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Dating a Virgo Man – Pros, Cons & Relationship Advice

by John Santana

Whether you are a believer in Astrology or not, it is hard to deny that people who have the same zodiac signs tend to have similar characteristics. If you are currently dating or are interested in a Virgo man, then you are in the right place because we will be breaking down what it is like to date a Virgo man.

A Virgo man is someone who can be practical, dependable, and honest. These are some of the best personality traits that a person who you are dating has. Especially, if you are looking for a more stable partner. On the other hand, a Virgo man can also be a perfectionist, critical, and fussy. Which are characteristics that you don’t want the person you are in a relationship with to have.

Here is what you need to know about dating a Virgo man, including characteristics, and a breakdown of what it is like to be in a relationship with a Virgo man. As well as, signs that will help you tell if a Virgo man is in love, and zodiac signs that are compatible with Virgo men.

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Virgo Zodiac Sign Breakdown

There are a few things that you need to know about Virgo as a zodiac sign itself to understand the characteristics of a Virgo male. After all, information about a zodiac element, ruling planet, and symbol can tell you quite a bit about someone. To make it easier to understand what it is like dating a Virgo man, here is a simple breakdown of the Virgo Zodiac sign:

  • Birthdays: August 23rd – September 22nd
  • Element: Earth
  • Symbol: The Maiden
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Detriment: Neptune and Jupiter

Characteristics and Traits of Virgo Men

Virgo men have quite strong personalities which can either be a positive or a negative factor in a relationship. However, this usually depends on what characteristics you are looking for in a partner. A few of the most common male Virgos personality traits usually have included:

Being Grounded

Virgo is an earth sign and one of the common characteristics of other zodiac signs are being grounded and remaining humble. No matter how successful a Virgo man becomes they usually remain level-headed and planted in their roots. Being grounded is one of the most common charcuteries that you can find between Virgo men. They do not let any success go to their heads, they simply remain down to earth.

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Virgo men are incredibly loyal by nature and this loyalty will be unwavering. This is the case for usually every single person that a Virgo man loves. Whether this is their partner, friend, or family member a Virgo will be loyal to them as long as they trust them.

However, once a Virgo experiences disloyalty from someone they have been loyal to it is very unlikely that they will forgive this person. Usually, a Virgo will end up removing this person from their life because they have proven they can’t be trusted.


A common belief about Virgo males is that they can be quite rude and arrogant. However, this is usually because Virgos tend to be quite reserved people. They tend to be introverted and this is usually seen as them being unapproachable and stuck up. Even though Virgo men just simply do not like attention from people they are unfamiliar with. They are not loud and do not enjoy being the center of attention in a room of people that they do not know. Virgo men can be charming and easy to talk to when they want to be.


Virgo males are perfectionists, this applies to all parts of their lives. From their hygiene to how they complete tasks, anything that a Virgo does needs to be done perfectly. A few other characteristics that Virgo males usually have that contribute to these men being perfectionists included, being organized, their attention to detail, and is quite critical.

A Virgo man will impress anyone he meets with their appearances. This is because Virgo strives to have a perfect appearance. The space a Virgo man works and lives in needs to also meet their stands of perfection. This means these spaces are usually clean and well organized. However, when a Virgo experiences something that does not meet their standard of perfection they can be quite critical to achieving perfection.

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Virgo men are quite intelligent and hard-working people, who thrive on success but do not brag about the success that they achieve. They have great problem-solving skills and are rational thinkers. Virgo’s are well known to be one the best people to go to when you need some professional advice.

Virgo Male Celebrities:

You might be wondering what male celebrities who happen to be Virgos have anything to do with dating a Virgo man. Well, most people are familiar with the male celebrities on the list below. This will make it a bit easier for you to notice the similarities between male Virgo. Male celebrities who are Virgo include:

  • Prince Harry
  • Idris Elba
  • Adam Sandler
  • Tom Felton
  • Dylan O’Brien
  • Colin Firth
  • Chris Pine
  • Chase Stokes
  • Alexander Skarsgard
  • Jimmy Fallon

You will notice that the celebrities on this list have quite a few similar characteristics. Specifically, characteristics that Virgo men usually have. One of the most obvious personality traits that you might find common among these celebrities is just how grounded they seem to be despite their success and wealth.

What Is It Like to Date a Virgo Man?

Now you know a few common characteristics of Virgo men you might be wondering what is it like to be in a relationship with these earth signs? Well, the Virgo man loves being in a strong relationship. They prefer taking things slowly at the bringing of the start of the relationship and enjoy developing a routine.

