LatinFeels Review

Our Honest Review Of LatinFeels – A Trending Dating App

by John Santana

LatinFeels is an online dating site that connects Latin people from around the world. Its compatibility test is used to match users with similar scores with the highest compatibility. This is a place of love and peace.

Is LatinFeels the place that brings your true love? Read more to find out.

LatinFeels At a Glance

First impression: 3/10
Signup and searching: 5/10
Profile quality and messaging: 2/10
Special features: 2/10
Pricing: 3/10

Overall: 3/10

Verdict: Thinking about skipping to the end to find out the answer? You can read it here! After the detailed analysis, it is safe to say that anyone should stay away from LatinFeels. Even if we turn a blind eye to the sketchy vibe, seeing the pathetically imbalanced gender ratio and poor profile quality is an instant rejection.

The majority of users are retired people in their 60s. If you are a young student or working professional, that’s probably not the demography you want to engage in. You should not waste your money on LatinFeels. There are places with much higher quality, including Adult FriendFinder, Ashely Madison, and Bang Locals.

LatinFeels Review By Features

First Impression

You don’t really get an idea of how LatinFeels works from its landing page. It does not feel like an online dating site until you see the signup box. The photos are irrelevant girls on laptops with a smile. The subtlety makes you think this is a rare innocent dating site that has never been seen before, which it is not. The weird choice to present an online dating site this way leaves new users confused.

On the signup box, it tells you that you can join LatinFeels for free. This headline is a snake hidden under a rock. Later, you will find out there free members do not get to do anything at all and the subscription plans are ridiculously expensive.

Probably due to its small member base, LatinFeels does not even bother to write about its achievements and highlights in the introduction. It is not a tactic anyone should use to recruit new members. It seems like the site is in desperate need of a new IT team to renovate the whole thing if they want to use it to attract new clients.

Right now, anyone that stumbles upon the site will leave instantly. Nothing is interesting enough to make them stay. The landing page is dull and plain. The developers should have taken some proper design classes before launching the site.

First impression: 3/10

Signup And Searching

Signing up on LatinFeels is not easy. Not because there is a high entry standard but because users have to fill out a long questionnaire to help the system identify the right matches. The site is proud of its compatibility test, calling it the secret tool that births marriages.

The good thing is that it reinforces to users that you are here to find love. This is not some hookup site to find meaningless sex only. After completing the compatibility test, you have to construct your profile, which is another lengthy process.

You have to fill out your personal information such as height, eye color, hair color, etc. Then, you have to write something about yourself and what you are looking for in your partner. The entire registration process takes at least 20 to 30 minutes. People that are used to the quick signup system would have left long before the questionnaire finishes.

LatinFeels should consider making the compatibility test an additional feature for interested members since most members still prefer to find matches through manual searches. The compatibility test does not help much.

Once you survive the somewhat hideous signup, you can finally start searching for potential matches. The search feature is basic but sufficient. You enter the keywords and filters and the results are presented in a grid format. Otherwise, automatic search results will be presented based on your compatibility score.

Signup and searching: 5/10

Profile Quality And Messaging

LatinFeels Girl Profile

When it comes to profile quality, LatinFeels is the absolute worst. LatinFeels brands itself to be a young international community for Latins around the world. From that statement, users are expecting to see international Latins working in different industries. That turns out to be the furthest away from reality.

Half of the members are not Latin. There are people from all over the world. Diversity is great but it is not what the site advertises to be. Secondly and most importantly, the average age of members is 55+. Almost 40% of the people here are retired.

The betrayal is real if you sign up on LatinFeels thinking you are about to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime Latin journey. You will see a lot of seniors holding a dead fish doing their retired activities.

There are so many senior citizens on LatinFeels that even if you limit the search range to 20 to 30-year-olds, people above 55 years old will still pop up as the suitable matches run out in a heartbeat.

The young members are not impressive either as they either do not respond or are bots. It would seem that almost all the young profiles are either bots or people that were scammed here. Only the seniors are genuine.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that there is not much new signup activity on LatinFeels. Most profiles are from way back. Hence, they may have been idle for a long time. As predicted, barely anyone new wants to sign up on this dating site, causing the growth rate to be low. There are even trends of the member base shrinking as paying members to start to exit the game.

Messaging them is another frustrating experience as you have to pay extra for everything. If you want to send a sticker, you have to pulse the chat to pay to unlock it. This is the same if you want to send a gift. You almost can’t finish a whole conversation without stopping to top up your chat. The messaging part is infuriating as it only shows how LatinFeels try to squeeze every penny out of its members.

Profile quality and messaging: 2/10

Special Features

Latinfeels Special Features and Benefits

There is nothing on LatinFeels that can be classified as special features, perhaps only the compatibility test. With the premium features, you can view private photos, see who has viewed your profile, and who is your biggest fan.

These features exist on all other sites. They are not revolutionary or exclusive to LatinFeels. Hence, it is difficult to consider them any special. But the minimalist outlook of the site makes everything easy to read for users.

Special features: 2/10


Instead of a monthly subscription model, LatinFeels uses a credit system. The advantage of having a credit system is that your account will always be active unless you delete it. But you are not obliged to be online all the time to make your money’s worth. You can go online and use your credits whenever you want.

If things are going well and you want to take a break from dating, you are free to do so without any monetary cost. The credit system is widely adopted as it is catching up with the popularity of the subscription system.

On LatinFeels, you have to buy a minimum of 20 credits, which cost $3. The maximum you can buy in one purchase is 750 credits. You must be thinking about how far 20 credits will get you. The truth is, it will not get you as far as you’d hope.

It takes 2 credits per minute to chat with your match, 10 credits to send photos to a chat, and 50 credits to enable a video call. Now, when you think about it, all of the costs add up and you could easily spend more than $50 just on one match. The most ridiculous part is that you need 25 credits to upload a photo and 100 credits for a video to your profile.

Basically, you need to pay the moment you start constructing your profile. Otherwise, your profile has zero visibility. Charging users a fee just to register their profiles while branding the site as free signup is a new consumer scam to be aware of.

Having to deal with other dates will cost you a mountain. It is not quite economical to buy credits from LatinFeels, especially when it has a reputation for wrongly deducting credits from members. Therefore, although the credit system allows you to only pay for what you need, it is still an expensive meal that no one wants to bite.

Pricing: 3/10


LatinFeels is a huge letdown. It is not a reliable dating site. It is a nightmare to deal with all the flaws. Everything costs a huge sum of money when you are not even able to match with the people you want.

You will regret every cent you spend on LatinFeels. Keep your money and find your Latin match on Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals instead.

John Santana

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