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19 Pros of Dating A Short Guy (And 11 Cons)

by John Santana

Dating shorter guys is a huge turn-off for many women. Some find short men less masculine or attractive, while others have grown up with the stereotype that a guy should be taller than a female in a relationship.

This cultural obsession with dating a taller man is so common that guys are more likely to list their height in their bio on a dating app than substantial information about their personality.

According to research, height differences play a huge role in finding a partner. For years, people have associated taller men with strength, dominance, and confidence. So it’s no surprise that most people would rather date a taller man and ignore other important aspects like their character, and whether they are even compatible with them.

But, limiting your dating pool to men who are six-feet or taller could be ruining your chances of finding true love. If you prefer to date men who are taller than you, then this article may change your perspective.

We’re going to explore some of the pros and cons of dating a short guy, as well as some common concerns and tips for dating shorter men.

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The Pros of Dating a Short Guy That No One Has Ever Told You About

Men who have the confidence to date taller women are not only attractive, but also have fascinating personality traits. There is so much more to a person than just their height. Don’t limit your options.

The benefits of dating a short guy below might help beat the stereotypes.

Shorter guys are more attentive

Being attentive is a very essential aspect of romantic relationships. Some people need more attention than others. If you fall under this category, then you should consider dating a short guy.

When you’re dating a taller man, he’s likely to be self-obsessed and more concerned about themselves than you. But shorter guys are more likely to be focused and give you their full attention. They are more caring and pay attention to your needs.

You can wear his clothes

Girls love dressing up in their boyfriends’ clothes, and with a short guy, you can use his t-shirts and still look great!

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Dating a short guy expands your wardrobe.

Most girls who try on their taller boyfriends’ clothes tend to look frumpy or untidy. But if you’re dating a short guy, then you won’t have to worry about this. You can wear his jeans and shirts. His clothing will fit you better and give you the comfort you were looking for.

Broaden your dating pool

The majority of men do not meet the ideal height criteria. So, by keeping your options open when looking for a potential partner, you can actually double your chances of finding your perfect guy.

According to studies, only 14% of men meet the ideal guy’s height criteria. That leaves 86% of men who do not meet the 5’7″ mark. These guys also deserve a fair chance to prove why they would be great partners.

Amazing intimacy

There is no evidence that links height to the size of other things. Short men can deliver great performances in the bedroom too. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, short men are more sexually active than tall men.

The alignment of your bodies is more in sync when you are with a shorter man. This makes it easier and more comfortable to have sex. You don’t have to try multiple positions before you are both comfy.

You also don’t have to strain your neck when you’re going in for a kiss or hugging your partner. When you’re dating a guy who is about the same height as you, a kiss can just be a kiss; no need for stairs or standing on your tippy toes.

Cuddling with a shorter man can be very satisfying. There’s no harm in being the bigger spoon. You will also enjoy intense eye contact with a smaller man.

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Shorter guys are more confident

Nothing is more attractive than a man who is confident and knows how to carry himself well, including at his height. The fact that he does this shows that he does not see height as a factor in judging someone.

A guy who is happy dating a taller woman has some interesting personality traits. There is a very high chance that he does not feel insecure in the relationship.

A short guy might also be more open-minded. He does not believe in the stereotype of dating a woman who is shorter than him. He is not concerned with what society has to say, and even if he listens to them, he doesn’t let them hurt his ego.

Shorter guys are less awkward and more self-assured

Tall people generally attract a lot of attention, not because they’re attractive, but more so because of how uncomfortable they appear. You may see them slouching or walking oddly. Short men have good posture because they don’t slouch all the time.

When a short man dates a taller woman, it shows that he is more comfortable than the typical male and does not have any self-esteem issues.

You will share the same shelf reach

Some people may see this as a con, but if you have a boyfriend who is about the same height as you, it can be a practical benefit.

Let’s say he packs your kitchen, and you need to reach the top shelf for chocolate. Because he is as tall as you, you can reach the same height that he can, and effortlessly grab what you’re searching for.

Smaller men know what is important

A shorter man has probably experienced a lot of bullying throughout his life, which has toughened him up. When you meet a short guy, you will notice that he has very few insecurities.

They don’t focus on trivial things, but rather on the more important things in life. Short guys are more put together and mature, which is important in a relationship.

