AfroRomance Review

AfroRomance Review: A Worthy Interracial Dating Site or a Waste of Time?

Last Updated on November 10, 2022

AfroRomance is an interracial dating site that vows to connect high-quality singles in the USA. Depending on your location, some states do not offer a lot of options to connect with someone from another ethnic background.

So, here comes AfroRomance. In this full review, we will go through what the deal is with this domestic dating site and if you should put your hope in it.


AfroRomance At a Glance

First impression: 6/10
Signup: 3/10
Searching and matching: 4/10
Member quality: 4/10
Pricing: 2/10

Overall: 3.8/10

Final verdict: AfroRomance does not even pass as a dating site, let alone as a niche-specific interracial dating site. Don’t bother.

Its poor management reflects in its low-quality features and lack of security enforcement for user privacy. Singles will be more frustrated at its inaccurate search results. You should avoid going on AfroRomance.

There are loads of other dating sites to pump your dating life. Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison are perfect for interracial dating. There are almost 150 million registered members on the two sites, making them the strongest combo for Black singles. We have previously reviewed the two sites, ensuring their top quality will get you plenty of dates.

AfroRomance In-Depth Review

First Impression

Since the name is AfroRomance, naturally, the first thing we looked at is how the site’s algorithm works. After going through its introduction, we have noticed the site mostly advocates black-to-white dating, rather than black dating.

It encourages interracial dating, which is fine, but it seems to neglect Afro-dating when there is also a high demand for black people to connect. All of its success stories only feature interracial couples. It could be an honest mistake or it simply isn’t AfroRomance’s niche.

AfroRomance has a lengthy landing page detailing how the site will help you gain dozens of attractive dates. Although no one will take the time to read the whole thing, having a transparent policy on the site’s structure is a plus. You can sign up and search for free but everything else requires a subscription.

The first impression is not jaw-droppingly stunning but it seems to get the job done. It leaves users intrigued about how AfroRomance can work magic.

First impression: 6/10


The registration process is not as meticulous as you would hope. All you need is an email. On your profile, you have to display your age, location, ethnicity, and what you are searching for. It helps the system categorize your profiles.

You must agree to its terms and conditions to proceed. Most users don’t take the time to read through the appendix but AfroRomance forcibly binds you to receive email updates and share your data with its trusted affiliations.

Your data is pretty much exposed. AfroRomance has been panned by critics for how it handles users’ personal information. You should go through each section and see how the privacy policy sits with you. If you are not satisfied with certain things, you should not agree to the terms.

For that, AfroRomance gets a low score in this section for using sneak methods to trick users into submitting their data for its benefit. It is for their marketing purposes. You will start receiving emails from third-party companies as the dating site shares your email address with others.

Signup: 3/10

Searching And Matching

AfroRomance automatically suggests new profiles to you. You can do a manual search if you are not happy with the suggestions. The filters allow you to pinpoint profiles quite easily, although mishaps happen as the site does not have a broad enough member pool to generate dates from. Sometimes, you will get matches internationally, even when you specifically look for domestic dates.

On each person’s profile, you will get basic information such as height, marital status, and occupation. You can further decide your compatibility based on the information. Nudity is strictly forbidden to keep the site clean and family-friendly.

AfroRomance does not “cockblock” you, so to speak. You can message anyone you want without the need for a mutual like. It boosts your chances of selling your best characteristics. Your profile is only an aid to highlight your charming side. You can throw in some conversation starters to arouse the other person’s interest.

There are limited ways to message your date. You can only use the rigid, inherent chat on the site. Poor management is another downside. The chat history may disappear due to bugs in the system. You may not get a notification when someone messages you. All these have made AfroRomance not up to standard.

Searching and matching: 4/10

Member Quality

Currently, there are 80,000 registered members on AfroRomance. One-third of them are not from the USA. So, the chance of finding a match is actually very slim. Since AfroRomance advertises to be an interracial dating site for Americans, members would naturally have high hopes for it domestically.

Oftentimes, you meet interesting people on the other side of the world. It leaves you with heartbreak because meeting up is almost impossible. You feel more vulnerable than before. Locally, there are rarely any quality dates available or they are in another state.

