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How To Date a Vegan? – Pros, Cons & More

Last Updated on September 21, 2022

As people become more conscious about food safety and animal rights, veganism is the future trend. Influential celebrities are openly voicing out about the benefits of meat-free diets. It is becoming inevitable that you will meet someone who is a vegan in the dating world.

Even though dating a vegan is not that much different than dating a regular person, there are quite a lot of things to adjust to, such as deciding where to go for meals and battling the ethics of animal cruelty.

Here is all you need to know about dating a vegan and how to cope if you are not in the same boat. Date night ideas are included if you are clueless about this new dating style.


Why Should You Date a Vegan?

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1. Vegans Are The Master Of Commitment

If your luck has mostly been on dating cheaters, dating a vegan may just be the magic charm to change things up. Vegans are known for their excellent determination. In some regions, going vegan is like the pilgrim due to food sources and culture.

Their conscious choice of having three vegan meals a day is admirable. They put their will to go vegan into other aspects of life. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and willpower to pull that off.

Vegans never give up. They have the hearts of steel. Once they are in a committed relationship, they do not back out. Staying loyal to their commitment reflects on their reputation. If there is one thing vegans care about, it is their prestige loyalty.

2. You Will Become The Best Planner

Behind every small behavior in a person tells a bigger part of who they are. Following a diet is the biggest struggle vegans face. Sourcing the right ingredients is not always easy. Most vegans have to plan a week ahead for their meals.

In this carnivores-dominated world, vegans are dedicated planners and hardworking followers. Once you are in a relationship with a vegan, you will become the best planner you know. At the beginning of the week, you will have to book restaurants that serve vegan food, think about home date ideas, and prepare full-set menus.

These tasks are more challenging than anything at work. But it’s not terrifying to be a good planner. Your partner will prompt you to be a quick thinker and excellent executor. These are all positive influences that will benefit you in life.

3. Your Vegan Date Is a Great Cook

Vegans are mostly great cooks. After all, they will have trouble dining at 90% of restaurants if they have a strict rule about not eating in a diner that serves any meat at all. By dating someone who knows their way around the kitchen, you are always in for a treat. You will have the happiest stomach with your lover.

Vegans know the nitty-gritty of what is inside every dish and are usually aware of their nutritional content too. You are in luck if you are trying to keep fit. A big reason for people who can’t switch to veganism is that vegetables are less flavorful and fulfilling than meat dishes.

In fact, vegans tend to use more spices and incorporate them into combinations of veggies, making them much more salivating than a regular veggie dish.

However, you should be aware that if you are not vegan, your date may not be happy to prepare meat dishes for you. Some vegans just can’t handle blood and flesh. So, you should either start enjoying the taste of greens or cook your own meals.

4. Being Inspired To Stand Up For Your Beliefs

Vegans are no strangers to all kinds of unruly attacks. Dating a vegan is far beyond just dating a great chef or a master in planning. Vegans are people who stand up for their beliefs and act on them on a daily basis. All of them have mastered the skill of fighting for what they believe in. They are strong beings that can defend themselves anytime.

Whether it is purely for the sake of saving animals or out of the health benefits a vegan diet brings, vegans are a group of people with the sheer strength of perseverance which is extremely attractive as a partner. You will be able to learn so much from them. They push their partners to be as strong and powerful as they are.

How To Cope When You Are Not a Vegan?

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1. Respect Their Boundaries, Stay Flexible

There is plenty of successful vegans-non-vegan relationships out there. Things will work with the right amount of respect towards each other. You are not morally to follow your partner’s footprint and vice versa.

Draw boundaries with your partner about your dieting needs. Come up with a schedule so you can share a vegan meal a couple of times a week and prepare the rest for yourself. It is never easy to go black and white with your loved one. Therefore, keep your mind flexible and open to changes.

Learn to stand your ground if your feel your partner is pushing you to go vegan against your will. The respect has to go both ways. You are not in a place to tell them what to do and neither are they.

2. Use Vegan Cooking As Your Base For All Other Meals

It is a smart trick when you are preparing a vegan meal but you are a meat eater. For example, if you are making a stew, get all the veggies ready first. Then, save enough portions for your date before throwing meat into the stew. That way, both of your eating habits are satisfied.

Cook everything vegan first. Then, take out your partner’s portion from the pot before carrying on with your meat feast. It is a thoughtful hack that leaves you both happy.

3. Look At Menus Ahead Of Time

When you are eating out with your vegan partner, search for the restaurant’s menu ahead of time to see if they have both vegan and non-vegan options. Not every restaurant will have an online menu so calling them may be necessary. Ask ahead to see if your date is exclusive about eating in vegan restaurants.

In that case, you need to book in advance to not leave your date disappointed. Don’t belittle this small gesture as your date will for sure be impressed by how much attention you put into the relationship.

Date Ideas With a Vegan

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1. Shopping At a Vegan Market

They will never get tired of talking about their vegan journey. This way, you can get to know your partner’s eating habits. Be careful of by-products derived from animals like powder and casein. They are all dairy products. Even honey is not used by vegans. It will be a joyful journey to learn all the deets about a vegan life with your date.

2. Attend a Vegan Cooking Class

Vegan cooking classes are usually more expensive than regular cooking classes. But it is guaranteed to teach you some culinary hacks you never thought were possible. The instructor will teach you several delicious ingredients to combine and how to get the most energy from your diet. Not only will you go home with plenty of tricks up your chef’s hat, you will also gain so much knowledge on food safety.

3. Go Hiking

To be one with nature with your date is the quickest way to break the leftover boundaries. It is amazing to get away once in a while in the wild to let your mind run free. Hiking is one of the best dating activities. It just never gets old. Depending on your location, there are plenty of trails around. Pack up your walking sticks and water bottle and go for an adventure with your loved one.

Veganism Vs. Vegetarianism

You don’t want to show up on your date without knowing the difference between veganism and vegetarianism. Essentially, vegetarians do not consume meat products directly. Anything that contains meat is strictly off the table.

However, animal products that do not involve meat, such as milk, honey, and eggs, are fine. For vegans, non-meat animal products are also prohibited. They exclude all sorts of animal products from their diets.

Some people go into veganism because of animal welfare. The toxic industrial farming style has caused great pain for animals. Vegans are looking to minimize the harm by not supporting the industry. But this is not the only reason they are vegans. Some are vegans because they are worried about the toxicity of animal products, especially in a heavily polluted world.

As animals digest more heavy metals from farming and in nature, eating them means the toxins go into your system. More and more people are going vegan for health reasons.

It can be an interesting conversation to get to know about your date at the beginning like asking about his/her vegan journey. Keep in mind they are probably telling the story for the 100th time, but that does not take away their passion for advocating this trending lifestyle. Vegans love spreading this wholesome idea of eating better for the world and yourself.

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At first, it takes some adjusting to date a vegan. Once you are in the flow, you will feel how empowering it is to be with a pure soul. They have the kindest hearts for all things in the world. When you are ready, sign up on Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals to find your next perfect date.

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