Short guys are more accommodating

Short guys are more adaptable than taller men. They will try to make up for their shorter stature in any way that they can to be a better partner for you.

Short guys work much harder to impress their partners with their personalities. They tend to be more invested in your relationship than taller guys.

They tend to compensate for their lack of height by being more involved around the house. This could be shopping for groceries or doing the laundry.

Short guys have high commitment levels

According to a study done by New York University, short men live longer lives and their marriages last longer than taller men.

Taller men might get married earlier than shorter men, but shorter men are 32% less likely to get divorced and tend to have long-lasting marriages.

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Adjusting your car seat is easier

This is definitely a perk if you share a car with your boyfriend. Think about it. If you share a car with a tall guy, you will always have to adjust the driver’s seat to reduce the leg space, and vice versa.

This may not seem like an issue right now, but it can be a safety hazard if you are running late and your feet cannot touch the brakes.

You don’t have to fight for legroom

Going to restaurants and pubs that are full can be awkward for a tall man. Especially if he mistakenly kicks you under the table while trying to find some extra room for his legs.

You won’t have to worry about finding more legroom with a short boyfriend because he takes up just as much space as you.

You will feel like a supermodel

Many women prefer to appear taller than they actually are, and when your partner is short, you can do it even more easily. The good thing about wearing heels is that you will feel like a model standing next to him. This small difference in height can make both of you appear taller than you are.

You can enjoy romantic walks

Taking a stroll with a tall person can be extremely tiring because their legs are longer, so they walk faster. When your partner is short, you can both walk at the same speed.

Even carrying an umbrella together isn’t difficult. Your elbows won’t be knocking into one another, and you will both perfectly fit under the umbrella.

Short guys are more faithful

Research shows that shorter men tend to be more faithful partners. According to a survey done by Ashley Madison, an online dating site for married people, taller guys are twice as likely to cheat as guys who are under 5’10”. So, if you’re looking for a committed, faithful, and caring partner, a short guy could be the one.

Editing pictures is easy

Have you ever dated an extremely tall guy who made taking pictures a complete nightmare? This tall boyfriend could never take good selfies. All you see is a dwarf next to a giant. Dating a short guy gives you the freedom to take selfies and pictures without cropping half of his face out.

It shows that you are mature

Your ability to overlook superficial things like dating a guy who is shorter than you speaks volumes about your level of maturity. It shows that you are not shallow to date or reject a person only because of their appearance, specifically their height.

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Short guys tend to earn more than their partners

A study done by Medical Daily shows that 79% of men who are shorter than their partners have higher salaries. So, besides him being a receptive partner, amazing in bed, and a good man, he is also probably pretty financially stable.

What more could you ask for?

The Cons of Dating Smaller Men

While it is an individual preference, it is not taboo to date a guy who is shorter than you. Dating a guy who is shorter can be amazing, but it does come with its own challenges.

Let’s take a look at some of the difficulties you may face when dating a shorter man.

He adores you in heels… until you put them on

Your partner may love a woman in heels, and he may pester you about always wearing flats. But you’re probably not wearing heels, so you are not 5 inches taller than him.

When you finally do wear heels, he will immediately understand why you haven’t worn them sooner. As soon as you are towering over him, he will be ready for you to put your flats back on and get down to his level.

You are concerned about what others think

When you are out in public with your boyfriend and people stare at you, you wonder if they are judging you as the girl with a short king.

Yes, he may have gorgeous facial features, a stellar personality, and an amazing body, but all you and everyone else focus on is his height.

You start becoming insecure

This difference in height could bring about a new insecurity that you least expected. He makes you feel like a tower. No more heels for you. You’ll have to stick to flats for life. You used to embrace being a strong, tall, and beautiful woman, but now it seems to be an issue that you have no control over.

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It plays on your mind

Because you have been brought up to believe stereotypes, it makes you wonder why you are with him. Men are supposed to be the taller ones. You start feeling insecure and terrible.

The last thing you want is for this to impact your relationship, but it just does. No matter how many times you reassure yourself that you are okay with this, it’s at the back of your mind, killing your happiness.

It’s shocking how something so small can cause so much dissatisfaction. You will start thinking about things. He can’t do anything about his height, and you decided to date him in the first place.

