Dating a Scorpio Woman

Dating a Scorpio Woman: Signs She Likes You & How To Attract Her

by John Santana

Scorpios are known to be an intense zodiac sign that is associated with energy, strength, and power. Scorpio women are femme fatale. They are headstrong and determined to achieve whatever they set their minds on, without any limitations.

Dating a Scorpio woman can be challenging, but her alluring aura will draw you in.

When dating a Scorpio woman, you won’t have to worry about fears and insecurity in your relationship. Scorpio women avoid these kinds of feelings and prefer a more confident approach.

Famous Scorpio females include Katy Perry and Julia Roberts.

If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio girl or just want to find out what dating a Scorpio woman would be like, then we have got you covered. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about a Scorpio lady.

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Characteristics of a Scorpio Woman

  • Scorpio women are incredibly dominating

A Scorpio woman prefers to take charge of a situation. This can be seen as both a good and bad quality. Her assertive nature manifests itself in unconditional love and affection for her husband, children, and family. But on the flip side, she can turn into a control freak.

A Scorpio female makes her own rules in the household and is rarely willing to compromise. When things don’t go her way, be prepared for conflict. However, she can be empathetic, but her quick decisions and behaving in a position of power don’t make it seem that way.

  • A Scorpio female is curious

Curiosity is a source of happiness for a Scorpio woman. It helps a Scorpio woman find new hobbies and stimulates her work and wisdom. She uses her curious nature to get information. But, a Scorpio girl is not a fan of gossip. When gossip starts, you will often find a Scorpio woman walking away.

  • A Scorpio woman loves mystery

A Scorpio woman seeks mystery. Some people find this quality very odd and think that they are crazy, but Scorpio females are intrigued by magical and mythical things. So don’t be surprised when you visit a Scorpio woman and find dreamcatchers hanging from the ceiling and candles lit in every corner of the room.

  • A Scorpio female is sarcastic

Sarcastic Woman

A Scorpio female is full of sarcasm and they often sneer at everything. Her sarcasm manifests itself in her leadership abilities, stinging jokes, and black humor. If you want to date a Scorpio woman, then you need to be ready for her unusual sense of humor. If you are soft-natured, then her sarcasm may be a bit too much for you to handle.

  • A Scorpio woman is very passionate

A Scorpio woman will never lead you on if she is not interested in you. Their intentions are very clear, and you will definitely know if a Scorpio woman is into you. She will not hide her feelings and is not afraid to chase after whoever she wants.

A Scorpio woman’s love is very deep, and they crave emotional connection. They will love you intensely, passionately, and with fiery love. They want you completely to themselves.

  • Scorpio females are incredible lie detectors

Intelligent Woman

When it comes to lying, a Scorpio woman can detect a lie even better than a lie detector can. You cannot deceive a Scorpio woman. She will pick up your lies immediately. They are very suspicious of what they hear and will notice if your words don’t match your actions. This particularly applies to her family members and inner circle.

But how is this possible? Scorpio women have flexible analytical minds. This pushes them to analyze every bit of information that they hear. Besides this, Scorpio women have strong intuition.

  • A Scorpio female is true to herself

A Scorpio woman is powerful and independent. She generally surrounds herself with people who accept her free character. But, she doesn’t care what other people think of her. A Scorpio woman is not easily hurt. She doesn’t take negative criticism and remarks seriously or give them much thought. She is strong enough to effortlessly overlook social media shaming or body shaming.

These women are not insecure and will continue to love themselves regardless of how they are perceived by others. What is important to them is to abide by their own idea of morality. They follow their principles and are rarely influenced by the majority’s opinion.

  • A Scorpio woman is desirable

A Scorpio woman is the most liberated. Her ravishing sex appeal attracts both males and females of other zodiac signs. Sex is a very important aspect for a Scorpio woman and focuses on sexual compatibility with a man. If she doesn’t like something, then you don’t have a chance to build a strong relationship with a Scorpio female.

With that being said, she will not have high expectations of her sexual partner. You can keep your Scorpio woman happy with simple pleasures. She does have a wild imagination, though, and would love to try sex games. A Scorpio woman’s passion and spontaneity make her the sex goddess of the zodiac.

  • A Scorpio female is fair and honest

Scorpio women have the ability to sympathize and empathize with others. They will try and help as much as they can. No wonder there are plenty of lawyers and doctors that fall under this zodiac sign.

Honesty is another strong virtue in Scorpio women. They do not lie to people, and they despise liars too. A Scorpio woman will never give you a compliment unless you deserve it. When dating a Scorpio woman, you can be rest assured that you will not be lied to. Your relationship will be built around trust and honesty.

  • Scorpio women are great secret keepers

Scorpio women sure know how to keep a secret! If you want to share a secret, you won’t find better ears. You can share just about anything with them. Even if you have a fallout, you can trust that a Scorpio woman will never tell your secret.

Honesty, righteousness, and principles are what she prides herself on. There is no better partner than a Scorpio woman, because she is not into gossip and sharing secrets.

  • A Scorpio female is devoted and loyal

Scorpio women select the best partners for themselves. If she has picked you, then she has found her perfect match. She will not be attracted to anyone else. Scorpio women don’t doubt their choice. So, if you’ve won her loyalty, she’s completely smitten with you.

