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Is Badoo Legit or a SCAM? – A Complete Review with Better Alternatives

Last Updated on March 20, 2022

The seaload of online dating sites are exciting, yet confusing. You have heard of a hundred names, but none sticks to your head because you are so overwhelmed by all the information and comparisons flowing your way.

Of all the sites available and ads flooding the internet, Badoo makes a frequent appearance. It may have crossed your feed when you Google “best dating apps”. People seem to be all hyped up about it. Perhaps it is the magic fountain that will draw a new love interest your way every night.

Is it really as magical as they advertise? Maybe it’s the dream, or maybe it’s another trap. Before you get on board, make sure you understand everything about Badoo!

Is Badoo a scam?

Our bottom line? Yes. Badoo feels like a scam for the most part.

The way the platform is set up feels spammy in its nature. It pushes you to click for ‘premium’ pay-per-click features like showing your profile on the front page. But it may take several clicks before completing the action — not before taking several payments. And completing the action several times, pointlessly.

It is not transparent about its payment methods meaning it does not ask you to confirm one-click payments after the first time. This means you can get scammed into parting with money.

While Badoo can get you a casual date or a hookup, there is a lot to improve on the platform. For example, dating sites like Bang Locals offer an impressive geographical search that allows users to locate girls closest to them. It is fantastic and the most efficient way to connect with a date.

But Badoo does not have the best search engine in this aspect. Furthermore, its limiting features restrain the user experience. For its price, Adult FriendFinder would be a much better option as it offers everything Badoo does and more.

Most importantly, Badoo does not live up to expectations when it comes to online security. When browsing through a dating site, the last thing you need is to have your messages or profile hacked. There are other sites that guarantee users’ security like Ashley Madison, which encrypts all the messages and automatically erases search history.

What Is Badoo?

Found by Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev in 2006, Badoo is an international online dating site with offices and services covering most parts of the world. Similar to other trending dating platforms, Badoo allows members to match with others according to their profiles.

On its official site, Badoo claims to have over 500,000,000 registered members around the world, making it one of the biggest dating sites. Instead of marketing itself as one, Badoo very oftens brands itself as the social media site for dating, stressing its functions and features that connect hot singles to make friends.

As a supposed hotpick, Badoo does not seem to have the attention other top sites are getting, despite the impressive statistics it throws. And for a reason. Make sure you understand how Badoo works before signing up.

First Impression

Badoo does successfully give out a modern, high-tech vibe with its purple theme. Users will be directed to the App Store or Google Play to download the app from its website. This whole process is rather simple. The registration is as speedy as it gets and the user interface is updated and smooth. A fast site speed is always a good sign.

However the architecture pushes you to use their premium paid features like Encounter, to browse and like thousands of profiles, Super Like, Get More Views, or Get Featured. Other features include video chats, invisible mode which allows premium members to search and browse profiles without the person knowing it, sending gifts etc.

While all of these features can help you hook up, the site feels spammy and there are better sites out there with similar or better features. The age range and the singles available on the site is rather skewed towards the younger population. Most members are under 35. It does not seem to offer much diversity.

Advantages Of Badoo

  • Strict identity verification system
  • Content and profiles are screened regularly for trolls and scammers
  • Large user pool
  • All the features it offers are of high-quality

Content posted by users is screened regularly to ensure it meets community standards. It is a good way to protect members from harassment and keep the quality high. Same for the features it offers, although Badoo cannot be considered to have an extensive range of features, the features it does provide are of high quality.

Users will rarely encounter a bug or error. But the best advantage of Badoo is its large user pool. Officially with 500 million users scattered across the world. No matter where you are or how urgent you want a date, you can almost rest assured that you will find matches rather quickly.

Disadvantages of Badoo

  • Few features available
  • There are other more comprehensive dating sites at this price range
  • Lack of diversity in members
  • Pushes premium features
  • Not transparent on payments
  • Limited search filters
  • Security is not the tightest

There are plenty of limitations to what this site brings to the table. To begin with, despite having a good interface and smooth server speed, the features it offers are rather basic and simple.

There is anything hardly special about its features that can be listed as a major selling point. On top of that the site feels spammy, isn’t transparent about payment and pushes premium features. Although Badoo puts an effort into stopping fake profiles, its security system in safeguarding personal data is not the strongest.

Many members and reviews have voiced their concern for how Badoo has potential safety risks that could lead to information leaks.

Pricing For Badoo

The price for Badoo is reasonable to its competitors. The starting price is $3.99 per week, or $9.99 per month. Discounts are offered to those who want to commit long-term.

For 3 months and 6 months, it’s $24.99 and $34.99 respectively. Badoo also offers lifetime access at only $59.99, which is very good in the industry.

However, be careful! As if you stick with the free version, you will also be pushed to pay for extra features with credits. These are topped up by card or mobile but are not always clear when you are paying or how much they will cost. Other sites do not feel as scammy in this regard.

Legit alternatives to Badoo

1. Bang Locals

Pros –

  • Simple safe sign-up
  • Simple interface
  • Great geographic match feature

Cons –

  • The site can slow down at times

Bang locals is a great hook up site that connects you to people close by, fast. The powerful search engine is superior to Badoo and you can filter easily to find the best match for you. There are minimal ads, and the interface is easy to use.

No accidental clicking or paying for one-click features by mistake. Members are screened and fake profiles are checked. Loading times can sometimes be a little long, but this is a small price to pay for an otherwise straightforward, fun hookup site to meet up without the fuss.

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2. Adult FriendFinder

Pros –

  • Big network of users
  • Feature rich
  • Find longer term matches

Cons –

  • Interface can be a little confusing

Adult FriendFinder is great for both hook ups and longer term matches. Tap into a huge network of over 90 million users and find unique social-media style features like customized friend’s lists, live streams and group chats.

Adult FriendFinder helps you join communities of people like you, which means you are way more likely to find a compatible match then with Badoo. Use group and video chats to get to know people like never before.

The site navigation can be confusing at times so it could do with a layout refresh. But it is the greatest liberal, sexy platform we know!

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3. Ashley Madison

Pros –

  • Great for people looking for a discreet affair
  • Safe, secure browsing
  • Your personal information is kept private

Cons –

  • Ads can be annoying

Ashley Madison is the ideal site for anyone looking for a hookup outside their relationship. It is super discreet and will not give away any of your personal info, while vetting members and being super secure. It encrypts messages so offers a lot more security than Badoo does.

If you are looking for this kind of thing, Badoo is not the place for you. It lacks diversity, and feels like a more judgmental environment to put yourself and your specific needs out there. Annoyingly though, the site is quite pop-up ad heavy which can disrupt the user experience.

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Final Thoughts

Badoo can be a fun site for a casual date.

However, if you are not careful, you can find yourself paying money for sub-par features you didn’t even want. Therefore it might be smart to take your investment elsewhere.

With a lack of developed structure, Badoo is more like a beta for a finished site. A lot of eye-catching functions are missing. Coupled with its security risk, you might just be paying for nothing.

Honestly Badoo is not the greatest dating site around. You will discover more and match with hotter and funner girls on other big dating sites like Bang Locals, Adult FriendFinder, and Ashley Madison.

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