You often justify to yourself why you are dating him

You will find yourself weighing the pros and cons of being in a relationship with him. You will think about all his positive attributes and that his height is insignificant.

He is so much fun, very cute, and has a captivating laugh. However, you should not have to justify your choice of partner.

Some people may see his height and think that you are desperately in need of a boyfriend. It’s a very twisted way of thinking, but that’s reality.

You have to strategically take photos

To get good pictures together, you may have to make him stand while you sit. You might even have to sit down at the same time so that he doesn’t notice that you found an uneven surface and deliberately sat on the lower side to give him a couple of inches.

You always joke about his height

If he is short and funny, what else are you supposed to do? You can’t act as if there is no height difference. You may tease him or give him a cute nickname like “Munchkin.”

The problem is that he already has existing self-conscious issues about his height. It doesn’t help when the person he adores constantly makes fun of him. It may make you feel a little better, but it makes him feel worse.

If you feel dating a short guy is a deal breaker

Most people are happy to date a guy without considering their height, but for others, being with a shorter person is a major deal breaker. This can really mess up a short man’s self-confidence.

Date people who you share good chemistry with. There are many people who don’t have a problem with their height.

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Social awkwardness

Similar to dating older men and dating a older women, dating a shorter guy has its own stigma attached to it. Short kings are unfortunately perceived less positively.

From school to university, and in work offices and relationships, shorter men are judged for their height. This is not their fault at all; they were born this way.

If you are dating a short king, be prepared for judgmental stares and nasty remarks. No matter how good your relationship is, it will always be picked on by mean people.

Lack of confidence can result in a break up

If the difference in your heights has become a big issue and you find yourself constantly thinking about it and ignoring the good in your relationship, then this may not work.

A lack of confidence in any relationship can lead to a breakup. If you don’t feel confident being with a shorter man because of his height, then you need to reevaluate what is important in your life.

Sex can be awkward

If your boyfriend is much shorter than you, then you can say goodbye to perfect alignment. When his feet only reach the top of your ankles, it may feel very weird. If you enjoy being thrown and tossed around in bed, then you’re probably not going to find that with a short king.

Body proportions also play a big part. If you have a longer upper body than he does, then you may need to play around until you are both comfortable.

Tips for Dating Shorter Men

If dates with your “ideal” man are not working out, try dating outside of your comfort zone. You never know, you may just find what you’ve always been looking for.

Here are some tips if you are interested in dating a guy who is shorter than you.

  • Start from the beginning. Try overlooking the height requirements on dating websites. If you are having a good conversation, a few inches shorter won’t hurt anyone.
  • Think about your insecurities. If you want to be with a taller guy only because his height makes you feel safe, then you need to think again. Height doesn’t mean protection, and just because he is short does not mean he cannot protect you.
  • Be comfortable and make sure he is too. Avoid wearing heels on your first date, especially if it will make you taller than he is. It may have given him the wrong message. But short men are generally confident, and a confident man won’t have a problem with you wearing heels.
  • Don’t bring up the height difference unless he wants to talk about it. Some men won’t have a problem with this, but others may. Unless you are both super comfortable, leave this topic for another day.
  • Don’t joke about his height. In relationships and life, it is important to be empathetic. Don’t make fun of his height on the first date, even if you feel it is harmless. First, see his tolerance for these kinds of jokes and his sense of humor.
  • If you are unsure of your feelings towards him, give it some time. If you are uncertain about your feelings, don’t make a decision on the spur of the moment. First get to know him. He may be a better partner than tall people.
  • Height is just a number. Focus on his positive characteristics, like his charisma, intelligence, and compassion. These will make up for his height in the long-term. If he makes you laugh and feel like the best girl in the world, then don’t judge him by his height.
  • Be confident. Breaking the stereotype is, of course, difficult, but it’s not impossible. Being a modern woman and overcoming these fears will show that you are a powerful, open-minded woman.

Final Thoughts

Every relationship has its pros and cons, but when it comes to stereotypes, it can be more difficult. Dating a guy who is shorter than you is challenging because society judges by appearances. But when it comes to true love, nothing else matters, not even height.

If you have found the love of your life, who just happens to be a few inches shorter, don’t worry about what people say. Stay confident and steadfast.

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John Santana

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