Dating a Puerto Rican Man

Dating a Puerto Rican Man: Personality Traits & Helpful Tips

by John Santana

It is hard to resist the urge to jump on the hot Puerto Rican men you see online. They have the most energetic profiles. Puerto Rican men love good sex, partying, and loving their ladies. They are fantastic partners and incredible friends. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with these men just south of Florida.

You will discover all the secrets in this article.

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Tips On Dating a Puerto Rican Man

1. Learn About His Traditions And Culture

If you have a typical western background, it is crucial to learn about his background in detail as there will be plenty of cultural differences. Differences are not necessarily bad. Everyone should be proud to celebrate their culture without feeling entitled to judge others. No one should feel their culture is superior. Keep an open mind so you can reap the most from this experience.

There is so much to dive into. You should show genuine interest when learning about his traditions. A lot of times, it seems exotic to date a foreign man but if you don’t already have a deep connection with his culture, it can be difficult to elevate the relationship. You should not let your impulsiveness overshadow the real challenge.

Puerto Rican culture is a passionate one that includes a big family and community. They have deep and genuine respect for elders and focus on the spiritual side of emotions.

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2. Learn a Few Spanish Phrases

Despite having two official languages, most Puerto Ricans’ first language is Spanish. Picking up a few words already shows your respect. Skip those cliche greeting phrases and learn something unexpected like ordering your drink.

More importantly, even if he speaks English fluently, you will want to communicate with his family and friends that are not comfortable speaking English. Words and feelings can get lost in translation. So, having a Spanish dictionary will always be in your favor.

3. Be Ready For His Machismo

Your date might be an exception but machismo is still well rooted in Puerto Rico. In the dating landscape there, manhood remains an integral part. Men take the dominant role in a relationship. Your macho Puerto Rican babe is ready to take control. But don’t worry. He is not possessive as he does not like being controlling. He only wants to take the lead in a healthy way.

Give yourself a heads up when you date him as it takes time to adjust to his mentality. Machismo is deeply extended to almost every aspect of life in the country. From family dynamics to politics, and even career and other social events. When you decide to begin a relationship with him, be aware that even though he is not a traditional man, people around him might still be like that. You would want to prepare yourself to be understanding and embrace machismo to form a successful relationship.

4. Don’t Expect Him to Pay For Everything

In a way, allowing your partner to pay for your part is an example of showing weakness. It also gives off a sense that your partner is “buying” you. For example, if you are going on a date with him and there are multiple activities during the day, take turns to pay to avoid the awkwardness.

Stand your ground and pay your bills so your man doesn’t think you are easy. He might get the wrong idea and think you are ready to sleep with him because you keep letting him pay. Puerto Rican men are drawn to self-independent women. Everyone else is only a fling.

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5. You Are Dating His Family and Friends Too

A relationship is never between you two when a Puerto Rican man is involved. You are dating his friends and family too. They have a strong pride in their culture and tradition. Spend an extended period of time with them to form a deeper connection with your man and learn more about his background.

Puerto Ricans rely heavily on their inner circle’s support. They will hang out, cook together, and dance together all the time. If his inner circle is disgruntled about you, your man will hear all about it. Establishing a good relationship with them is vital. Besides, you would want to see how he interacts with his people. Expect big dinner parties, hitting the dance floor, and a crazy amount of Pina Colada.

6. Get Your Hands Dirty and Start Cooking

Puerto Ricans love making homemade food. Culinary art is a massive element of their culture. In every household, there are unique home recipes. Cooking is an expression of love and affection. Elders in the family will take care of the young ones and prepare meals for them daily.

You are not only expected to be a foodie but also have a genuine interest in learning how to cook a new type of cuisine. Women in the family are expected to take care of everyone’s stomach and you won’t be excluded if you plan to join the family. It is also a great time to bond with the family. So, it’s time to put your chef’s hat on and learn from the elders to cook a table of Puerto Rican dishes.

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What Do Puerto Rican Men Look For In a Woman?

