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2024 3Fun Review: Is The Dating Site Worth Your Time?

by John Santana

Find Hookups Nearby - Try Adult Friend Finder In short, the mainstream dating scene could prove to be a problem for people seeking polyamorous relationships. This is a big reason 3 Fun was born in 2014. These niche dating apps are specifically designed to meet singles who are seeking three people. Its synced Chat feature helps couples flirt in real-time and the 3 Fun Database consists of more than 2 million active dating people with strong sexual motivations and low inhibitions.

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3Fun: Threesome & Swingers App Reviews

3Fun– The biggest dating app that helps couples to connect openly with local open-minded individuals who want an open relationship. Our secure images are secured through presigned URLs, & our APIs have high security.

Send a maximum of one private Message per person with matching matches FREE. Chat Synchronisation. Tables of content. 1. Review. How can we be sure? How does this work? 3. Does my mobile phone not work properly? 5. Reporting issues.

3Fun Review in 2023

ThreeFun is said to provide a safe place for singles and couples meeting kinky and open-minded people seeking the same thing: threesome swing. Can the website satisfy my desires for love and sexuality? Please check out these reviews.

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Signing Up at 3 Fun

3Fun makes registration simple and straightforward. All forms must be registered within less than a minute. The registration process can be completed in two different ways. It is possible to sign up online or by e-mail.

The following steps require checking a valid email account. You may also want to connect to your Facebook profile for easier access.

It will help you create your own profile as soon as your profile is created by the website. In addition, the registration is done using the mobile number. You can enter your phone number on this website right away. It also works on mobile devices that are using the App a lot.

3Fun profile. Qualities

The 3Fun team has used AI technology to find fake profiles from its users. 3. Fun reportedly claims to be the earliest casual dating web-site to use such tech.

The software automatically deletes catfishers using Snapchat filters and similar applications. As casual date site users have become more aware of scammers and bots, the addition of the additional layer of security makes them feel safer.

The software can also find stolen profiles or naked photos. In addition, 3Fun offers a manually verified verification requirement and each profile must undergo a manual verification process.

3Fun can spice up a person’s Sex Life

The Coronavirus pandemic caused sweeping social change. Thousands of Americans adapt to the new standard using technology in the modern day.

Instead of going on first dates in a Starbucks – a single person went on video dates instead of meeting at a bar. The 3Fun app has helped couples and singles stop being scared and start to pursue their hobbies. The Polyamorous Date App has become increasingly popular over the past few months, and the developers are looking for more opportunities to encourage people to hookup with their friends in their home.

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Who Is Really Signed Up Here?


The platform sends more than 1 million messages every day to 1.5 million registered users across the globe. The company has about 500 active people daily. The majority of them are American citizens.

However, some members remain. However, in the U.S you can find more meetup events available. People use the website to find threesomes or pair exchanges.

These websites are specially designed for short-term relationships and casual flirts. For serious dating and deep relationships, try your luck on another online dating site.

More than 2 million people are searching online for threesomes

The 3Fun project aims to bring up openminded singles and couples to hookup. Almost all of its users are American, British, Brazilian or Canadian. Over time, ThreeFun has evolved, capitalising on the fun-loving spirit of singles and partners at their prime. Currently the company has more than 400,000 active customers.

Couple and woman members account for nearly half and another half are single men who seek out hookups without strings attached. Polyamorous couples can have a synchronised chat through a 3 Fun profile.

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Extra security features give women greater peace of mind

Online dating security has become a big concern in polyamorous dating as people have to put their hearts at risk to protect themselves. 3Fun has worked very hard checking out the profiles for each date and creating a pleasant, safe environment.

In order of gaining trust, 3 Fun gives a badge verified to the user that proves they are genuine online daters. The Verified badge shows that photos were double-checked with the app. Over 1.5 Million 3Fun users verified their photos within this app.

Making Contact on 3Functions

3fun helps you find the people you most like. The better a profile is based on, the better a review would be compiled. It is especially helpful for finding people sharing similar traits and preferences in their sexuality and gender.

When you sign up to 3 Fun, your profile will be displayed in the site’s search results based upon your match preferences. You have the right to upload photos to this website. If you liked someone who likes your profile also, you should be matching them.

3Fun: Data Hack of 2019

A Pen test partners investigation revealed alleged weaknesses in the 3Fun data system and its security. Ken Munro, founder of PenTest, said the application was likely without the most security.

The app was able to reveal the location information of users in real time. The Pen test partners said it had a problem identifying the exact location and other details of the user.

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Special Features

3Fun features several special features that enhance the experience and increase the enjoyment. Those include the following:

Incognito Mode and Block Contacts

3Fun is based on an earlier update that improved security and encrypted users’ personal data. The update included a pair of useful user-driven features, including the ability to disable contact details. The user has access to anonymous browsing for a limited time and the ability to delete suspicious users from his or her account.

Couple access

Couples could chat together using synchronized accounts. It’ll prove helpful when two partners share one account and use one or more mobile phones for chat. There will also be no separate account required.

Constant in-app scanning

3Fun has updated its security features to prevent romance scammers and catfishers. Those deemed liable for scams will receive immediate investigation and, if necessary, be removed.

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Like or Pass

Find a matching partner based on your liking on recommended profiles. Please remember that it requires uploading photos for a photo.


3Fun has some of the “worst safety for any dating website we’ve seen yet.” It was discovered that 3Fun not only leaked users’ whereabouts, but also information such as their birthdates, sexual habits, photographs, and conversation data.

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