New Relationship Advice? Here are 7 Amazing for a perfect Start

by John Santana

“You have to walk carefully in the beginning of love; the running across fields into your lover’s arms can only come later when you’re sure they won’t laugh if you trip.”

– Jonathan Carroll

“It’s a Yes”

That’s all it takes to put your life on an exciting journey, a beautiful journey of blossoming love and belongingness.

Everything seems sheer perfect, things finally start to make sense, and the heart opens itself to newfangled beats – the first relationship is indeed special.

Rare are the feelings that can match the ecstasy of the beginning of a new relationship and the arrival of a special person in your life. However, with this excitement follows a few unwelcomed challenges and adjustments that no relationship can stay immune to.

Your relationship will be tested through thick and thins with time, and one wrong step is enough to take the wind out of your romantic sails. No, I am not judging your relationship handling skills, but we do have some amazing actionable tips that you can follow to make your new relationship stronger and more affectionate.

After all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and when it comes to the beginning of a new relationship, you better make the first step right to make this journey more exciting than ever.

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Advice for New Relationship and New Beginning

Let’s get started now:

1. Trust & Honesty

Mutual trust and honesty towards each is undoubtedly the foundation of any relationship. Every new relationship needs a strong foundation to rely upon and to stay intact with time.

Trust is not just about constantly uttering “I trust you”. It takes honest faith towards each other that should come naturally from within. Always remember, that It takes hundreds of things to carve a harmonious relationship, but a single doubt is enough to spoil it.

From the day you step in your new relationship, it’s good to turn a little transparent and to show utmost honesty and unconditional trust towards each other to really enjoy a peaceful relationship.

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2. A relationship is a marathon, not a sprint

I understand your excitement and eagerness, but it’s always advisable to take things slow in the beginning. You might be planning to take your partner home to meet your parents or your friends, or even to take your relationship straight to an intimate level. If that’s so, please hold your horses right there.

Why? Because That’s a sure shot recipe of disaster.

Better let everything happen with its own pace rather than forcing it on your relationship and your partner. It can get really overwhelming for your partner to rush into things when you haven’t really got to know each other that well.

Instead, divert all your time and energy in getting to know each other better. Don’t care too much about achieving milestones or taking things to the next level. Going slow doesn’t also mean you have to wait till eternity for things to happen, it just means to act a little mature towards your relationship and make decisions accordingly.

3. Right here, right “NOW”

A relationship is a collection of small moment and memories you create together with your partner. Being committed is more than just a tag. And, for you to enjoy this special feeling of belonging to someone, you better learn to stay in the moment. Not in the gloomy past, or promising future, but just 10000% in the present moment.

Cut off all the chords that halt you to be in the ‘Now’.

Whether you’re out on a date, talking over the phone, or even during your intimate experiences, you need to stay in the moment and focus on your partner to really enjoy the exceptional feeling of being in a relationship.

Ditch your phone, emails, worries, leave your stress at bay and be with your loved one, because these are the moments that will make your relationship worthwhile and worth living for.

4. Ditch all your “Hmm” and “Okays”

Good communication is the key to a healthy relationship. It can open your relationship towards a better understanding, that will further add up to your compatibility and intimacy towards each other.

Be vocal about your feelings and thoughts that are taking the majority of your mind and heart. Indulge in some real and deeper talks with your partner to express and to understand each other well.

Don’t fall into the trap of turning silent towards your inner self and expect your partner to understand that silence perfectly. It takes years for a relationship to grow to a level where words are not necessary to understand each other.

But in the beginning, be more expressive towards each other. If there is something your partner should know, share it…If there’s something you feel your partner can do in a better way…Convey it…If there’s something that’s bothering you…Express it…There’s no other way around.

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5. Get a little apart to come closer

Don’t stick to your partner 24×7 like a gum. Nobody wants an overly clingy partner who doesn’t leave their side.

If you or your partner is someone who needs their own personal space to give their best, then it’s okay to let them be. Wanting a lil space in a relationship is completely normal. You’re over dependency or neediness might be a major attraction killer.

Don’t make a mistake of revolving your life just around your relationship and partner. A relationship is a part of life, not the whole life itself. Don’t be over-dependent on your relationship. Learn to create a balance. Learn to appreciate each other’s personal space.

Having some quality “me time” is something we all need by default, don’t make this a big deal. Never forget that a healthy relationship is not having your partner around every single second, it’s about achieving the same intimacy and bonding even when they are not always around.

6. Appreciation & Acceptance

There is no perfect relationship or people, it’s just about accepting even the imperfections perfectly. Don’t put all your unnecessary and false expectation on your partner just to test their love & affection towards you. Don’t be a serial nagger.

It’s not your partner’s duty to make you feel secure about your relationship and change their true nature just to satisfy your false ego. Real relationships are about accepting each other, even with all the flaws. Appreciate them for who they are, make them feel special about themselves.

Doesn’t matter if your partner has different opinions about something or they don’t turn out the way you want them to be, as long as you have unconditional love and understanding towards each other, there’s nothing to worry about. Learn to respect each other individuality and accept it wholeheartedly.

7. #bestfriends before #perfectcouple

Strive to be the best of friends before you set out to give #relationshipgoals to others. No relationship can survive for long if it’s not based on true friendship. Get to know each other well first before you go on claiming your love to the world. Better understand each other likes/dislikes that can help you develop compatibility with your partner.

Having a relationship that is based on friendship is one of the strongest bonds because as a friend you are more focused towards each other happiness rather than just own’s. And, that’s indeed a perfect ingredient for happy relationships.


Achieving a healthy and loving relationship is not rocketry. All it takes little efforts and unconditional dedication to live happy relationships. Be selfless and supportive towards each other and rest will fall into place by itself with time. And yeah, Congratulations on your new relationship… Here are 21 Questions For a New Relationship 


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John Santana

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