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Luvcougar Review: Is The Cougar-Dating Platform Legit?

by John Santana

The pairing of a young man and an older woman is nothing out of the ordinary. Cougar dating is getting increasingly popular. Cougars are intelligent, financially stable, and mature. They master relationships at ease with no drama and heartache.

It is normal to be attracted to cougars. Luvcougar is an online dating site that connects young studs with cougars for an unexpected journey, or so it claims.

In this article, we will take you through everything this dating site offers and how likely it will work in your favor.

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Luvcougar At a Glance

First impression: 3/10
Signup and searching: 4/10
Messaging: 4/10
Profile quality: 3/10
Features: 2/10
Pricing: 3/10

Overall: 3.2/10

Final verdict: After a careful review of Luvcougar, it is safe to say that this online dating site is a complete rip-off. The site offers sub-par matchmaking services at premium prices that do not align with the quality. Members are tricked into the automatic payment services so they get charged unknowingly.

There are too many fake profiles. Finding a real person to chat with is like diving into the ocean with a blindfold, you will give up before you find anything concrete.

The place is swamped with young men trying to find wealthy mature ladies but there aren’t so many cougars around. The competition is fierce and most people end up spending weeks on the site without any luck.

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Luvcougar In-Depth Review

Luvcougar In-Depth Review

First Impression

Before you land on the Luvcougar page, as long as you search for the name on the internet, you are instantly greeted by a sea load of negative comments and reviews. It does not take any effort to discover that.

Seeing that as the introduction to Luvcougar, one would naturally be weary about the quality of the site. Most of these negative reviews call the site to be a money-grabbing monster with no real substance to offer. Before we can substantiate the claim, the image of Luvcougar is already shady.

On the landing page, users will see a banner of a mature woman and a slogan urging them to sign up. There is also a quick signup box right in the middle of the front page. This is a standard setup for dating sites like this one.

There is no app version, nor is the site adjusted for mobile viewing. Seeing how most users will likely browse from their phones, the lack of support may hint at the low-quality service you are about to see.

First impression: 3/10

Signup And Searching

The only efficient part about Luvcougar is the signup section. You can sign up within minutes as you only need your email address and choose your personal settings.

There is no ID verification so it is another red flag as you embark on your cougar hunt. Sites without ID verification feature usually contain lots of fake profiles. This is also the case with Luvcougar which will be discussed in later sections.

If a quick registration process is all that you are after, then you are in the right place. There is nothing much that you need to select before seeing random profiles popping up. These are the people in your area. They are not quite adjusted as per your preference but are only random results from the database.

Search filters on Luvcougar are rather limited. You can mostly only conduct searches with basic filters such as age, gender, and location. Advanced filters are not available, which could easily drive members away as advanced search is embedded in most dating sites nowadays.

Signup and searching: 4/10


Although Luvcougar seems outdated overall, it still supports the live chat feature. Having the live chat feature rather than emailing back and forth is a rarity for a traditional dating site. Most of them rely on email messaging that significantly slows down the communication process.

The chatroom on Luvcougar is another typical chatroom style with nothing impressive to mention. Its soothing lavender tone cannot salvage the untimely interface. The plain chatroom is boring and undermines members’ desire to stay on the platform.

Luvcougar barely passes the messaging test because it fails to make the most important place of the site exciting. It is functional but not entertaining, which is a big element for a joyful matching journey.

Users also cannot pin their favorite chats on top. All of the chats are ordered chronically according to the time of reply. It hinders users’ ability to connect with their favorite match on the platform when conversations can get lost in the chatroom easily. Besides, notifications are sometimes not delivered so users struggle to stay updated and reply promptly.

Messaging: 4/10

Profile Quality

Luvcougar promises young men a mature lady that knows how to handle herself. But the reality is that men have to compete against hundreds of other men in the area to even get the chance to talk to a cougar.

The site is semi-successful in attracting young sexy studs if you forgo the fake profiles but it fails to attract its biggest assets, aka cougars. There are so few cougars roaming on the site that you could spend weeks without getting a reply.

Cougars get a much bigger bargaining power in an unhealthy way. It is not even possible for them to reply to everyone if they want to. They often receive dozens of new requests from young men that they have to be very selective in talking to a new date.

It puts you at a big disadvantage due to the gender ratio disparity. Moreover, since there is no ID verification, Luvcougar suffers from the invasion of scammers. Users are always complaining about encountering fake profiles. Thankfully, the site does have a special button and a team to handle reports on suspicious activities.

Profile quality: 3/10


Luvcougar Review

Luvcougar does not provide any special features to its members that would enhance their experience on the site. There are only the typical profile highlight and public forums like on most other sites. Members can converse freely about anything on the public forum. It is an effective way to expand the reach and score more dates.

It should be noted that all of Luvcougar’s features are laggy and crash constantly. The site will need several upgrades to keep up with the current traffic or else members will start leaving soon. The response time is much longer on some features such as seeing the new comments on a public thread. The longer members stay on the site, the more infuriating it gets because of the site’s speed.

Granted, people probably never expected kickass features on Luvcougar since the site is obviously a traditional dating site instead of a trendy one. Still, it is hard to keep your temper in check when the features keep crashing on you repeatedly. Luvcougar will at least have to maintain minimal service quality to pass as a dating site.

Features: 2/10


Luvcougar does not offer a free trial period for members. You can only take the one-day trial deal at $1 to experience the service. The one-month membership cost is $34. You can also opt for the 6-month membership plan or the one-year plan at $29 and $16 per month respectively.

The lack of a free trial takes a big discount on the quality as it is customary for online dating sites to give out the experience for free. Besides, even though the pricing scheme is not aggressive, it still cannot deliver what the price is worth. Members are paying quite a bit of money for nothing.

Given what Luvcougar is offering, its pricing scheme is such a rip-off as members will be offered additional add-ons along the way to enhance the experience. Therefore, the price is not the final fee you pay.

In addition, Luvcougar is notorious for overcharging its customers and charging their credit cards before the renewal date. Many users have complained about this online as Luvcougar takes a long time to refund the discrepancies and in some cases, users were never refunded.

Overcharging customer is a big dealbreaker in the online dating industry where everything runs on reputation. Luvcougar does not seem to have figured that out yet as overcharging customers seems to be their strategy to make more unlawful money.

Pricing: 3/10


Don’t put your hopes up on Luvcougar to find you a cougar as you will certainly get your hopes shattered. Luvcougar is a scammy site that overcharges customers without providing any positive results.

There are legitimate platforms that offer you a safe and vibrant place to meet the most respectable cougar in town. Join Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals to find your destined lover. Stop wasting time with subpar matchmaking service providers. Put your penny in places that generate the biggest return today.

John Santana

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