5 Dating Trends to Know This 2023

Dating people has evolved over time, and dating trends come and go every year. While some may believe that these trends only benefit those using dating apps, they may be useful for anyone seeking romantic connections.

Dating trends are the most popular preferences of people in the dating scene. It refers to the evolving patterns and practices of dating that are observed over time. Some examples of dating trends in the past year are the increased use of dating apps, the rise of virtual dating, and changes in gender roles and expectations. 

As much as they are booming right now, results may vary for you. According to Mashable, various dating trends exist on Bumble this year, highlighting love-life balance as one of the most beneficial ones. However, a new trend called “New Year, New Me(n)” might be funny to hear at first, but might be risky to try.

Whether you’re looking for love online or hoping to make a casual connection with someone, these trends are sure to shape the dating landscape in the years to come.


Slow Dating

Dating apps are in everyone’s faces nowadays. Dating today is just endlessly swiping Tinder profiles left and right. However, there’s a growing movement that prefers a more careful pace: slow dating.

Slow Dating
Slow dating may involve spending more time in person with potential partners and investing in self-reflection and personal growth.

Slow daters take their time getting to know each other before they enter into any sort of romantic relationship. By going slowly and only meeting up once or twice before deciding whether or not this person fits into your life plan moving forward, slow daters avoid the pressure of making snap decisions based solely on appearance or physical attraction alone.


So, you’re having the date of your life, right? And then, it went so well that you want to take things further. But you don’t want any kind of label between the two of you. If you can relate to this, fret not! You are not alone with what most daters know as a situationship.

Basically, it’s a relationship, but it actually isn’t. Let’s say you might be dating someone who has another partner, or perhaps the two of you are just casually hooking up. You will be in this “gray area” where you’ll continue the connection without any labels.

The benefits of being in this kind of situation include getting the benefits of having a significant other without any of their downsides. Plus, if things don’t work out and they break up with their actual partner, then there won’t necessarily be any awkward conversations.

Women Making the First Move

Dating is fairly simple, and we are pretty much familiar that men make the first move. The first message, the first call, the first invitation to a meet-up, you name it. However, in the past years, things have changed and they will continue to change this 2023.

A recent survey revealed that women felt more confident initiating first dates rather than waiting for a guy to do so and that they were worried nothing would materialize if they didn’t take action quickly enough.

Sober Dates

Sober Dates refer to going on a date or engaging in social activities with someone without the use of alcohol or other substances. The concept of sober dating has gained popularity in recent years as people seek more meaningful connections without the influence of alcohol.

A lot of people rely on the courage and confidence that a few shots of tequila can give them. And sober dating aims to create a more genuine and authentic connection between two people, free from the social lubricant that alcohol provide. This trend is particularly important for active daters recovering from addiction, as it allows them to build connections and relationships more healthily and sustainably.


Non-monogamy is a type of romantic or sexual relationship in which individuals are free to have multiple partners or engage in intimate relationships with people outside of their primary relationship.

Non-monogamy challenges traditional societal norms about romantic relationships

Polyamory refers to having more than one romantic partner at a time with consent from all involved parties. Swinging involves couples who swap partners for sexual encounters outside their primary relationships. Open relationships are similar to polyamory but allow people in the primary relationships the freedom to explore other romantic and/or sexual connections outside of it as well.

There are many reasons why someone might want this type of arrangement. Some people may be looking for something different from their current situation, while others may want more love without feeling guilty about cheating on their partners. However, research shows that a chunk of people engaging in non-monogamous relationships is concerned about losing their significant other due to a lack of interest or excitement over time.

Keep Up With the Latest Dating Trends This Year

The dating world is ever-changing, and year after year, there are more opportunities than ever before to connect with others in meaningful ways. By staying open to new experiences and embracing these emerging dating trends, we can create more fulfilling and authentic connections with others.

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