to be the least romantic of all signs. This poor reputation they carry cannot reflect how endearing and caring they are. Your Aquarius man will be your best friend and soulmate as long as you follow this guide and understand the techniques to date this peculiarly precious human!

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John Santana

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