15 Apps like Tinder: Best Tinder alternatives for Android/iPhone

by John Santana

Are you fond of dating? Do you like the concept of online dating? We are sure there are many people out there who started their dating journey with Tinder like apps only. The sad fact is that the dating in the real world is a lot hard and can’t be performed by everyone. Sometimes it causes embarrassments too. But, that’s not the case in online free dating apps. Here, you can sit behind your phone screen and just keep swiping to find potential matches.

When Tinder rolled out in 2012, it was a new beginning in the world of online dating. Till now dating sites were pretty much ruling, but they couldn’t bring a big revolution like the Tinder app alone brought. Though it was good for sometime after a few years, the app became too much mainstream. Still, it keeps rolling out new features like Tinder Super like

There was a time when the app was totally free to use, but now there have been many additions made to the app. The free part has got quite limited by the introduction of premium subscriptions like Tinder Plus and Tinder GoldTinder also works on the algorithm where it matches profiles based on looks and not the personality. Due to such reasons, Tinder may not be preferred by everyone. But, if you would still like to experience online dating with the help of apps then in such case we have to find some apps similar to tinder

There are some apps which are influenced by Tinder in terms of design but have better features and functions. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do the research part. We have already collected a list of apps which can surely work as a good Tinder alternatives.  So, you are surely not going to get disappointed.

Tinder like Apps – Best Tinder Alternative of 2023

App NameMobile DevicePrice
OkCupidAndroid & iOSFree
SkoutAndroid & iOSFree
HappnAndroid & iOSFree
Hot or NotAndroid & iOSFree
Plenty of FishAndroid & iOSFree
BumbleAndroid & iOSFree
CMBAndroid & iOSFree
LovooAndroid & iOSFree
BristlrAndroid & iOSFree
MatchAndroid & iOSFree
MeetMeAndroid & iOSFree
WooAndroid & iOSFree
DownAndroid & iOSFree

1. OkCupid

This app is by the same developers who had made Tinder. But, trust me, it’s a lot better than Tinder in terms of matchmaking.

If you are someone who is just starting out, then this app will surely excite you. The app (Okcupid) has got both free and paid version, but as we said if you are a starter, then the free version will cater your needs pretty easily.


Once you start the app, you will be prompted to enter some amount of information about yourself. Based on this data, the app will suggest you potential matches.

It has some great features like the advanced filter feature and the Incognito mode. The good thing is that the app works on the Tinder swipe theme. So, if you have used Tinder before, this app will not be a big problem for you in understanding. Visit there official site from here.

If you’re looking for Websites, we have also curated list of top hookup sites in 2023

2. Skout

If you are looking for a good alternative of Tinder which can help you meet new people in real life, then Skout is the ultimate app for this.

Skout has two user interfaces. One is the swipe interface, you know where this came from. The second is the grid view interface where you will be able to view all the profiles quickly.


The app is awesome to know the people who have seen you and hit that favorite button too. The app is available in both free and paid version to try. In the paid version, the ads are removed and your profile visibility can also be increased. You can download Skout app from there official website.

3. Happn

Among the list of apps, Happn tends to be our favorite dating app. This app stays unique in terms of matchmaking. Want to know how? Then just keep reading without even thinking to stop.

Happn works on the location feature, but it doesn’t show the people around your location, instead, it shows the people you have crossed paths with and that can be at any location. If you wish you can also check detailed review of Happn dating app.


The app also shows you the number of times you have crossed paths with a person. Once you like a profile, and the other side also does the same for your profile, then it becomes a match, resulting in starting of chatting. If you would like to catch the attention of a special person, then you can do so by sending them a “Charm”. Charm are like credits in the app which can be bought or earned through referrals. Head over to Happn Official website, to download its app.

4. Hot Or Not

A very great alternative of Tinder, which also requires you to set up your Facebook account with the app just like in case of Tinder.

Hot Or Not has been on the market long before Tinder came. The service is functioning since 10 years. The shocking fact which we found out was that Tinder had many similar features to that of this app. What do we mean? Well,  we are not sure,  but it looks like Tinder had taken some sort of inspiration from Hot Or Not.

Image Source

The app also works and suggests potential matches based on your location. But, the good fact is that you are free to send any message to anyone in the world. The app also lets you check the number of likes you have and based on that you can know your popularity rate in your location.

The app is totally free of cost to download and utilize. But, if you would like to send some types of stickers then  you would have to pay a little fee. Navigate to Hot or Not website and install their app.

5. Plenty Of Fish (POF)

We are sure that the name of the app would have caught your attention. As the name suggests, you will actually find a lot of people to choose from in the app.

The best part of the app is that it has quite cool features to try like filtration, VoIP calls and chat heads. These features should always keep you amused.

Image Source

The app comes under Match group, who also own other dating apps and sites like Tinder and Match.com.

The app uses its algorithm to find you the right match. You are free to view and chat with your message. Check out the detailed comparison of Tinder & POF here.

To download POF apps just visit there website.

6. Bumble

This is an app which makes the girl initiate the first movie. The common problem some of the guys face in apps like Tinder is that after have got matched with any woman, they don’t get any response from their side.

