6 Best Indian Dating Sites & Apps To Find Your Dream Partner

by John Santana

With 1.38 billion people, Indians are scattered across the globe. International Indians often prefer to date fellow Indians. Although finding an Indian may be easy, finding someone you are compatible with is different.

There are dating sites suitable for Indian dating. All the features are incorporated for you to locate the dream partner you are destined to be with.

Don’t have time to read the complete article? Checkout our favorite picks below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

AdultFriendFinder is the ultimate dating platform for finding your dream partner. Right from casual hookups to long-term relationships seekers, it is simply perfect for everyone.

Bang Locals is know among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Our Shortlist For The Best Indian Dating Sites & Apps

1. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo


  • Millions of local and international Indians
  • Members can join international live streams and chats
  • Good for both casual and serious dating


  • It is a fast-paced environment that is not suitable for timid users

Welcome to one of the world’s biggest dating sites. Adult FriendFinder has over 90 million users. This is a gold vault for hunting Indian dates.

There is an ethnicity filter for you to find other Indians nearby. If you are traveling somewhere, you can use the location search to locate Indians in other cities. The flexibility gives you a much higher chance of meeting up with dates easily.

Members can start live streams anytime to gain more attention. These live streams are not location-bound, although specific terms apply. You can join these live streams from anywhere and interact with those profiles.

Adult FriendFinder is made for both casual and serious dating. You can see a clear separation between these groups of daters. Label your profile accordingly to boost visibility. You can change your dating style anytime by modifying your profile description. Don’t worry, you are not perpetually stuck with your initial goal.

This award-winning online dating platform is vibrant. Hence, you can feel quite out of place if you are not naturally sociable. The site rewards active members by placing them higher on search results. If you are a timid user with limited matches and interactions with others, you may find it even more difficult to strike up a conversation or have someone like your profile.

You need to act quickly and ask your date out within the day of the match so your messages are not lost among the hundreds of other messages.

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2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison


  • Lots of Indian husbands and housewives looking for secret affairs
  • LGBT-friendly
  • No unwanted notification


  • The site is for physical hookups only

Leave all the talks about feelings at home. Join Ashley Madison to get yourself a sexy secret affair with the neighbor next door. In Indian culture, divorce can be seen as a character murder, especially for women. This concept is not widely accepted, causing lots of people to seek underground affairs.

Ashley Madison has a place for everyone. It is LGBT-friendly so you are free to explore your sexuality as well. It is a place for the free-spirited to experiment on the true meaning of love and lust.

To better protect your privacy, Ashley Madison forbids any unwanted notifications from popping up. You can change your preference in the settings. Now, you will never have to be anxious about an alert that raises suspicion in the house.

Scoring a date on Ashley Madison is fast and simple. That said, you should not expect it to develop into a true romance. People are exclusively looking for hookups only. If you want to have fun with no mess, Ashley Madison is paradise. However, if you are over the playing in the field part, you may want to try other online dating platforms on the list instead.

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3. Bang Locals

Bang Locals Logo


  • Easy access to hundreds of hotties in your area
  • Quick matching and get straight to the hookup part
  • Excellent customer support for complaints and reports


  • Ads are frequent on the site

Another casual online dating site that has our love is Bang Locals. Not only is it a giant pool of Indians finding casual hookups, but it is also a fantastic choice for those that are looking to stick with the basics. While you do not get the glamorous dating features, you will score plenty of dates as the site only focuses on getting you dates.

Bang Locals has a quick matching feature that automatically connects you to profiles that match your preferences. You can send prompts to dates and immediately schedule a meetup. This dating platform creates a fast hookup chain for you to date multiple people at once.

The customer service at Bang Local is excellent. The team offers timely responses to reports and complaints about inappropriate behaviors, fake profiles, and bugs. Users often neglect the importance of having a solid team to back up the situation. Online dating platforms without an active customer service team are always drowning in problems.

The only downside to having Bang Locals is the thousands of ads flashing up when you are browsing. Ads pop up while you are scrolling through, which can be a tad obstructive. But considering that Bang Locals provides free membership and affordable subscription plans, users should be able to look past that.

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4. Indian Cupid

Indian Cupid


  • Exclusive for Indian dating
  • Ideal for long-term relationships
  • Sort through profiles by religions


  • Member activity level is low

For the purpose of marriage, Indian Cupid is here to tie the knot. It is an exclusive online dating site for ethnic Indians only. The site screens through applications so only serious daters remain. Since India is a diverse country with people practicing lots of different religions, Indian Cupid has made it easy by automatically presenting results by your preferred religion.

Signing up on Indian Cupid is simple, although it lacks proper ID verification. Members can talk to each other about their mutual interests and relationship goals. The environment does foster the growth of a healthy relationship instead of a casual hookup vibe.

