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Dating a Pisces Man: Personality Traits & What It’s Like Being in a Relationship With Him

by John Santana

Pisces men are naturally charming. They have an alluring aurora that makes them desirable. Girls go crazy for their Pisces lovers because they are the most gentle and romantic beings ever. It is no wonder that you want to get to know more about him.

Has your man been giving you some confusing signals and you don’t know how to deal with them? Figuring out someone as artistic as a Pisces is never easy. There are so many layers to their charisma. But once you know how to decipher him, he is an open book.

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Signs a Pisces Man is in Love With You

1. He Will Drop Hints For You

Your Pisces man is lovingly annoying. Instead of telling you how much he loves you, he drops hints for you to chase him. He enjoys being pursued in a relationship. To initiate, he will leave you some breadcrumbs to follow. You can tell he is being seductive.

The thrill of being chased by the girl he loves is enticing. He wants to see your effort to get him.

2. He Remembers Everything About You

When a Pisces man is in love, he falls in love with everything and everyone around you. He will remember your grandparents’ birthdays, your best friend’s favorite dish, and your dog’s medical history.

It is mind-blowing to believe how deeply he listens. Every word you say is embedded in his soul. Dating you means inviting people in your life into his as well. That’s why he wants to come prepared.

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3. He Asks You Deep Questions

There is no secret in a relationship with him. Every once in a while, he wants to dig deep into the past. He is not doing this to shade you. Rather, he wants to know every bit about you. There is no judgment.

By learning about the stupid things you did as a teen or your secrets, he understands you as a person more. A creative soul like him relies on constructing the full image to love his partner.

4. He Blushes When Talking About Certain Topics

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Whether you are talking about his ex or the time he wet himself in the car, he will blush immediately. A Pisces man is incredibly shy in front of his lover. He wants you to see the best side of him. These topics may bring back bad memories and are embarrassing for him.

Nonetheless, he will still want to share them with you because he trusts you. He just can’t help but blush all the way. His face looking like a tomato is probably the cutest thing you will see.

5. He Stares at You

Expressing his love with words does not come as powerful as a loving stare. Your man adores you. Staring at you all day tells him how lucky he is to be with you. His eyes are full of love and care.

Staring back at him will melt your heart. There is so much happiness that those bright eyes can handle. It will make you want to hold him tight and never let go.

6. He Takes Your Advice

A Pisces man takes pride in his creation and normally does not get affected by others. To influence him, you must have a heavy place in his heart. He seeks your advice every time he is troubled and values your suggestions.

Your man trusts that you are thinking in his best interest and will not hesitate to take your advice even if it goes against his original plans. Gaining his recognition is the best way to show his love.

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7. He Wants to Connect With You on a Spiritual Level

The physical attraction is temporary. If that is the only reason he is attracted to you, he will not start a relationship with you because it will not last. Looks and appearances are skin-deep. He actively seeks a spiritual bonding with his partner.

Sharing the same values, beliefs, and way of life is crucial for him. The perfect partner is someone that he can sit with for hours without talking and still understand each other. Any relationship lacking the soul connection is dead to him. If he expresses how deeply he feels connected to you, he is fond of you more than you know.

8. He Gets Triggered by Your Comments

Keeping his emotions in check is hardly his strong suit. Your unintentional comments about how he needs to do better can trigger him. He switches to defense mode instantly. His attitude can lead to a bunch of silly arguments.

If it makes you feel any better, he rarely cares about what other people say about him. He gets so worked up because you have a special place in his heart. Criticism from you hurts deeply. Once his emotions dial down, he is back to being the sweetest guy on the planet with an apology.

What is a Pisces Man Attracted to?

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1. Your Romantic Gestures

You would think a romantic guy like him is dominated by his star sign and want to be the more romantic one in the relationship. It is quite the contrary with a Pisces. He loves it when you can outsmart him in coming up with romantic ideas.

He is a sucker for surprises. Small details like making his favorite meal will literally put tears to his eyes. Your romantic gestures go a lot way as a Pisces man will be forever grateful and reciprocate.

2. Your Sensitive Side

Your man is always on an emotional roller coaster. His mood can go up and down with the smallest things. Sometimes, his sensitive nature is labeled as dramatic. Most Pisces men feel misunderstood by the world.

If you can show the same emotional capacity by unleashing your sensitive side, it will bring you closer to him. Seeing someone sharing his ability to cry for the silliest movie warms his soul. He will be glad to finally find someone to share his thoughts with.

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3. Your Curiosity

There is no such thing as asking too many questions. He loves it when you want to get to the bottom of things. Curiosity is a sin he is proud to live with. For him, there is nothing fun in life if you can’t ask questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask him personal questions about his childhood trauma, biggest fear, and conspiracy theories about the galaxy. He will probably be jumping on his seat to have you so interested. You don’t have to ask questions that have a definite answer. Hypothetical questions are inspiring too — it lets his imagination flow.

4. Your Confidence

Being an emotional trainwreck like him, he needs someone that can calm him and lead him in life. His moodiness often gets in his way of making a fair decision. Having a strong-willed woman in his life to smack some logic into him is important.

He falls in love with a confident girl in a heartbeat. Knowing his own weakness, he values the push you give him. His version of an ideal partner will stand her ground when she believes in something.

5. Your Creativity

Dull people that live by the rules are not his favorite. Fun-loving people that are adventurous enough to think outside of the box inspire him. He needs a role model in life and wishes that to be you.

Show your creativity in any form you can. It doesn’t matter if it is a piece of art, an intelligent comment, or words. He is satisfied to know his partner can be an equal match to his creative side. Besides, your brain will have to spin fast enough to catch all his goofy ideas. He has dozens of things on his mind simultaneously. Having someone to share them with is the most joyous feeling.

Can a Pisces Man Love Deeply?

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At first, a Pisces man adopts the “let’s see what happens” approach. Commitments are sacred for him. Therefore, he does not want to hand out his commitments like flyers. There is this observation period where he takes one step forward and two steps back. During this time, he is expecting you to make a move and also allowing himself to back out if something does not smell right.

Once this is over and he is sure you are the one, he will love you more than anything else in the world. He is capable of giving every last inch of his love. You will not recognize him because he can change so drastically. He will not be the same shy boy that puts off romantic comments. Every day, there is a new way for him to remind you how much you mean to him.

A Pisces is also impressively loyal. It will be extremely difficult for him to leave the relationship especially with Scorpio woman and move on. Therefore, he is the fixer as he will try to solve the differences you have. Nothing is worth separating you two. Every argument is a minor bump that you can get over. He will never just walk away from your love without reason.

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Loving a Pisces is never as straightforward as you’d think. His delicate mind keeps evaluating the situation to love you right. The fragile, emotional side you see makes you want to give him a big hug and tell him everything will be fine. You will not regret giving your Pisces man a shot. If you are still finding one, sign up on an online dating site and stop wasting time!

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John Santana

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