Russian Cupid Review

Russian Cupid Review: Is The Dating Platform Legit or Just Another Scam?

by John Santana

There may be 145 million Russians, but that doesn’t mean you can just walk down the street bumping into one. Unless you live in Russia, it could be tricky to find an Eastern European lover.

Russian Cupid claims to unite international people with ethnic Russian for a romantic symphony. Let’s take a look at how good Russian Cupid is and if you should trust this niche dating site!

Russian Cupid At a Glance

First impression: 6/10
Signup: 5/10
Searching and matching: 6/10
Profile quality: 3/10
Pricing: 5/10

Overall: 5/10

Final verdict: Russian Cupid is an okay dating site to pass the time but you probably should get out before the free trial ends.

Paying to be on the site is not a wise decision. An advantage of the site is its two million Russian members. Not a lot of niche dating sites can attract millions of users.

Despite its intentions, there are lots of shortcomings. The problem of fake profiles persists in haunting unregulated dating sites, including Russian Cupid. Its lack of security fails to protect users against online scams. You should simply opt for the free trial to squeeze as much as you can out of it and leave.

Switch to Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison if you are serious about meeting your Russian counterpart.

Russian Cupid Overview

First Impression

Russian Cupid is not one of its kind within its mother company. The agency runs nearly 40 other dating sites covering almost every major ethnicity, such as Thai Cupid, China Love Cupid, Black Cupid, etc. It is reassuring to see its affiliated sites as it reduces its chance of being a scam.

When you hop onto the landing page, there is not too much information. It does not show the origins of the company or its history. Users can read through a few success stories, which do not provide any insight into how the site works.

There is an app version on Google Play for Android users. iOs users will have to stick with the desktop version. Having an app version makes things easier. The screen format is more compatible and easy to navigate.

The site targets single Russians (mostly females) to find international dates (mostly males). Russian Cupid is available in 20 languages, widening its reach exponentially. Operating in 90 countries, members should be able to meet their other half easily.

At first glimpse, Russian Cupid is not a bad dating site at all, compared to plenty of other suspicious unverified dating sites we have reviewed. Still, it has its limitations as the company deliberately does not want to reveal its information.

First impression: 6/10


If security is a big concern, then you will have a problem with Russian Cupid. The site is not designed to safeguard your data and browsing history. There are no specific terms on how it stores users’ payment details or information. Any premium dating sites will put this information in a Q&A section to increase credibility. It is likely that Russian Cupid does not encrypt its data at all.

To register, all you need is an email address or connect it to your Facebook account. It takes two minutes to complete the profile. While a quick registration process is tempting for casual daters, it does expose the entire community to online risks.

Connecting it to your Facebook account may seem to validate your profile more than an email. But, it also puts you at a higher risk because the site could exploit your data from it. Unless users feel they could completely trust a site, they should never grant access to an account flowing with personal details.

Fake profiles are everywhere, which we will go through more in the next section. Previous members have expressed their frustration with online safety. The site fails to offer a protected environment for users to date.

Also, the site takes no measures to verify your profile. Anyone can place any stolen photos or fake details. You can already anticipate dealing with loads of scammers here. There is a lack of structure in completing your profile. You are not given guidance on polishing the look. This creates inconsistency among profiles.

Signup: 5/10

Searching And Matching

Currently, the site claims to have around two million active users around the world. Searching for a match should not be an issue. Russian Cupid has an advanced search system. You can screen through profiles by city. Or you can do searches in multiple cities at once.

You have to specify the purpose of your search. It helps the system understand whether you are looking for friendships, romance, or marriage. It matches you with members with similar preferences.

Despite how capable the search engine seems, the results are quite disappointing. Results can be sorted by photo quality, proximity, age, and other factors. However, the results are not accurate. For example, users choosing matches in Moscow may get profiles all the way to Siberia. There seems to be an unknown algorithm playing with the search results, making the matching process harder.

Also, you may see some profiles frequently appearing no matter how you change your search criteria. These profiles do not seem to match your requirements either. They are randomly appearing even if you keep ignoring them. It gets obstructive.