Unfortunately, the member active level on Indian Cupid is low. Eventually, it will take you a few days or weeks to meet someone that you could potentially marry. Going on Indian Cupid is like fishing. You have to be patient before something good comes up.

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5. eHarmony



  • Compatibility test to compare your fit score
  • Filter by religion and ethnicity
  • Members are mostly professionals


  • Lengthy signup system and expensive subscription fees

A compatibility test is a direct way to access your fit score with a potential partner. Online dating sites that incorporate a compatibility test usually have a higher success rate, as in the case of eHarmony. Since its launch, it has matched millions of happy couples.

When it comes to finding a life partner, most people will have very specific requirements. EHarmony allows you to add various filters to your search, including religion and ethnicity. You will not have an issue trying to find an Indian partner sharing your beliefs and similarities.

On top of that, members of eHarmony are mostly working professionals with bright prospects and financial stability. They will satisfy everything you are looking for in a marriage.

To sign up on eHarmony, you will first have to be financially well off yourself as the subscription fee is much higher than average. It will take you around $50 a month to be an active member on the site.

Besides, its lengthy signup system requires users to fill out a questionnaire with 60 questions before they can proceed. It will take 20 to 30 minutes to complete the process, which is a turn-off for many users seeking a getaway as quickly as possible.

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6. Elite Singles



  • Exclusive dating sites for high-earners
  • Lots of Indians looking to settle down
  • Fake profiles are almost non-existent


  • Most members are above the age of 45

Money may not be everything but marrying someone with a sturdy wealth bank takes a lot of stress away. Elite Singles is an online dating site dedicated to successful singles seeking partners. There is a high entry requirement for members. You need proof that you are a high earner before you are admitted into the party.

On Elite Singles, there are lots of wealthy Indians looking to settle down. Most of them have spent years building their career with huge business empires. They want someone equally elegant to level up their businesses together.

Since Elite Singles caters to the upper class, the site takes a strict approach against all fake profiles. Therefore, the site is very safe for users and it’s unlikely you will run into scammers.

As you would have anticipated, members with strong financial backgrounds are not going to be in their 20s. Most members of Elite Singles are well over 40. The site lacks lively young audiences to make it more interesting. You will find roughly the same type of people with the same story to tell. If you are keen on finding a unique person, these corporate executives may not have that many exciting stories about life to share.

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How To Date An Indian?

Indian man giving ring to woman during traditional wedding ceremony

Whether you are from India, an overseas Indian, or a foreigner looking for an Indian affair, there are things you need to know to gain the love and respect of your future partner. Most of these tips are related to the Indian culture that many may overlook when developing a relationship with an Indian.

1. Do Not Make Fun Of Their Family Members Unless They Are The Ones Doing It

Indians are complicated species. They can make fun of their family members all day long but when you do it, it is offensive. You will hear all the family drama when you are introduced to their world. They thrive on gossiping about each other. But by no means does that imply Indians do not have good relationships with their family.

It is the opposite. Despite their mockery of each other, Indians stand by their family in all crises. If you, as an outsider, make fun of their beloved ones, you will not hear the end of it. Let them have a go at their family and just chime in casually. Do not start any drama on your own as it will not reward you a seat in the family. Much rather, it will only stir up chaos.

2. Discuss How Religion Will Impact Your Relationship

Religions can cause a heated up debate in Indian families. Generally, people are open-minded about religions. Having different religions is not necessarily a dealbreaker. However, it must be discussed early on how this will impact your relationship.

You and your partner need to set some ground rules regarding religions. None of you should try to interfere with each other’s choices. Let them practice their religion. If this will be a problem with their family, ask how they plan on handling it. The discussion should be based on mutual respect and understanding.

3. Learn How To Have Fun In Groups

Indian people love a big crowd. The more, the merrier. They are natural party-goers that love hosting gatherings. When you are dating an Indian, your schedule will be jam-packed with socializing events. You need to learn from your partner how to have fun even after a dreadful day at work.

Your Indian partner seems to have endless energy in making friends. They are passionate about sharing the joy in life with everyone. The positivity is contagious. That said, if you are an introvert in a relationship, kindly remind your partner that you prefer some quality time without all the dear friends around. You can designate some nights to yourselves.

4. Don’t Bring Up Small Things From The Past

Indians’ happy nature means they are not petty people that like hearing or bringing up the past. Using the same argument about something they did wrong in the past is a cheap shot in their eyes. Over time, they will lose respect for you.

When they say they will let this go, they truly will. Their romantic hearts know you cannot make a relationship work with hate. Keep each argument as it is instead of making it an archaeological site where you dig up ruins from the past.


Stop dreaming about dating an Indian. It’s time to get up and make it happen or if you’re unable to find someone you can find the best indian onlyfans here. With these tips and a list of recommendations, you should be holding hands with the loveliest Indian date tonight.

John Santana

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