A Scorpio woman will not easily forgive you, especially if you have been disloyal to her. If you choose to date one, then you need to stay committed and faithful to her. Cheating is considered taboo. A Scorpio female can be very vengeful when life is unfair to her.

  • A Scorpio woman is low maintenance

Scorpio women generally don’t ask for much or set high expectations in a relationship. They learn how to be self-sufficient and enjoy doing things for themselves. She won’t expect you to buy her that Gucci handbag that she’s been dreaming about; she will buy it herself.

They require very little maintenance when it comes to spoiling them. But this does not mean that she doesn’t like to be occasionally spoiled. Every woman deserves to be pampered and feel special.

  • A Scorpio woman can be dark and nasty

Scorpio women are not usually fans of mainstream humor, movies, or music. They are very curious and nothing really scares them. Their preferences and choices are not always the standard, simple things.

Scorpio women are genuinely attracted to things that seem different. They may enjoy heavy metal music and dark humor. Horror movies and haunted houses may fascinate her, and she is always ready for her next adventure.

  • A Scorpio female can be egomaniacal

Scorpio females love themselves, sometimes a little too much. They don’t allow anything to cause them to doubt themselves. But this can become negative when they put themselves on a pedestal and start looking down on others.

When you date a Scorpio, you may often feel that she needs to get in touch with reality and tone down her egotistic attitude. Her strong personality can make her feel like she is above everyone else. You need to remind her that the world does not revolve around her and that not everything needs to be perfect.

  • A Scorpio female has a small circle of close people

Scorpio females are confident in any social environment, but they prefer to have a small, close-knit group of friends. They like to keep their social life private.

They are very selective about who is in their circle. A Scorpio girl will carefully choose who to be close to. But in order for this to happen, you first need to build trust in the relationship with her. She won’t let everyone get to know her on a personal level.

  • A Scorpio female is ambitious

When a Scorpio girl is driven and working hard, do not interfere or try to disturb her. Her goals come first and mean everything to her; anything else comes after that. Her go-getter attitude motivates her daily activities, and she appreciates someone who is just as ambitious as her.

A Scorpio woman is attracted to driven, hard-working people who carve their own paths. If you are a couch potato who is floating aimlessly through life, then a Scorpio partner is not your cup of tea.

A Scorpio Woman In Love

A shy Scorpio woman is clear about what she needs and wants. She is looking for the perfect partner who will be able to meet all her emotional, physical, and mental needs.

She is confident and won’t admit the thought that someone could reject her. If she has feelings for you, she will give you her attention and you will see it in her smile. Scorpio females are usually reserved and are not fans of shallow talk.

She is emotional, protective, and passionate. She wouldn’t flirt with you if she wasn’t serious about it. Her actions are calculated and accurate. She is deeply emotional and can easily get hurt. Her love is intense, and her anger is fierce and devastating.

A Scorpio Woman In A Relationship

Scorpio females can come across as possessive. She expects you to understand her without her having to say anything. Although this can be frustrating, she also abides by her expectations.

This lady gives much more than she receives in a relationship. She stays committed to her partner because she doesn’t doubt her choice, unless you break her trust. But, if you are dating a Scorpio woman, be careful. She has an excellent memory. Even though she is silent during a fight, she won’t forget a word you say. One day, she may use this against you.

A Scorpio Woman In Bed

Scorpio females are sensual and have strong intuitions, which can make lovemaking very dynamic and fun. She can understand her partner without words. She will guess your desires without any hints.

This lady is experienced in sex and prefers to keep her personal life private. She carefully selects her partners and will not agree to be friends with benefits. If you thought you could have a quick fling with a Scorpio girl, then you have been mistaken.

Scorpio Woman Sexuality

A Scorpio woman’s sexuality depends on trust. When she opens up to a partner, she craves a deep connection on every level. The fear of being betrayed and her strong desire to be with one person can make a Scorpio partner jealous.

She is passionate and adventurous. Her personality is so magnetic that you won’t be able to resist her if she chases after you. This lady has a strong libido and that is why sex with her can be both spontaneous and routine. She will accept either one as long as it’s emotional and passionate.

Perfect Date for a Scorpio woman

A Scorpio female stays up-to-date with what’s trending. If you want to make her happy, take her to trending restaurants and the latest events. She will be aware of any artists coming to your city. Avoid boring locations like chain restaurants and places you have been to before. Think about how you can make the date more exciting for her.

Scorpio Woman Likes and Dislikes

A Scorpio female is highly intelligent and smart. She will listen carefully to your words and try to get as much information about you as she can. You don’t have to hide your secrets from her. This lady can keep a secret and won’t judge or try to change you.

She is very competitive and is always up for a challenge. She is most likely going to compete with you in whatever you do.

A Scorpio female hates lies. She trusts people completely and cannot forgive betrayal. She prefers openness in a relationship and can get very angry if you try to hide the truth from her.

Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Pisces is the perfect match for Scorpio women. Two water signs together will instantly understand each other’s emotions. They will believe in divine love and stay devoted to one another. The bossy personality of a Scorpio female can suppress Pisces. Unless Pisces learns how to shield themselves.

Final thoughts

While it may seem challenging to maintain a healthy relationship with a Scorpio woman, the rewards are phenomenal. She is strong, confident, and prepared to deal with anything that life throws at her. She has an undeniable sex appeal and is always her true self. Once she decides that you are the one for her, there’s no looking back. She will stay loyal and faithful to you.

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