What a Men Look For In a Woman

1. Physical Attributes

In Puerto Rico, everyone gets judged by their appearance. Curvy girls with a big ass are the hottest of all. Butt is the beauty standard for both sexes. Men aren’t just 100% attracted to the butt itself as a separate entity. In fact, they are drawn to how it enhances body movement and the curves of a woman.

Having a tan is also trending in Puerto Rico. It is associated with good health and positive vibes. In the country, most people are naturally tanned, leaving the minority with a fair skin tone trying desperately to catch up.

As for body types, every man has their own taste. There is no pressure to fit the mold. In general, an active athletic body is well-liked by most Puerto Rican men.

2. Your Effort

A Puerto Rican man will not force you to work or stay at home. Despite his desire to be the alpha, it does not upset him if you earn more than him. It shows your intelligence and ambition toward your career path, which he is proud of.

Your man will undoubtedly appreciate your effort to get along with his social circle. Work on your charisma and you will have a second family.

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3. The Passion to Embrace The Latino Culture

Puerto Ricans are amiable and hospitable to everyone that is willing to embrace their culture. Embracing his culture entails a lot of things. For starters, you will be going to a lot of parties and drinking more than you are used to. Part of the Latino culture is about having fun.

He can sometimes go over the top for their loved ones with romantic gestures. Don’t turn down his invitation for a dance in the pub. Hit the stage with your favorite song and go wild. He loves a wild woman that he can’t tame.

Being expressive is the standard love language in Puerto Rico. If you love someone, say it out loud and act like it. Public affection is accepted. Don’t be surprised if your man starts grabbing your ass and making out with you in public.

How Do You Know If He Is Interested In You?

Puerto Rican guys are outspoken on all occasions. They say what is exactly on their minds. You will never have to guess your man’s real feelings toward you. If he wants to develop a relationship with you, just wait for his move. It won’t take him too long until he expresses his feelings.

As he loves dominating the dating game, he takes pride in initiating and getting the girl of his dream. Stay right where you are and they will come to get you.

On the rare occasion where your guy is a little bit shy and hesitates for too long, you can drop some hints that you are into him as well. This will surely push things forward. He is excellent at taking hints. Once he gets the confirmation that the feelings are mutual, he will make the move.

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Date Night Ideas With Your Puerto Rican Man

Couple Dancing in the Club

1. Take Him To a Dance Floor

He will never miss a chance to show you his dance moves. Dancing is a fantastic way to show love. You will be impressed by the flexible body and passion he shows while dancing. It takes years of experience for him to master the skill. Keep his body close and let him hold you by the waist. He conveys his feelings the best when he is on the dance floor.

2. Beach Day

Puerto Rico is an island surrounded by sandy beaches and clear water. There is a high chance that he is a surfer boy. Growing up in this paradise, he has a natural love for the ocean. By bringing him to his natural habitat, it will show how much you care for his well-being. If joining his surfing session is too intense for you, there are always a few resorts nearby where you can get a spa.

3. Giant BBQ Parties With Family and Friends

This ice-breaking date idea can tighten the bonds between you and his social circle. Choose a warm Sunday afternoon. Serve your Puerto Rico dishes and play some music. It is a relaxing vibe with fun-loving people. This is a quick shortcut for you to gain a seat in the family as well.

4. Latino Food Festival

Make your man feel at home by checking out the local Puerto Rican food festival in town. Puerto Rican street food is underrated. Try some sorullos (fried corn fritters), morcilla (Puerto Rican blood sausages), and Rellenos De Papa(stuffed potatoes).

Taking him to a food festival is mutually beneficial as he delves into the good memories from back home while you get to taste some of the best cuisines in the world.

Basic Information About Puerto Rico

Situated between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, Puerto Rico is a beautiful small nation east of the Dominican Republic. With a population of just over 3 million, it is a small gem with lots to offer.

The official languages in Puerto Rico are Spanish and English, with over 98% of the population being Hispanic or Latino. Some famous Puerto Rican figures include Bruno Mars, Benicio del Toro, Joaquin Phoenix, and Jimmy Smits.


Puerto Rican men are wild, romantic, and masculine. They are the boyfriend figure you grew up fantasizing about. With this guide, you have now mastered all the techniques to get your man’s heart. Find your sexy Latino on Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals now.

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John Santana

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