Most members are concentrated in big cities. Given the low number, AfroRomance is not for you if you live in the outbacks. Also, there are a sizeable number of Hispanic daters on the site. So, if you are only down for black dating, you will be surprised by how many non-black daters there are.

Although the site does not have many fake profiles, the pathetically few members available are already enough to drive traffic and reputation down. AfroRomance does not offer an excellent matching experience either.

It would seem that AfroRomance is deriving from its original goal, which is to connect Black singles to other ethnicities. You will see the site often turns into a speed dating venue for almost every other race other than Black.

Also, the site keeps promoting idle profiles on top of search results. These profiles are abandoned by the users as they may have moved on or found a lover already. Inactive profiles should either be removed or frozen but the site does not do much about them. Therefore, your messages are usually ignored. Not hearing a reply can be frustrating. That is something you have to accept with AfroRomance.

Despite the chaos, active members are educated, kind-hearted, and charming. If you manage to find the one match in your 100-mile radius, you will have a good time.

Member quality: 4/10


On average, AfroRomance costs $18 per month to join. While it is fair pricing in the online dating industry, this particular site does not contain a value proportionate to the cost. From its lack of active members to the fundamental fault in its system, AfroRomance is proven to be inferior to other competing sites.

It is not an exaggeration to say that donating your money is more rewarding than being on AfroRomance, especially when there are other better options for interracial dating.

Pricing: 2/10

Interracial Dating Tips

Best Cities For Interracial Couples

It is all about the soul. Romance is never about the color of your skin but it does mean there are some adjustments to make. The USA is possibly the most diverse country in the world. And that does not mean everyone adheres to the same culture. Rather, every culture can shine and thrive under the acceptance and harmony of everyone in the community.

Hence, when you meet someone of another ethnicity, there are still things to learn about their culture even if they were born and raised here. Accepting others is a big part of interracial dating. Sometimes, their cultural elements may come off as “weird.” But you should never judge their legacy, as your behavior may also be deemed unacceptable.

Learning about each other’s background guides you in formulating a strategy that works. If family takes priority for them, you can polish your culinary skills and impress their parents with a famous dish. Likewise, you should let your partner know about your background and values.

A lot of avoidable conflicts happen due to the lack of mutual respect. Both sides think their values take priority and forget that compromises are equally important.

On top of that, it’s important to strike a balance with all the negativity. When you are dating someone, you are excited to tell the whole world, of course. But some people may not have the nicest things to say. In that case, it could hurt your self-esteem as well as your relationship.

You should know how much to share, when to defend your partner, and when to leave a debate with narrow-minded people. If they have anything negative to say about your partner because of their skin, there is really not much you can do other than feel sorry for the existence of these people.

Learning to navigate your negative emotions is important. You should remain impartial to other people’s comments. Despite being an incredibly modern country, the USA does still suffer from unpleasant people having conservative thoughts on interracial dating.

How To Protect Yourself From Scammers?

Fake profiles tend to thrive in niche-specific dating sites as most of them are poorly regulated. Scammers exploit the vacancy and barge in. As a smart consumer, you have to be very careful. There are some key principles in spotting scammers when you are browsing for the sexiest snaps.

They usually can’t compose their sentences in a meaningful way. This happens because most scammers are from overseas. It reduces the risk of being arrested domestically.

Therefore, most of them are not native English speakers and struggle to write properly. This is a major warning sign. If someone claims to be born and raised in the USA but can’t even write the simplest words, you should be agile and leave promptly.

Also, scammers don’t care about you. They only want to get something from you. For example, a catfish may be looking for attention while a conman is seeking money. Either way, they will switch the focus onto themselves. Gradually, you will feel the conversation is not about you. They take no interest in your life until they show their true intentions.

Running into scammers on online dating sites is heartbreaking. They make you feel like love is around the corner. Then, they go ahead and shred off their masks.

Being skeptical is not cynical at all. It protects you against possible fraud. It is a good way to protect yourself. Don’t put your trust blindly in someone on the internet. Keep your common sense. If your brain is signaling you to run, you should listen.


AfroRomance is not the place for any serious daters. Your interracial dream starts on Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison. Get yourself signed up today to greet millions of potential dates.

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