Due to this reason, they have always go first and broken the ice. But, there are times when you feel the opposite site should make the first movie. Here, in the case of Bumble app, the scenario is totally opposite. Here, after a match, it’s the girl who has to hit up the conversation first within 24 hours.

Image Source

If she doesn’t hit any conversation within 24 hours, then the match would get disappeared. This app also works on the swipe feature, similar to that of Tinder.

The developers are every day working hard to bring the app to perfection. So we recommend you to give it a shot at least once. You can download Bumble app from here.

7. Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)

Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) is another app similar to Tinder, but having a good and quality feature. This is also a unique app like Happn.

The app doesn’t work on the concept of randomly choosing people around your location. Instead, it focuses on only one person per day. It will present you one potential match (bagel) each day. The best part is that the suggested bagel will be having similar interests as of yours.

Another good part is that the bagel would be having mutual friends. So, you can seek out advice from your friends also to know about her. If everything is set then you can like her profile and if she also does the same, then it creates a match. It’s now time to start sharing details through chatting.

Image Source

This app is totally free of cost to download. But, it has got some in-app purchases which you would like to try. One of the popular features is the “Woo” feature. Woo feature is similar to the Super Like feature of Tinder app. Head over to CoffeeMeetsBagel.com and try out it today only.

8. Lovoo

Lovoo is a good paid alternative of Tinder. This app also works on the swipe feature, but here you also have options to send chat requests to the matches. If you want, you can also directly like the profile and go ahead!

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Lovoo is quite an awesome app with most of the Tinder features and some additional paid features also like Unlimited Chat or Invisible Mode. But, the downside is that some of the users claim that there are a lot of fake profiles registered on the application. So, be a little attentive while you are using the app. Don’t show your personal information to any stranger! Just visit this link and download Lovoo apps for your smartphone

9. Bristlr

Are you a guy who is fond of having a beard? Or maybe you are a girl who is fond of beard guys. If that’s the case, then this app works on some similar feature only. Just keep reading to know about this interesting app.

The founder of the app claims that he was not serious about this app and made it as a joke only. But,  to his surprise, the app got a lot of audience in very less time.

Anyways, coming back to the beard feature.  The app is actually for beard guys. Yes, you read it right! If you are a guy with a beard then only you can join this application. On the other side, girls who are fond of guys with sexy beards can join the app.

Image Source

The downside is that if you are a guy who is looking for quick hookups then there’s less chance of matching up quickly as compared to other apps listed here. 

Another sad feature is that if you are the guy without a beard, then this app is no use for you. This app caters the needs of a specific audience. If you are a girl, you can rate the beards of different guys.

Bristlr has acquired around 80,000 registered users. There have been almost half a million messages sent and the name spread of the app is different. Follow this link and download Bristlr app

10. Match

Match was originally a dating site which has been functioning long before these apps came into the dating scene. It’s still one of the best dating site ever made. It released its app to grow its user base.

Image Source

You can start using the app straightaway after downloading and setting up your profile. You just need to add some of your best photos and answer some profile based questions. There’s no need to link any Facebook account. Just create a account from here and start using those login credentials on the app or on the site, as you prefer.

11. MeetMe

This is also another beautiful dating app which works on the GPS feature. It’s available on multiple platforms and has got over 100 million downloads. It has got an easy to use colorful user interface.

Image Source

The main intention of the app was to make people meet new people around their location but if things start working out then you can get into relations, hookups, etc. There’s one con of the app and i.e. a large number of fake profiles. Though, the developers are working hard to eradicate that problem. Just open MeetMe.com and download their app to find new friends.

12.  Woo

Another great app on the list that should help you catch up and interact with new people on the Internet. You can start making a long-term relationship.

Image Source

The app features a smooth and cute user interface which makes it pretty easy to view profile and their related data. There’s another great feature which lets you send a “crush” to any profile. It holds more value than alike in the app (Download from here).

13. Matchify

If you are looking for any kind of relationship that can be casual, serious, long-term, etc then you can get that type of partner by mentioning about your interest in the interest section of the profile of Matchify.

Image Source

To break the ice, you don’t need to send a regular Hi, instead, you can use items like Cakes, Roses which can be sent anonymously to chat. The app finds partners based on your mentioned interests, location, etc.

14. TasteBuds

This is an awesome and unique featured dating app which works on your music taste. It will suggest you users based on your music liking. Try it out now!

Image Source

The con of the app is that you can send a message to anyone directly which kinds of is not liked by some as this breaks the privacy. So look out women for the creepy guys! This app available only for iOS users

15. Down

Image Source

As the name suggests, the app will actually help you get laid down pretty easily. The app works on open thoughts and thus you can clearly state your indications beforehand. Quite a cool dating app! Give it a shot now if you want to hook up fast and easily! You can download the app directly from there official site.


We must admit the fact that the old school dating is not made for everyone. Some of us are shy or introvert by nature which makes it hard to talk with people in person. These dating apps have been trying to eradicate this problem for few years. We hope that the listed apps will help you find a good partner.

John Santana

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