When you come across a profile you like, you can give it a like to let them know that you are interested. Or if you are brave enough, you can initiate a message request directly. You can message all members as premium members.

In addition, you can hold the profiles you like without taking any action with the ranking feature. Give different profiles a respective score and come back to them whenever you want. It keeps your chatbox clean and organized.

Searching And Matching: 6/10

Profile Quality

After embracing the full experience, Russian Cupid is a big letdown. Its other features are somewhat comprehensive but its profile quality is low. Since it does not take action against fake profiles, the site is stinking with scammers.

Most importantly, there is no way to check if someone is indeed ethnically Russian. Everyone can pretend to be someone where here. For users looking to date Russians exclusively, you have to use your judgment to decide how trustworthy a profile is.

Cheaters are also taking advantage of the anonymous matching feature. They can hide their profiles from others. Cheaters love using this trick to lay low. Most victims will not ever find out that the person they fell in love with is already married.

Reporting a profile rarely gets anything done. The site seems to be slow in dealing with complaints. These rotten apples are never removed from the tree, causing further dismay to those who encounter them.

When you do meet real daters, the quality is not too high either. Most of them do not speak English at all. If you are an international dater, you will want to practice your Russian first. Otherwise, it is difficult to form a deep bonding.

Profile quality 3/10


Russian Cupid is a fee-based dating site with a free trial available to new users. The free trial gives you access to all paid features. The one-month platinum plan costs $40. It drops to $13 per month if you sign up for the 12-month plan.

Premium features include hiding your profile, unlimited messages, higher visibility, no ads, and plenty of others. You will need to upgrade your membership to find dates. Its basic features are not sufficient at all to match with others. It only allows you to browse through profiles.

The pricing scheme is somewhat reasonable. But given the quality of the site, it is still not advised for members to pay for its services. If you really want to experience Russian Cupid, it’s better to utilize the free trial. After that, most members choose to quit the platform as it fails to deliver satisfactory results.

Pricing: 5/10

Is Russian Cupid LGBT-Friendly?


Russian Cupid claims to be but reality suggests differently.

The site opens registration to everyone. However, the dates you will get as an LGBT member are few. Most members are heterosexual singles looking to date. It will be hard for people with other sexual preferences to blend in. There are minimal dates for LGBT people as they are scattered in different parts of the world.

That said, members are decently friendly toward others. You will not feel uncomfortable. Even though you may not find dates there, you will still reap some quality friendships. Finding a penfriend is a feature of Russian Cupid. Most LGBT people tend to find this feature the most suitable for them.

Tips On Dating a Russian

Russians are possibly one of the most fantasized races in the world. Their blonde hair and light eyes are captivating. But, aside from their gorgeous looks, they have so much to offer and have high expectations for their counterparts.

Respect is the most important factor. Sometimes, Russians dating foreigners feel they are inferior as their partners keep reinforcing how much better they are. Russians are incredibly proud people. You should never talk down to them. Your lover will not stay for one more minute when the insult starts.

Learning about their culture is the only way to love them right. Russia is a rich nation full of history. Cultural elements are never absent from their daily lives. Take your time to learn about their preferences, references, and habits. You will be amazed by how some random acts have deep meanings.

For example, Russians are loyal. You may think it’s stupid of someone to stay with a broke and dull partner but them, they know to appreciate the good times and will never give up on their partner.

Commitment is a big thing for Russians. They might still be in the wild stage where casual sex is king. But after a while, they will want to settle down. Starting a happy family is everyone’s dream. If you have been dating a Russian for some time, you should start thinking about the future. They will not get kids unless they are married. It is sentimental and a gesture to offer security.

Russians have so many unique traits. Most people dating a Russian have realized their looks are the last thing to capture their hearts compared to all the sweet characteristics. Focus on your partner’s charming personality to see how compatible you are.


Russian Cupid is surely not the best Russian dating site out there. Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison have a way larger user pool with millions of active Russian members everywhere. They also have a better security system to eradicate fake profiles to protect your safety.

Sign up now to find Russian beauty near you.

John Santana

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