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Dating an Alpha Male: Pros, Cons & Useful Tips

by John Santana

Many women would be happy to date a confident, charming, and successful man who knows exactly what he wants. Are you sure dating an alpha male is right for you, though — and how do you pick these guys out from the crowd?

This guide uncovers secrets the alpha males of the world would rather keep to themselves, so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

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What Is An Alpha Male? How Do You Recognize These Guys?

The term “alpha male” was borrowed from the animal kingdom, where wolves and chimpanzees are most famous for organizing themselves into powerful groups with strong leaders. People are a slightly different story, of course — our societies are far more complex, and you can expect to encounter more than one alpha male in any given group.

This personality type has the drive to succeed and will attract plenty of women. Not every woman will be happy with this kind of man, though.

Keep reading to discover what sets alpha males apart from the crowd so you know whether you’re dating one.

1. Alpha Males Are Extremely Comfortable with Taking Risks

Alpha males are confident and driven — these guys know what they want to achieve and don’t doubt that they will meet and exceed the expectations they’ve set for themselves. They have their own road map to success and are sure they deserve to get to the top.

This drive has made alpha males very comfortable with risk-taking. Every failure is just a stumbling block on the path to success, after all. Gambles that don’t pay off won’t stop alpha males from gunning for victory.

An alpha male’s professional life tells you a lot about how he handles dating, too — if he wants you, he won’t be afraid to let you know. He’ll do whatever it takes to get your attention and hold onto it.

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2. Alpha Males Are Naturally Charming

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An alpha male’s confidence and ambitions make him popular with everyone he meets and attractive to potential partners. He thrives on that attention and oozes charm. His magnetic personality seems effortless because it is. An alpha male doesn’t question himself or his right to get what he wants, and people follow him wherever he goes.

3. Alpha Males Are Born Leaders

Intelligent alpha males who can back their confidence up with real skills get far in life. If you date one, you might be impressed by the way he commands a room. He’s so sure of himself that it’s hard to feel any different about him.

Some women are happy to play a supportive role in their partner’s life, but watch out if you’re a strong and independent person with plans, dreams, and ambitions of your own. On the flip side, alpha males can be domineering and arrogant — and you might soon feel you need an escape route.

4. Alpha Males Know What They Want — And They Don’t Like Compromising

Are you dating an alpha male? He knew what he wanted long before you wandered into his life, and if the man you’re dating doesn’t already have his entire future planned out, he sure has an intuitive feel for it.

The successful life he envisions includes a beautiful, strong, and intelligent woman — but no matter how ambitious you are and regardless of your career track, an alpha male won’t be willing to sacrifice any of his plans to make yours possible.

In fact, an alpha male won’t like compromising at all and expects his partner to fit into his life seamlessly.

Many alpha males are happiest in a relationship with women with impressive but flexible careers who are happy to play second fiddle to their man in return for the safety and stability he can provide.

5. Alpha Males Won’t Change for You

Yes, that means alpha males won’t change their habits for you, either. These guys are confident — they think they’re doing everything right, and any hint that you think an alpha male needs to soften up a little or change anything about himself will be met with indifference.

Accept him the way he is, or don’t date him at all.

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6. Alpha Males Are Strong and Decisive

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Ask an alpha male anything, and he may take a while to give you an answer. He’ll be quick about it, though, and he is unlikely to change his mind once he’s made a decision.

An alpha male’s decisiveness is a massive advantage — it’s one of the things that make these men successful while others plod along in their mediocre lives. It can also be annoying or even painful, however.

7. Alpha Males Will Always Protect You

Are you dating an alpha male? He’ll feel protective of you even in the early stages of your relationship. If you forge a strong connection and move forward together, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe.

Nobody will try to harm the people who care about it without consequences! That’s why some women feel very safe in the arms of an alpha male. Others, who are more independent and feel they never need a man to take care of them, may feel stifled by an alpha male’s protective tendencies.

What Kinds Of Women Are Alpha Males Attracted To?

Alpha males value loyalty and attention. They work hard and are competitive — but even they grow tired of the cut-throat game they play at work. Alpha males crave a safe and quiet place to come home to, just like anyone else.

These men look for interesting and accomplished partners they are highly attracted to. They will never settle for less than they feel they deserve. If an alpha male chooses you, he loves your passion and strength but also values the gentler and more vulnerable parts of your personality.

Alpha males are usually stereotypically masculine and are often attracted to exceptionally feminine women.