Virgo men can either be the best partners in a relationship or they can end up being the completely wrong partner for you. When a Virgo man is in lover they are completely in. Vigro’s usually looking for a long-term relationship. They do not like complicated or potentially problematic relationships. Virgo is simply looking for the right partner who will stick by their side.

While Virgo men have quite a few characteristics that could make them a great partner to be in a relationship with. Such as being loyal, honest, intelligent, and grounded. This means that when you are dating a Virgo he will remain loyal and honest with you. He will not be someone who feels the need to boast or overshadow your achievements. Which are great qualities to have in a partner that could. lead to a strong relationship.

Although, there are also characteristics Virgo men have that could make them difficult partners. This includes their unwavering need to strive for perfection, being clean freaks, and being overly critical. Usually, when you date a Virgo man you will notice that they can be quite critical of how you get things done. Especially, if what you have done does not meet their level of perfection standards. Over time this can cause quite a few problems in the relationship.

However, it is important to keep in mind the charters of Virgo men when considering if they would make a good partner. It is also just as important to remember your personality traits also suit what your potential Virgo partner is looking for to make the relationship work.

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Signs that show Virgo Males are in Love

If you are wondering whether a Virgo guy that you have feelings for or may already be dating is actually in love with you. Here are the three signs that you should look out for because they usually show that a Virgo is in love:

He Talks About Your Future Together

If you are trying to tell if your Virgo partner is in love with you a good sign to look out for is if they bring up what your future together will be like. After all, Virgos want long-term relationships.

He Notices the Small Details About You

Even though Virgos pay close attention to detail, however, this is only usually the case about things he believes are worth focusing on. So if your Virgo partner mentions something about you that an ordinary person would not notice. This is a good sign that your Virgo Man loves you.

He Makes Time for You

Virgo men are quite productive and busy people. This means that they do not usually spend time on things that they do not find important. So if you have a Virgo guy that is constantly trying to make time for you. You can consider this as a sign that he may be in love with you.

Virgo Men Likes and Dislikes in a Partner

If you are in a relationship with a Virgo man and are trying to improve your relationship a good idea is to become aware of what your partner likes and does not like. This will help you figure out what you can do more or less to improve your relationship.

On the other hand, if you are just considering dating a Virgo man learning about what they want in a partner. Can also help you decide if they are the right partner for you.

Virgo Men Likes in a Partner:

1. Intelligence

Virgo men are usually intelligent which is one of the reasons why they look for intelligent partners. They want to have a partner that whom they can have stimulating and intellectual conversations.

2. Honesty

Virgo men value honesty and this is why they will not compromise if their partner is dishonest with them. This is why they prefer to find partners who they believe will always be honest with them.

3. Open to Criticism

Virgo men are highly critical this is why they like it when their partners are open to criticism. Simply because they want their partners to reach their level of perfection.

Virgo Men Dislikes in a Partner:

1. Snobby

As an earth sign, Virgo men are well known for being people who are grounded and humble. This is why they would not like a partner who is snobby and has a sense of superiority when around other people.

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2. Untidy

Keep in mind that Virgo men are clean freaks, everything needs to be in a certain way for them to feel comfortable. If a Virgo man dating a person who is a bit more carefree and a bit untidy. This can include if they don’t feel the need to put things in the right places, a Virgo man is not like this at all.

3. Clingy

Virgo mean do enjoy keeping themselves busy and spending their time completing productively. This is why a Virgo man would not like a clingy partner who needs attention all the time. They prefer to have someone who is a bit independent and does not need to spend their whole with them.

Virgo Compatibility

According to a few astrologers, some signs are more suited to be in a relationship with others. This is because every zodiac sign has its own set of characteristics.

These characteristics can either complement another zodiac sign’s characteristics which can lead to a good relationship. However, when a couple has two different zodiac signs the characteristics clash. This usually leads to a negative or short-term relationship.

Zodiac Signs Most Compatible with Virgo Men:

  • Scorpio
  • Taurus
  • Cancer
  • Capricorn

Zodiac Signs Least Compatible with Virgo Men:

  • Sagittarius
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Gemini

Final Thoughts

Virgo men have quite a few characteristics that can either make them great partners or problematic partners. A few of these well-known characteristics include being grounded, loyal, honest, revered, a perfectionist, and highlight critical.

Usually, Virgo men date with the intention of having a long-term relationship. They prefer having a partner who is intelligent, honest, and independent. However, at the end of the day, a good relationship depends on the compatibility of two people. So if your partner is a Virgo man as long as your personality traits suit one another it will be a good relationship.

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John Santana

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