If he knows you’ll always have his back, and he can count on you to be a worthy partner who isn’t afraid of the challenges he knows you’ll overcome together, an alpha male might think he’s found his woman for life.

What Kind of Woman Should Consider Dating an Alpha Male?

So, you’ve already figured out that you’re dating an alpha male?

You’ll find plenty to like about him. He’s strong, smart, charming, and attractive. He knows what he wants, and spending time in his company may automatically boost your confidence.

On the other hand, you may also be an independent woman used to making her own choices. You may be an alpha female who shares the same core traits and is no more inclined to compromise than the man you’re dating.

Have you found your perfect match, or is that charming muscular exterior hiding future heartbreak? You and the alpha male you’re dating may be happy together if the traits on this list describe you.

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1. You Love Being Showered with Attention

Alpha males are used to being in charge. They are accomplished, but that’s because they work hard and have a lot to give. Therefore, alpha males look for partners who love being on the receiving end of all their gifts.

Are you an independent woman? Do you believe in the value of hard work, but have you also come to think you can only rely on yourself? Are you the star of your imagined future, and do you want a man who can follow your lead?

An alpha male might not make you happy — you might clash too much.

Are you independent, smart, and witty, but also flexible and perfectly willing to receive as much as you give? Do you often have trouble deciding what the next step should be, and would you be thrilled to have a strong man beside you?
An alpha male might be the perfect choice for you.

2. You Are a Natural Caregiver

Are you strong and organized? Are you a great leader, but only because you have to be? Is taking care of the people you love the most important thing in your life? Are you a great shoulder to cry on? Do you know when to just listen, and when to make gentle suggestions that might solve someone’s problem?

If you can answer “yes!” to all these questions, you are an alpha male’s ideal partner.

Contrary to popular belief, alpha males don’t want a “doormat” for a partner. Quite the opposite! They look for women who are equally strong and passionate, share their vision for the future and are ready to do whatever it takes to realize that vision.

They look for women who compliment their strengths because they want to be part of an unstoppable couple.

3. You Can See Past the Facade — And Straight Into His Heart

No, alpha males aren’t faking the confidence they portray to the rest of the world — these guys believe they are deserving and capable because they are. It’s not true, on the other hand, that alpha males are as cold and unfeeling as many make them out to be.

Alpha males have big hearts but are cautious about showing that.

It may take a while to melt the layers of ice he’s built up around himself, but if you’re right for him, you’ll know there’s more to him than his ambitious exterior. You can capture his heart and hold onto it because, unlike others, you can see who he really is.

Dating an Alpha Male: Signs It’s Time to Get Out of Dodge

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Not all alpha males are created equal. “Alpha male” is a personality type, but each one comes with different values, views, and feelings. Having an alpha male on your side can lead to a happy and successful future, but things can also go horribly wrong.
Show him the door if he directs his naturally dominant personality toward you — and watch out for these red flags.

1. He Has a Temper

Most alpha males are calm and composed because they don’t have anything to be afraid of. Some have tempers.
If an alpha male directs his temper at the woman he’s dating, that doesn’t bode well for the future. He’s not just uncompromising and confident at that point, but dangerous. Get out before your relationship becomes serious.

2. He’s Immature

Alpha males mature like a fine wine. Young ones may have the confidence and smarts to be successful, but they lack the life experience that will mellow them and turn them into great men in the future. They can be impulsive and dangerous, unless they’ve already been through their fair share of hardships and learned to appreciate the things that matter.

3. He Tries to Control You

Alpha males who welcome strong women into their lives make for excellent partners. However, those looking for a woman to be in charge are in trouble.

These guys may disapprove of your friends and expect you to drop them instantly. They may want you to change jobs or limit your time with your family. They might seek to control what you do, how you look, or what you wear.

These alpha males aren’t leaders; they’re abusive, and you want to get yourself as far away as you can, as soon as you can.

Find out how he treats the other women in his life as soon as you can to discover how he’ll treat you.

Dating an Alpha Male: A Final Word

Alpha males are the relentlessly ambitious and inevitably successful men of this world. They are intelligent, funny, and effortlessly charming. Their confidence is contagious, and they can inspire anyone.

There’s a downside, though, because these men can also be cocky and arrogant. They might expect to get what they want because that’s what they’re used to, and they may not be willing to compromise.

If you’re dating an alpha male, watch out — you may have found your perfect match, but know that only the strongest women can handle this type of guy.

You’ll need to see past his polished exterior and into his heart to know whether you have a future together.

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